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									Skype, It's a Simple Solution and Money in the Bank!
About a year ago I was really struggling to keep up with the rising cost
of my energy bills and gasoline for my car. In addition to that I
maintain an office from which I operate a small business and lets just
say it has it's own set of problems and expenses.
It seemed as though there was no relief from the ever rising cost of
living. I was getting desperate for places to cut out expenses. The one
expense that I could not do without but dreaded paying the most was my
monthly telephone bills. I had already eliminated my cell phones since I
really did not need them in my business. The nature of my business does
require that I have high speed Internet access and at-least 2 telephone
The problem is that combined with my home Internet service and 2
telephone lines. I was paying over $400 a month for my telephone
services. And believe me I really hated to make that payment each month.
Determined that I was not going to pay another huge phone bill I started
thinking about using a VOIP service. If you don't know what VOIP (Voice
Over IP) is don't worry it's not important.
It was during my research that I came across a very unique service called
Skype that was destined to save me nearly $5000 almost instantly. At
first I was very skeptical about trying Skype because I really needed a
reliable service for my business. I was also concerned about the sound
quality of the calls. So I decided to test it while keeping my regular
phone services in place. Much to my surprise the sound quality was very
good and not one person new I was using a new service. A few people even
commented on how clear the calls were.
30 days later I was amazed and totally convinced that I could use Skype
with no major concerns. The Skype calls were crystal clear complete with
voice-mail, call forwarding and conference calls. I even got free long
distance calls to anywhere in the USA and Canada
Needless to say I immediately made changes to my regular telephone
services both at my office and at home. Here is what I ended up doing:
- I totally eliminated my regular telephone lines in my office and at
home. That saved me about $240 plus long distance charges and left me
with just a DSL
line at home and at my office. I was able to get the DSL for about $44
per month. So I now pay under $100 per month for both locations.
- The little service that I found cost me about $60 every 5 months and I
have a total of 4 separate phone numbers and some really useful tools for
my business.
Over a year later I am still very happy with both the service and my
incredible savings. Skype may not be for everyone but it sure works out
for me and has saved me a lot of money. So if you are looking to reduce
the cost of of your phone bill it is definitely worth a look.
Skype was actually founded in 2003. So it is fairly well established now.
Skype is simply a small piece of software that makes communicating with
people around the world easy and fun. You can call people's computers,
landlines and cell phones. So it is easy to say hello or share a laugh
with anyone, anywhere in the world. And if both of you use Skype, it's
Skype is available in 28 languages and is used in almost every country
around the world. It generates revenue through its premium offerings such
as making and receiving calls to and from landlines and mobile phones, as
well as voice-mail and call forwarding. The company, based in Luxembourg,
has relationships with a growing network of hardware and software
providers and is an eBay company (NASDAQ: EBAY).
Gerald Scott is an active author with articles on dozens of topics.

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