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					                                            GIVING A VOICE TO THE DEAD
                                                                       By Marsha Canright

                                                       Since she began doing international human rights
                                                       work a decade ago, Yvonne Milewski, now a foren-
                                                       sic pathologist at UTMB, has helped to reconstruct
                                                       more than a dozen nightmares.
                                                       Traveling to war-torn areas such as Bosnia, Kosovo
                                                       and Nigeria and working in rudimentary condi-
                                                       tions, she has used her medical expertise to identi-
                                                       fy human remains, document atrocities, determine
                                                       evidence of torture and cause of death, and to pro-
                                                       vide forensic evidence for legal proceedings.
                                                                                                              Dr. Yvonne Milewski works to identify bodies in a mass
Participation                                          It gives a voice to the dead, she said. “I can’t
                                                       change what has happened but I can be their wit-
                                                                                                              grave in Bosnia.
key for SECC                                           Earlier this month, Physicians for Human Rights
                                                                                                              only one of many human rights workers and that
                                                                                                              all the work is done by a team.
success this year
Every fall, a special opportunity
                                           UTMB        (PHR) honored Dr. Milewski and others for their
                                                       “distinguished work in human rights” at a ceremo-
                                                       ny in Boston that marks the 20th anniversary of
                                                                                                              Milewski’s field work began in 1996 in Bosnia and
                                                                                                              Croatia with the International Criminal Tribunal
returns to our campus—and every
year, our UTMB family steps up and
                                         pathologist   the national advocacy organization.
                                                       PHR uses the knowledge and skills of the medical
                                                                                                              for the Former Yugoslavia. She was located in rural
                                                                                                              Bosnia near Tuzla, where a team of pathologists
                                                                                                              created a makeshift laboratory in a bombed out
delivers on our promise to better the
communities we serve. By giving to
the State Employee Charitable
                                           honored     and forensic sciences to investigate and prevent
                                                       violations of international human rights and
                                                                                                              clothing factory. Hundreds of bodies were
                                                                                                              exhumed from mass graves in various parts of the
                                                       humanitarian law. It shared the 1997 Nobel Peace
Campaign (SECC), each of us can
make a real difference in the lives of
                                         for human     Prize and addresses the health consequences of
                                                       human rights abuses regardless of the ideology of
                                                                                                              country and brought to the forensics team for iden-
                                                                                                              tification. There was minimal electricity—enough
                                                                                                              to power a few lights and some machinery—and

The SECC campaign is right in line
with UTMB’s commitment to car-
                                         rights work   the offending government or group.
                                                       “Yvonne’s willingness to help has not only been
                                                                                                              no running water inside the facility although there
                                                                                                              were spigots outside.

ing, compassion and service to our                     time spent in the field under conditions of hard-      The experience was one of contrasts. “I remember
community. We know that it’s the                       ship and danger but the uncountable times she          the drive to one of the burial sites was quite beau-
right thing to do for those who need                   has been available to consult,” said Dr. William D.    tiful,” she said. “The Bosnian countryside is
this help and that it’s a great way to                 Haglund, the program’s senior forensic consultant.     absolutely gorgeous and picturesque. The bombed
show that we really are here for the                   “She always takes ethical dimensions of issues         out homes and villages were a chilling contrast.”
people of Texas, beginning with our                    into consideration, and gives advice one can count
                                                       on as forthright and totally honest.” Dr. Haglund      Dr. Milewski was also part of the team that subse-
local communities.                                                                                            quently exhumed a mass grave at Ovcara near the
                                                       said he also appreciated Dr. Milewski’s ability to
The 2006 SECC campaign will run                        lighten the mood with her sense of humor. She          Croatian city of Vukovar. The grave held more
through the month of November.                         is, he said, a true friend.                            than 200 non-Serb hospital patients who were the
This year’s primary goal is not a                                                                             victims of a massacre. The investigation, which
financial goal. We want to increase                    Her appearance belies what she has seen and the        was conducted by PHR under the auspices of the
participation, and are hoping at least                 work she has done. She is fair-haired, blue-eyed,      United Nations, provided essential evidence lead-
50 percent—if not 100 percent—of                       exuberant, and endowed with a perfect smile. She       ing to court indictments of high-ranking officers in
UTMB employees make a contribu-                        bears not a trace of sorrow. She is what the rest of   the Yugoslav People’s Army.
tion to the SECC. We’re building                       the world would like Americans to be: self-confi-
                                                       dent, articulate, and not afraid to say what she       As one member of a team of several forensic
                                                       thinks or stand up for what is right. She is modest
                   See SECC on Page 3                  about her contributions and quick to say that she is                               See MILEWSKI on Page 2

