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									Car Hire In Capetown - 3 Must Do Things While In Cape Town

Cape Town is definitely one of the most exciting cities in South Africa. Located at the
southernmost tip of Africa, this city assures you of everything from beautiful coasts to
breathtaking mountaintop views. If you are travelling to Africa, car hire in Cape Town is the
is the best starting point for getting around the cape and exploring the unforgettable places.

Explore the Winelands

With 45 minutes drive you arrive to lovely, picturesque Stellenbosch. Wine lover or not, this
place is a must and justifies car hire in Cape Town. While driving around the region you will
find numerous vineyards, offering wine tasting, and cellar tours.

Chapman's Peak Drive - The World's Most Scenic Road

Whether you are a photo enthusiast or not, missing out this scenic drive at the corner of city
would be a sin. Follow the coastal road with car hire in Capetown from Hout Bay to
Nordhoek. This road has many places available for a stop where you can admire sea views,
sunset and take unforgettable photos. However, the road is narrow and curvy - for your and
other's safety follow the speed limit.

Watch The Sunset From Signal Hill

After a pleasant day on the sunny beaches use car hire in Cape Town and drive to the top of
Signal Hill where viewing point provides spectacular views over Cape Town and it's
surroundings, especially at dawn or sunset.

There are many other exciting places and things to do around the city. Before you start
driving around visit tourist office for detailed maps where you can find other places of
interest like Bothanical Gardens, Robben Island, Boulders Beach, Rhodes Memorial and
Newlands Forest. If you still have doubts concerning your orientation around the area, hire a
gps navigation. Don't worry - in case you get lost there are always friendly locals around to
help you getting around.

For more detailed information you can visit online resources for car hire in Cape Town.

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