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									VoIP Tutorials
VoIP tutorials are available on the Internet and many companies provide
classroom courses too. These tutorials have come into existence because
this facility or technology is very new compared to other computer and IT
based technologies. Many people want to educate themselves about VoIP
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This facility allows the
user to cut costs associated with traditional phone calls. Education
through tutorials on this subject emphasize on the learning of
definitions, uses, advantages, and disadvantages. The people who teach
such courses either are professionals in the IT sector or specialize in
this particular branch of communication.
Tutorials can also take the form of toolkits that are designed to
familiarize a person with the working and applications of VoIP. Some of
the common points covered in such toolkits are VoIP implementation plans,
workshops, business views, and in-depth analysis of the technology used
in VoIP services. These toolkits are not only useful for companies
delivering VoIP services but also for nonprofessionals who want to know
more about such services.
Choosing the appropriate tutorial is important, since many companies
provide online tutoring and some of them may not be as good as others.
Forums on VoIP can help a person in choosing the appropriate tutors since
these forums have opinions of like-minded people who have some experience
when it comes to choosing the correct classes.
Some other sources of VoIP education are DIY guides available on the
Internet at many sites. Developer conferences are also a good source of
education since IT professionals usually attend these seminars. However,
if a person is interested in educating himself about VoIP installation
and repair then many companies cater to this need. These companies
educate through VoIP in a systematic and complete way, educating the
student in the theory and practicalities of implementing MTA/EMTA,
twisted-pair inside wiring, and applicable troubleshooting techniques.
Thus, VoIP tutorials cannot only be helpful to professionals in this
field but also beneficial for people who want to learn the general
aspects and applications of this technology.
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