Volume 30, Number 10                                                                                                                                  October 2006
                                                                        “Dr. Kirschner persuaded me to go to Bosnia.
                                                  He told me it was very satisfying to do something for a bigger cause and I took his advice.”
                                                                                                       Dr. Yvonne Milewski
Impact is the monthly newsletter of the
University of Texas Medical Branch at
Galveston (UTMB). Published by the
Office of University Advancement, it is
                                           MILEWSKI from Page 1
distributed free of charge in support of   pathologists from all over the world,
UTMB’s education, patient care and         Milewski helped to determine how each
biomedical research objectives.            victim died and made efforts to document
                                           the identity of the remains. The forensics
           Vice President for              work was conducted at Zagreb Medical
       University Advancement              School in Croatia.
           Susan H. Coulter                Most recently she was part of a team that
                                           identified and returned the remains of
       Associate Vice President            Nigerian activist and playwright Ken Saro-
           for Public Affairs              Wiwa and other activists to their families.
             Chris Comer                   Ken Saro-Wiwa led protests against multi-
                                           national oil companies such as Royal Dutch
         Director of Internal              Shell for their alleged collusion with the
          Communications                   military regime of General Sani Abacha.
              Pep Valdes                   That regime is believed to have committed
                                           widespread abuses and killings of thousands
       Director of Advancement             of Ogoni people. Saro-Wiwa and eight other
    Communications and University          activists were executed in 1995. Her partici-
              Publications                 pation in this mission was supported by
             Mary Havard                   UTMB through administrative time off.            Dr. Yvonne Milewski’s work has taken her around the world. Here, she and colleagues from a British
                                           “When human rights are violated, it’s usual-     human rights organization meet Prince Charles while working in Kosovo.
                                           ly done in secret,” Milewski said.
               Heidi Lutz                                                                   to do work in human rights. He was a foren-        become more cynical.”
                                           “Perpetrators hide their atrocities in clan-
                                           destine graves.”                                 sic pathologist and an internationally recog-
                                                                                                                                               Her husband, Kevin Dooley, an attorney in
            Contact us                                                                      nized authority on documentation of torture
                                                                                                                                               private practice in Houston, supports her
Email:                 “When those secrets are found out, it’s the      and extrajudicial executions.
                                                                                                                                               work even if it means occasional protracted
Phone: Heidi Lutz                          duty of the international community to
                                                                                            “Dr. Kirschner persuaded me to go to               absences. “When I met Kevin I was already
        Ext. 28710 (editor)                establish an accurate historical record and to
                                                                                            Bosnia. He told me it was very satisfying to       involved in this work,” she said.
        (409) 772-2618 (Public Affairs)    provide information and closure to family
Campus mail route: 0144                    members whose loved ones have gone               do something for a bigger cause and I took         “Kevin is very supportive of all my profes-
U.S. Postal address:                       missing,” she said. They also provide evi-       his advice,” she said.                             sional activities, particularly this work, but
        UTMB                               dence to prosecute those responsible when        Milewski was intrigued by the challenge of         obviously with him in my life, I am sensi-
        Office of University Advancement   possible.                                        doing high-quality, scientific work with only      tive to his concerns for my safety, and I am
        301 University Boulevard                                                                                                               more cognizant of the security risks
                                           Demanding accountability is part of build-       the most basic tools and in less than ideal
        Galveston, TX 77555-0144                                                                                                               involved.”
                                           ing a foundation for future respect of           working conditions. She enjoyed the close
                                           human rights and humanitarian law, she           teamwork of an international group of              Unfortunately, she said, in the world today
         Submissions                       said.                                            physicians, anthropologists, and forensic          there is plenty of human rights work requir-
                                                                                            investigators.                                     ing the skills of forensic pathologists. Even
We welcome and will consider any           Milewski is a first-generation American,
submissions for Impact. Items that are                                                      During her tenure there, she said that she         now, international teams are preparing to
                                           born in Chicago in 1965 to Polish immi-                                                             conduct investigations in Iraq and
accepted are subject to editing for                                                         found she appreciated the small joys of life:
                                           grants. Her father, also a physician, came to                                                       Afghanistan when war subsides and those
style and length. Send your items for                                                       “What I think about now is the team’s time
                                           the U.S. after World War II. He met her                                                             countries becomes less dangerous. Some
Impact to the address above and we                                                          after our long working hours. Without
                                           mother on the journey across the Atlantic.                                                          human rights investigators are already there.
will do our best to accommodate you.                                                        access to modern ‘entertainment’ technolo-
Questions? Call us and someone will
                                           She was the first of four children—all the
                                           others are brothers—and she knew from an         gy, we had each other’s company. Through           Milewski joined UTMB in 2004, and the
be glad to help you.                                                                        long conversations that went well into the         university supported her human rights work
                                           early age that she wanted to be a physician,
                                           “like my father.”                                night, we learned about each others’ lives         in Nigeria by granting her the time off to
    Fraud & Abuse Hotline                                                                   and shared some very funny stories.”               conduct it. She has worked as a forensic
                                           After completing a medical degree at                                                                pathologist for 15 years. Earlier in her
        (800) 898-7679                                                                      She added: “I think it’s the kind of connec-
                                           Northwestern University and an internship                                                           career, she served as Deputy Chief Medical
     Your guide to honesty!                                                                 tion that people don’t often make these
                                           year of internal medicine in Philadelphia,                                                          Examiner (in charge of the Bronx borough
                                                                                            days. Instead, we fill our time with respon-
    To report suspected waste,             Milewski accepted an offer to join a pathol-                                                        operations) in New York City. Along with
    abuse and fraud.                                                                        sibilities and television and internet and all
                                           ogy residency program in San Francisco.                                                             hundreds of other pathologists, law enforce-
                                                                                            the other distractions of our technology-          ment personnel, technicians, dentists, and
    All calls are strictly confidential    During this time, she met Dr. Bob
    and anonymous.
                                                                                            dominated Western civilization.”                   forensic scientists, she spent almost ten
                                           Kirschner, deputy chief medical examiner
    Available 24 hours a day, 365          of Cook County (Chicago) and the first           Doing this work has changed her, Milewski          months identifying the victims of the World
    days a year.                           director of the International Forensics          said. “It’s given me a more international          Trade Center in 2001. She is also a board-
                                           Program of PHR, who first encouraged her         perspective, but I don’t believe I’ve              certified neuropathologist.

