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					                         Excel Formulas
Below are some commonly used functions. Look up what they do and what
variables are used. The first one has been done for you. The last four rows have
been left blank; find four functions that you think you would use.

  Function               Description                  Example of Formula

 Sum            Adds number in range of cells     =sum(A1:A4)

 Average        Returns the average               AVERAGE(number 1, =number
                (arithmetic mean) of its          2,…)
 Max            Returns the largest value in a    MAX9number 1,
                set of values.                    number 2,…)
 Now            Returns the current date and      NOW()
                time formatted as a date and
 Exact          Checks whether two text           EXACT(text1,text2)
                strings are exactly the same,
                and returns TRUE or FALSE.
 Value          Converts a text string that       VALUE(text)
                represents a number to a
 Count          Counts the number of cells        COUNT(value1,
                that contain numbers and          value2,…)
                numbers within the list of
 Even           Rounds a positive number up       EVEN(number)
                and negative number down to
                the nearest even integer.
 Product        Multiples all the numbers given   PRODUCT(number1,
                as arguments.                     number2,…)
 Large          Returns the k-th largest value    LARGE(array,k)
                in a data set.
 Month          Returns the month, a number       MONTH(serial_number)
                from 1 (January) to 12
 Rank           Returns the rank of a number      RANK(number,ref,order)
                in a list of numbers.
 Replace        Replaces part of a text string    REPLACE(old_text,start_
                with a different text string      Num,num_chars,new_text)
 Roman          Converts and Arabic numeral       ROMAN(number,form)
                to Roman, as text
 RoundUp        Rounds a number up away           ROUNDUP(number,num_digits)
 Rows           Returns the number of rows in     ROWS(array
                a refrence or array
 Substitute     Replaces existing text with       SUBSTITUTE(text,old_text,new_
                new test in a text sting          text,instance_num)
 CountIf        Counts the number of cells        COUNTIF(range,criteria)
                within a range that meet the
                given conditions
 BAHTTEXT       Converts number to text

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