Some Lyrics for Rap at the G – 2006 by bigmekahlo


									Some Lyrics for Rap at the G – 2006

We go to the footy to see action packed stuff
We get ourselves ready and pumped up
For the huff and the puff
And if the pain ain’t enuf

But today is something special
To recognize and celebrate the First Australians contribution to this game
So Channel 10, Essendon, Richmond and the AFL put their heads and hearts together
And came up with this day for you and me at the G

Now the G is sacred land
Holy Grail and ALL
For the Wurundjeri people and their spirits
Who watch over the players and the ball

Possum skin and leather
Brings together the best of many cultures
And all display their wizardy skills
In any kind of weather

Now these footballers
Well excuse me
Those handsome young men
Like to show off their muscles
And sometimes way above the knee

Don’t get me wrong
This game is Aussie
And as gutsy as it gets
And that song ‘Up there Gazaly’
Gets the blood going to up anyone’s bets

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