2          October 2006                                                Volume 30, Number 10
Grant brings mental health care to schools via telemedicine
              By Judie Kinonen                                                                                                                        tal health of our youth,” says Dr. Barbara
                                                                                                                                                      Sasser, president of the Harris and Eliza
UTMB recently was awarded a $500,000                                                                                                                  Kempner Fund, which nominated the uni-
matching grant to bring adolescent behav-
                                                                                                                                                      versity for the LIFP award.
ioral health services to the Galveston
Independent School District (GISD) via                                                                                                                Thomas says the project team expects the
medical two-way video conferencing sys-                                                                                                               new psychiatric services to reduce rates of
tems. The grant from the Robert Wood                                                                                                                  drug use and violent behavior in the
Johnson Foundation is matched by fund-                                                                                                                schools. According to the Galveston
ing from six Galveston and Houston foun-                                                                                                              Children’s Report Card for 2004—a survey
dations.                                                                                                                                              of benchmarks for children’s health and
To implement the project, UTMB                                                                                                                        well-being—51 percent of local high school
installed a state-of-the-art videoconferenc-                                                                                                          students used alcohol in the month before
ing workstation in the Teen Health Clinic                                                                                                             the survey, compared to the national rate of
at Ball High School in Galveston, and the                                                                                                             45 percent. About 6 percent of Galveston’s
university will soon install these worksta-                                                                                                           high school students have used metham-
tions in clinics at Galveston’s Weis, Central                                                                                                         phetamines, 3 percent have used heroin
and Austin Middle Schools. The technolo-                                                                                                              and 9 percent have used cocaine.
gy enables UTMB psychiatric specialists to
consult with students and their parents via                                                                                                           “UTMB and the local public schools are
telemedicine.                                   Oliver Black, a systems analyst with the Electronic Health Network, demonstrates the new              long-time partners in the effort to keep
                                                psychiatry telemedicine link at the Ball High School Teen Health Clinic in Galveston. (Photo          children healthy, and this grant allows us to
UTMB has used this technology for psy-
                                                courtesy of Kevin Bartram/The Galveston County Daily News)                                            deepen our level of service,” said Dr. Ben
chiatric consultations since 1999 and is
known as one of the nation’s leaders in                                                                                                               Raimer, vice president for community out-
what is called “telepsychiatry.” During a       ing depression, anxiety and eating disor-          Trust Fund, The Jamail Galveston                   reach and project director.
telemedicine consultation, a physician in       ders, attention deficit hyperactivity disor-       Foundation, The Moody Foundation, The              UTMB has collaborated with Teen Health
an office at UTMB can see and hear a            der and other behavioral problems.                 Mary Moody Northen Endowment and                   Center, Inc., since its inception in 1986,
patient at a remote location through a flat-    The grant to bring telepsychiatry to local         Rockwell Fund, Inc.                                staffing four campus clinics that provide
panel television screen and, likewise, the      junior high and high school students was                                                              students with preventive and primary
                                                                                                   “This grant is a tribute to the forward-
patient can see and hear the doctor in real     awarded through RWJF’s Local Initiative            looking foundations that have supported            health and mental health care, health edu-
time through a television screen on-site.       Funding Partners (LIFP) program, one of            this worthwhile initiative,” said UTMB             cation and health referrals. The new
“We are excited about extending telepsy-        the Foundation’s most competitive annual           President John D. Stobo. “They recog-              telepsychiatry component is in addition to
chiatry to local teens, as we work to help      grantmaking programs. The telepsychiatry           nized this project as an opportunity to use        counseling already offered at the clinics.
them overcome the problems that may             project is one of only 12 projects funded          UTMB’s technology and expertise to serve
otherwise affect their ability to succeed,”     this year out of a national pool of 219 appli-                                                        Teens needing treatment will be referred
                                                                                                   local teens.”
said Dr. Christopher Thomas, professor of       cations to the LIFP program. UTMB’s                                                                   to the psychiatrist by staff members at the
psychiatry and behavioral sciences and the      local funding partners for the matching            “We are truly delighted to have led this           Teen Health Clinics, based on a request by
consulting psychiatrist on the project.         grant are the Harris and Eliza Kempner             cooperative effort of Galveston and                a student, parent or guardian, or on con-
Thomas will focus on diagnosing and treat-      Fund, Dr. Leon Bromberg Charitable                 Houston foundations to promote the men-            cerns of the clinic’s primary care team.

SECC from Page 1                                Pledge Now” to access the secure part of           Walsdorf at (409) 747-4899 or Georgia              Let’s show our friends, neighbors and
support for today and for the future.           the SECC web site.                                 Leisey at (409) 772-8889.                          those in need how big our hearts are, how
Whatever amount you can afford to give is                                                                                                             important they are to us, and how much
                                                In the yellow box located on the left-hand         Don’t worry if you don’t have access to a
appreciated and helpful to those in need.       side of the page, click on “Look up your           computer. We’re working to provide access          we appreciate their support. Let’s make
                                                Pin.” A new box will open for you. Type in         from a number of computers on campus               our communities even better places to live
Your personal identification number (PIN)
                                                your employee number and your date of              and at remote sites. And remember, cash or         and work. Remember, it takes the partici-
allows you to make your contribution
                                                birth (dd/mm/yyyy). Press “Submit” and             checks are welcome as well but should be           pation of each of us to make UTMB great!
online through payroll deduction—the eas-
iest, most efficient method. This year,         your PIN will be displayed. Then follow            turned in with a printed pledge form avail-        Thank you again for your generosity.
online giving is also most beneficial to you    the directions for submitting your pledge          able from your entity SECC coordinator or          Sincerely,
as a campaign supporter. Everyone who           online. Select your favorite charities and         the SECC web page. Please also note that
contributes online will have their name         designate your contributions via the secure        only gifts to the charities who are members        Dr. Kathy Shingleton,
entered into a number of drawings for           and encrypted section of the site.                 of the SECC can be counted as eligible             Chief Human Resources Officer and 2006
valuable prizes, including a cruise for two!    Instructions for using the web page are            gifts to this campaign (for a list of charities,   SECC Chair
                                                available in the online help section.              see the SECC web site).
To look up your PIN, simply log on to                                                                                                                 Dr. John D. Stobo,
www/ and click on “Make a          If you have questions you can call Becky           Our local communities are counting on us.          UTMB President

                                                                                                                              Volume 30, Number 10                 October 2006                  3
President’s Cabinet awards go to programs creating healing environment
UTMB employees and the Galveston                and tested in collaboration with partners       Dave Ramsey that will be implemented              Helping Osteoarthritis Patients
community at-large stand to benefit from        from the Hispanic community. Education          for UTMB employees to help create a               Project, $11,115—Dr. Bruce A.
nine projects funded by the President’s         on how to prevent the spread of hepatitis       healthier work force. Studies show a con-         Baethge, Dr. Michelle E. Eisenberg,
Cabinet Awards for 2006. This year’s            C will also be developed and tested with a      nection between financial fitness and over-       Dr. Emilio B. Gonzalez, Division of
theme was “Creating a Caring and Healing        community population. This project is           all wellness. This training will help create      Rheumatology, Department of
Environment.”                                   coordinated with the Center for Population      a workforce committed to the success of           Internal Medicine, Dr. Victor
                                                Health and Health Disparities, which is         the institution and aid in the creation of        Sierpina, Family Medicine
Established in 1993, the President’s
                                                providing faculty salary support for            future benefactors to programs such as            Department, and Patricia Creighton,
Cabinet provides financial resources to
                                                Drs. Reifsnider and Yolanda Davila.             Family Matters. The first training will be        Occupational Therapy in Geriatric
help advance the mission of UTMB, home
                                                                                                scheduled in January.                             Services
of the state’s oldest schools of medicine,        Ozone Theater, $10,000—Cheryl L.                                                              This project will develop an educational
nursing and allied health sciences. Its           Kaplan, Institute for the Medical               Taking Control of Diabetes,                   program for patients and primary care
membership includes community and                 Humanities, in collaboration with               $30,708—Dr. Ben G. Raimer, vice               physicians to improve the care of
business leaders from the Houston-                Jane Laping, executive director of              president for community outreach,             osteoarthritis at UTMB. The HOPP plan
Galveston area, UTMB faculty and staff            Mothers for Clean Air                           Office of Community Outreach                  has two parts: patient education, and
and alumni.                                     Ozone Theater is an educational program         Diabetes can be a devastating disease, or it    physician education and training. Patient
President’s Cabinet awards provide seed         that uses an interactive theatrical game to     may be the catalyst for learning how to         education classes will include basic infor-
money to launch initiatives designed to         educate elementary students about air pol-      assume control of one’s own health and          mation about osteoarthritis, self-help infor-
improve the quality of life in the              lution. With this approach, children move       well-being. The Take Action Diabetes            mation and recommended exercises for
Galveston area and beyond. This funding         around and perform while learning what          Self-Management Program offers interac-         OA and information about complementary
may also lead to grants from foundations        causes air pollution and how it affects their   tive diabetes education presented in com-       and alternative medicine approaches to
and other philanthropic organizations to        health. Students discover actions they can      munity settings. The Jesse Tree Food Fair       treating the condition. Physician education
develop and maintain these projects.            apply to their lives and take these mes-        has provided some of the most successful        and training will be offered to 12–16 physi-
                                                sages back to their homes and neighbor-         class sites. Individuals attending the Take     cians each month. This component
Annual contributions from President’s           hoods. Ozone Theater will conduct 100           Action classes say they want to learn more      includes a lecture on osteoarthritis, includ-
Cabinet members—at least $1,000 for indi-       classroom sessions in Galveston                                                                 ing the latest information on pathophysiol-
                                                                                                about nutrition, meal planning and food
viduals and $5,000 for corporations, foun-      Independent School District schools. This                                                       ogy and management techniques, a joint
                                                                                                preparation. Take Action will provide
dations and other organizations—are com-        program is offered free of charge.                                                              injection lecture and workshop to teach
                                                                                                hands-on food preparation and cooking
bined to make the awards possible. Since                                                                                                        physicians the proper techniques for aspi-
                                                  I Have Asthma and I Can Do                    classes to help participants to make
1993, President’s Cabinet members have                                                                                                          rating and injecting the shoulder and knee
                                                  Anything, $25,000—Anne Meng,                  informed food choices. Giving Take Action
contributed more than $3.4 million.                                                                                                             and educational material for home study.
                                                  director of Camp RAD, Department              participants the knowledge-based skills
Here are projects that received funding           of Women’s, Infant’s and Children’s           they need to control diabetes will help to        Galveston County Health Fair,
this year:                                        Nursing                                       create a community of empowered health            $14,330—Charles Worthen, director
  Patient and Family Communication              For the past 14 years, UTMB has offered a       advocates.                                        of community relations, Office of
  Boards Project, $17,500—Ellarene              camp experience for children ages 7–12            Hurricane Preparedness for                      Community Outreach
  Duis, project director, Magnet                who have asthma. Each year the one-week           Vulnerable Citizens, $25,000—                 The Galveston County Health Fair breaks
  Recognition/Shared Governance,                camp achieves significant outcomes in                                                           down barriers, not only financial barriers
                                                                                                  Dr. Gretchen Stone, chairwoman,
  Nursing Administration                        terms of reduced ER visits and missed                                                           that prevent many Galveston County resi-
                                                                                                  Department of Occupational
This project focuses on the installation of     school days, and every camp experience                                                          dents from accessing health care services
                                                                                                  Therapy, School of Allied Health
dry-erase communication boards in inpa-         culminates with a theatrical production                                                         but also the barrier that prevents UTMB
tient rooms at UTMB. These boards will          based on a well-known fairy tale or story.                                                      students from interacting with residents
                                                                                                This project will gather information from       outside of normal clinical settings. The
facilitate increased communication of           President’s Cabinet funding will be used        people who represent Galveston’s most
essential information with patients and         to produce an illustrated book of five of                                                       health fair allows Galveston County resi-
                                                                                                vulnerable population about what they           dents to meet UTMB students and health
their families.                                 the plays that will include information and     would do and how they would think and
                                                exercises to help parents and teachers bet-                                                     organizations that can provide valuable
  Stopping the Spread of Hepatitis C in                                                         feel when faced with an impending disas-        information on available health and social
                                                ter understand asthma, improve children’s       ter. This information will be shared with
  Galveston County, $50,000—Dr.                 understanding of management of the dis-                                                         services and answer some individual health
  Elizabeth Reifsnider, professor,                                                              city officials and health-care providers        questions. Meanwhile, UTMB students
                                                ease and overcome fears about asthma.
  School of Nursing                                                                             responsible for the health and safety of        gain valuable community-service experi-
The purpose of this project is to develop         Financial Peace for Employees,                Galveston citizens. It will also promote stu-   ence. A community health fair is part of
an intervention that will encourage               $16,530— Annette Martinez, employ-            dent learning by offering multidisciplinary     the care delivery system, masquerading as
Hispanic residents of Galveston County to         ee assistance specialist, Veronica            teams of students the opportunity to assist     a festival. It can provide screening and
receive testing for hepatitis C and, if posi-     Collins, benefits analyst, Human              people with physical disabilities who           education in a low-stress environment in
tive, to receive counseling and education         Resources                                     report they need equipment or other help        which people feel comfortable seeking
to avoid long-term damage from the ill-         Financial Peace is a nationally recognized      to plan how they will leave their homes in      information regarding their health and
ness. The intervention will be developed        financial wellness program created by           the event of an evacuation.                     health-care resources.

4         October 2006                                                   Volume 30, Number 10
                                                                           UTMB IN THE COMMUNITY

Street Recovery Festival                                                                                 New Caney RMCHP Clinic staff join Taste of County
UTMB’s Center for Addiction Research and the Gulf Coast Center Recovery Program hosted the               Staff from the New Caney Regional Maternal Child Health Clinic served some 300 people their
first Celebrate Recovery Street Festival, an event designed to bring together those recovering from      “East County Road Kill” at the East Montgomery Chamber of Commerce Taste of the County event
addiction, their families and friends, and addiction treatment professionals and educators to inspire    in September. “We were able to educate many people about our clinic and the services we bring to
members of the Galveston community to lead healthier lives and to fight the disease of addiction. The    East Montgomery County,” said Patty Nami, clinic director. “The County Commissioner from our
street festival featured free health screenings, exercise safety demonstrations and entertainment. The   area, Ed Rinehart, honored us by buying an auctioned dinner for 10 and then donating it to our
event was in recognition of September as National Recovery Awareness Month, and it honored               staff, in recognition of our dedication to women and children.” Pictured from left to right are:
those in recovery, and their families and friends. For information about the Center for Addiction        Priscilla Corner-Rideaux, Yuridia Banda, Karen Zeller, Nami, and Clinic Manager Sue Davis.
Research, visit                                                                  Participating staff not pictured were Isabel Garcia and Adela Martinez.

                                                                                                                             Racing for a cure
                                                                                                                             More than 60 members of the UTMB community—employees,
                                                                                                                             friends and family—raised nearly $3,000 as of Oct. 4 for the Susan G.
                                                                                                                             Komen Foundation as part of the UTMB Breast Health Center’s Race
                                                                                                                             for the Cure team. The annual Race for the Cure in Houston attracts
                                                                                                                             thousands of individuals walking and running for the foundation’s
                                                                                                                             cause. The UTMB Breast Health Center focuses on early detection
                                                                                                                             and early treatment of breast cancer. Through a grant from the Komen
                                                                                                                             Foundation, the UTMB Regional Maternal and Child Health
                                                                                                                             Program has been able to provide breast cancer screening and diag-
                                                                                                                             nostics for uninsured and underinsured women in Galveston, Harris,
                                                                                                                             Montgomery, Fort Bend and Brazoria counties.
                                                                                                                             Members of the UTMB Breast Health Center team are: (not all are
                                                                                                                             pictured) Amelia Acosta, Stacy Agar, Aaron Allen, Mary Allen, Richard
                                                                                                                             Allen, Andrew Allen, Ann Anderson, Miguel Banda, Yuridia Banda,
                                                                                                                             Fallon Benavides, Katia Betancourt, David Briggs, Judith Briggs,
                                                                                                                             Roserika Brooks, Elizabeth Camp, Phyllis Crawford, Erica Dahl,
                                                                                                                             Diane Danysh, Richard Davila, Sue Davis, John Dawson, Mitchell
                                                                                                                             Dawson, Willa Emig, Isabel Garcia, Bonnie Garner, Katherine Golden
                                                                                                                             Beck, Janna Grubbs, Tod Harper, Heather Hartsock, Sunny Hatch,
                                                                                                                             Bridget Hawkins, Mary Hood, Lillian Jones, San Juana Hirsch,
                                                                                                                             Desiree Lipscomb, Heidi Lutz, Margo Markowitz, Adela Martinez,
                                                                                                                             Betty Massey, Cindylea McAllister, Tracy McGee, Cathy McLean,
                                                                                                                             Molly Mihovil, Sally Mihovil, Patty Nami, Carolyn Nelson-Becker,
                                                                                                                             Aileen Oandasan, Randy Penn, Eliza Quigley, Cindy Riley, Latroy
                                                                                                                             Rittenberry, Sandy Sheehy, Maria Terrasas, Patricia Thomas, Wayne
                                                                                                                             Thomas, Payton Towery, Carroll Valdez, Linda Valencia-Stephens,
                                                                                                                             Nakia Watson, Maria Wilson-Jimenez, Earl Zeller and Karen Zeller.

                                                                                                                                   Volume 30, Number 10                 October 2006                   5
                                                                           RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS

Scientists stop colon cancer growth in mice by blocking just one enzyme
                 By Jim Kelly                                                                                                                      However, substantial research has already
                                                  Drug that inhibits inflammatory factor is already                                                been done on developing drugs that inhib-
Texas researchers have discovered what
could become a potent new weapon in the           in human clinical trials for use in diabetes                                                     it aldose reductase in people, because the
                                                                                                                                                   enzyme is also involved in causing such
fight against colon cancer.
                                                                                                                                                   complications of diabetes as blindness and
In cell culture experiments, scientists at        ior author of a paper about the discovery        strongly linked to the development of
                                                                                                                                                   nerve damage.
UTMB and the University of Texas at               published Oct. 1 in the journal Cancer           colon and other cancers.)
Arlington determined that stopping the            Research.                                                                                        Aldose reductase inhibitors might be in
                                                                                                   The researchers then blocked aldose
activity of a single enzyme called aldose         In a series of cell-culture experiments,         reductase activity and checked the              use against human colon cancer in a rela-
reductase could shut down the toxic net-          Srivastava and his colleagues—including          responses of known molecular links in the       tively short time, Srivastava said, since one
work of biochemical signals that promotes         lead author and postdoctoral fellow              chain of colon cancer cell growth.              candidate is already in phase three clinical
inflammation and colon cancer cell growth.        Ravinder Tammali, assistant professor Kota                                                       trials in the United States for prolonged
                                                                                                   “In a nutshell, when we inhibited aldose        use in diabetes, and an aldose reductase
                                                  V. Ramana, and Sharad S. Singhal and
In a dramatic demonstration of the poten-                                                          reductase by using pharmacological
                                                  Sanjay Awasthi of the University of Texas                                                        inhibitor is already available for clinical use
tial of this discovery, they followed up this                                                      inhibitors or genetic manipulations, all the
                                                  at Arlington—investigated aldose reduc-                                                          in Japan. Such drugs would likely be used
work with animal studies showing that                                                              inflammatory players were significantly
                                                  tase’s role in colon cancer cell growth. First                                                   after surgery as a “chemo-preventive”
blocking the production of aldose reduc-                                                           blocked,” Srivastava said. “We really
                                                  they stimulated colon cancer cells with                                                          measure to keep cancer cells missed by
tase halted the growth of human colon can-                                                         understand this toxic signaling pathway
                                                  growth factors, chemicals known to kick-                                                         surgery in check.
cer cells implanted in laboratory mice.                                                            much better now.”
                                                  start inflammatory chain reactions that
“By inhibiting aldose reductase we were           encourage colon cancer cells to proliferate;     As exciting as such results are, Srivastava     “As far as I am aware, there is no other
able to completely stop the further growth        this proliferation process then itself pro-      pointed out, the distance between a brand-      chemo-preventive agent that has been
of colorectal cancer tumor cells,” said           duces even more inflammation and cancer          new procedure that works in nude mice and       shown to be so effective in laboratory ani-
UTMB professor Satish K. Srivastava, sen-         cell growth. (Chronic inflammation is            one that works in humans is considerable.       mals,” the researcher said.

New treatment approach holds promise Researchers identify new weapon
for children infected with RSV
                 By Jim Kelly                     professor of pediatric infectious diseases and
                                                                                                     to fight deadly bacterial sepsis
                                                  senior author of a paper on the research                          By Jim Kelly                   ratory mice, blocking the activity of a sin-
When a child under the age of 2 contracts a       published in the American Journal of                                                             gle enzyme known as aldose reductase
respiratory tract infection requiring hospital-   Respiratory and Clinical Care Medicine. “What      One of the most dangerous risks of con-       can short-circuit sepsis, protecting heart
ization, odds are that the cause is respiratory   we’d like to have is a safe therapy that           tracting a serious bacterial infection is     function and greatly reducing sepsis
syncytial virus (RSV). Currently, neither a       could be given to a child as soon as he or         that the victim may develop sepsis—an         deaths. Moreover, the scientists have
safe vaccine nor an effective therapy for                                                            overreaction by the immune system caus-       accomplished this feat using a chemical
                                                  she develops the initial upper respiratory
RSV exists. Now, however, UTMB                                                                       ing destructive inflammation throughout       compound very similar to a diabetes drug
                                                  symptoms of RSV infection. If we can treat
researchers have taken an important step                                                             the body, often leading to heart and other    already in stage three clinical trials in the
                                                  children with RSV before a lower respirato-        organ failure and death. Even the best
toward developing a therapy for RSV.                                                                                                               United States, the final level of human
                                                  ry tract infection occurs—that is, before the      hospital intensive care units can be help-    experimentation before a drug is consid-
Working with laboratory mice, the scientists      virus gets into the lungs—we believe we            less to save patients stricken by severe      ered for federal licensing approval.
have shown for the first time that RSV does       can keep those children from developing            sepsis. Cases of sepsis in the U.S. have
its dirty work by causing cells to produce        the serious infections that require hospital       risen dramatically in recent decades, near-   If those diabetes trials prove successful
highly damaging molecules known as reac-          care.”                                             ly tripling from 82.7 cases out of every      and the drug is approved for use in dia-
tive oxygen species (ROS). These mole-                                                               100,000 Americans in 1979 to 240.4 cases      betics, it’s possible that such an “aldose
cules prompt cells to produce signals that        UTMB graduate student Shawn Castro was                                                           reductase inhibitor” could be used by
                                                                                                     per 100,000 in 2000.
send the immune system into overdrive,            the lead author of the paper, titled                                                             physicians relatively quickly for “off-
                                                  “Antioxidant Treatment Ameliorates                 Epidemiologists blame this large increase     label” emergency use against sepsis in
creating an inflammatory response that
                                                  Respiratory Syncytial Virus- Induced               on the explosive rise in antibiotic-resist-   humans, the scientists said. When a drug
actually does more damage than the virus
                                                  Disease and Lung Inflammation.” Co-                ant bacteria caused by overuse of antibi-     is approved for one human use, individ-
itself and closely resembles the one seen in                                                         otics as well as on the increasing numbers
                                                  authors include postdoctoral fellow                                                              ual doctors may try it out against other
an asthma attack.                                                                                    of people living with immune systems
                                                  Antonieta Guerrera-Plata, graduate student                                                       conditions where it appears warranted.
The researchers found that this effect,                                                              weakened by HIV, using immune-sup-
                                                  Giovanni Suarez-Real, associate professor                                                        Raman was lead author and Srivastastava
known as oxidative stress, can be substan-                                                           pressive therapy for organ and bone mar-
                                                  Patrick A. Adegboyega and professor                                                              was senior author of a paper on the sepsis
tially reduced by treating the mice with an                                                          row transplants, and receiving high-dose
                                                  Roberto Garofalo of UTMB, as well as               chemotherapy for cancer. Young children       discovery published in the journal
antioxidant chemical. The treatment also          University of Texas Health Science Center-                                                       Circulation. Previous work by Srivastava
lowers the asthma-like symptoms of “airway                                                           and elderly people are also at a higher
                                                  Houston professor Giuseppe Colasurdo and           risk for the condition because of their       and his UTMB collaborators (including
hyperreactivity” seen in RSV-infected mice        associate professor Amir Khan. The                                                               research described in the story above) has
even after the mice have recovered from                                                              weaker immune systems.
                                                  National Institute of Environmental Health                                                       demonstrated that blocking aldose reduc-
the virus.                                                                                           Now, Assistant Professor Kota V. Ramana       tase similarly can dramatically reduce the
                                                  Sciences and National Institute of Allergy
                                                  and Infectious Diseases provided funding           and Professor Satish Srivastava and their     inflammation-driven processes of colorec-
“We really need a good therapy for RSV,”
                                                                                                     collaborators have discovered that in labo-   tal cancer and complications of diabetes.
said Dr. Antonella Casola, UTMB associate         for this research.

6         October 2006                                                     Volume 30, Number 10
A look inside the IS Operations Service Center—the core of IS services
             By Michele Rainford

The high-tech world of data centers and
back-up systems at UTMB was made
available for viewing at a recent IS open
house, offering a rare glimpse of the
Operations Service Center to non-IS
For many months, the sounds of construc-
tion emanated from the fourth floor of the
Administration Building as crews worked
to re-purpose space.
The new Operations Service Center,
which includes the Operator Service
Center (the main UTMB 24-hour tele-
phone switchboard), the Uninterruptible
Power Supply room and the
Administration Data Center are all now
housed under one roof, in adjacent areas.
The experience of preparing for Hurricane
Rita last year taught IS leaders that on-site
emergency communications and staff
should be located in the same area. Since
computer operations were already deliv-
ered from the Administration Building, it
was logical to relocate the Operations
Service Center from Levin Hall to the
Administration Building.
Planning for the new Operator Service            The Operations Service Center is UTMB’s own state-of-the-art, high-tech marvel that keeps the campus’s computer environment and infrastructure up
Center began in January 2006, construction       and running even during the most adverse conditions. Part of the work being done inside the center is phasing out old data management, such as the
                                                 mainframe tape systems, backup tapes and consoles, pictured above, with new, more efficient methods.
was completed by the end of June and
staff moves were finished in July 2006.
                                                 major undertaking that took careful plan-         range systems, and hundreds of servers            The Administration Data Center’s comput-
According to Mary Dewitt, assistant man-         ning. Abatement of the fourth floor area          that support critical communication, net-         er operations include a console area where
ager for the Operator Service Center and         was necessary along with the demolition of        work, clinical, hospital, student, research       systems monitoring takes place, messages
the person that supervises the employees         walls and flooring, design and construction       and business processes.                           are recorded and logged, and necessary
in this area, three to five operators man the    of the new environment, rerouting of all                                                            interventions are taken.
switchboard during the day and two opera-        electrical feeds and distribution equipment       The center hosts computer devices such as
tors answer calls overnight.                     and installation of fire protection, air condi-   386 Dell devices, 73 Sun devices, one             Monitors are in place to support major
                                                 tioning and UPS and transfer switches.            DEC, two IBM mainframes, six NetApp               batch processing, back-ups and online
Operators in the 24-hour, seven-days-a-                                                            filers and two HP Alpha Servers.                  access for important systems including
week center manage on-call schedules,            Planning for construction began shortly
                                                                                                   The hardware is temperature-controlled by         those for patient management and billing,
provide translator services and deliver          after Hurricane Rita, and work continued
                                                                                                   four massive air-cooling units, each about        business processes for payroll, general
emergency paging for stroke, code 99 and         through May when the UPS was brought
                                                 online.                                           four times the size of an average refrigera-      ledger and financial reporting.
neonatal alerts on more than 110,000 calls
each month.                                                                                        tor.                                              The computer operations area is also
                                                 With this upgrade in infrastructure, the
David Copado, IS area manager in charge          UPS can provide temporary emergency               Entrance to the data center is strictly con-      staffed 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. The
of the entire fourth-floor facility says, “The   power to the data center equipment and            trolled and monitored. Protections include        operators are trained to monitor all process-
data center improvements position                the operations center on the rare occasion        extensive security, the FM200 gas fire sup-       es and events to ensure that scheduled
Information Services to better support and       when a brief time lapse occurs between            pression system, UPS protection, under            processing takes place in a timely manner
protect the significant investment that          the failure of the normal source of power         floor water detection and temperature             and to address any issues that could occur
UTMB has made in its information                 and the full functionality of the back-up         monitoring.                                       during processing. They also assist the
resources.”                                      generator.                                                                                          help desk with end user issues, manage
                                                                                                   The Administration Data Center began              and track all incidents, and provide hands-
Problems experienced during Hurricane            This Uninterruptible Power Supply is              operations in 1973 and has evolved from
Rita and concerns about flooding also            immediate and will provide more than 15                                                             on support for technical and programming
                                                                                                   supporting large-size, water-cooled main-         staff.
prompted the move of the data center’s           minutes of battery back-up power at full          frames with data input from punch card
Uninterruptible Power Supply and transfer        load until the back-up generator power has        readers, to hosting multiple hardware plat-       The Operations Service Center is UTMB’s
switches from where they were located on         been established or normal power resumes.         forms with individual configurations and          own state-of-the-art, high-tech marvel that
the first floor of the Administration                                                                                                                keeps the campus’s computer environment
                                                 The third main area of the Operations             requirements. It is the largest of three data
Building up to the fourth floor.
                                                 Service Center is the Administration Data         centers on campus and covers approxi-             and infrastructure up and running even
The relocation of the UPS room was a             Center that houses mainframe and mid-             mately 6,000 square feet of raised floor.         during the most adverse conditions.

                                                                                                                              Volume 30, Number 10                  October 2006                      7
Dentistry behind bars
Dentist shares her story of working in correctional managed care
Editor’s note: This is part of a series exploring     “I feel like everyday I work is a mission. My mission is to be                               TYC?
the work done by the 3,000 UTMB health care                                                                                                        TYC is such a change from TDCJ. First of
professionals who serve in correctional man-         kind and loving and provide real care for my women offenders.                                 all, I work on women four days a week.
aged care.                                           They especially need kindness. Believe me, I’m not perfect at                                 They tend to talk a lot, especially about
                                                                                                                                                   their fears and anxieties. The boys at TYC
                                                                              that, but I try.”                                                    are trained very well to be quiet, respect-
Deborah L. Stephens, D.D.S. and her staff
                                                                                                                        Dr. Deborah Stephens       ful, cooperative and appreciative. Also, the
exemplify the concerned, highly profes-
                                                                                                         Dentist with the UTMB-CMC dental team     medical staff at Mart treat us like gold.
sional care that UTMB-CMC dental staff
                                                                                                                                                   They bend over backwards to make sure
provide to youth. Gatesville District
                                                                                                                                                   we have everything we need. We definite-
Dental Director Dr. David Collins points
                                                                                                                                                   ly notice how special they treat us; San
out that “Dr. Stephens is a self-motivated,         prison system solved our problem. No            Can you share some of the difference           Saba was the same way.
highly productive dentist. She cares for the        more bill collections.                          and potential challenges you have
children at Mart as if they were her kids.”                                                         noticed in the course of your career           I understand you have done mission
                                                    I started out at Skyview in Rusk and loved      regarding care in the adult vs. youth          work in the past. Can you share some
Stephens has provided care at various TYC           it. John’s first job opportunity was at the     facilities?                                    of the rewarding experiences that have
and TDCJ facilities during her 18-year              Gatesville Unit. He took it knowing that I      The boys at TYC definitely are different       occurred as part of your mission trip.
career. She currently works with the youth          could transfer to Hughes when it opened         from my women in Gatesville. They tend         John and I did a dental mission trip in
at the McClennan County State Juvenile              six months later. I did and we had two          to have less damage from longtime drug         1997 to San Nicolas, Nicaragua through
Correctional Facility in Mart.
                                                    babies quickly since we now had great           use. It’s a real pleasure to see some          the Baptist Medical/Dental Missions
Recently Stephens was asked to share                insurance. Life was good in the little town     patients with no dental disease (not some-     International. It was an incredible trip, but
some of her CMC experiences:                        of Gatesville. I moved to Mountain View         thing I see at Woodman). I was at San Saba     I have no desire to do another mission trip.
                                                    after a few years to work with incarcerated     when they were having serious security         I feel like everyday I work is a mission. My
At which facilities have you provided
                                                    women. Everyone said they were much             problems so I’ve treated many facial frac-     mission is to be kind and loving and pro-
dental care during your career with
                                                    harder to work with, but I found them to        tures and traumatized anterior teeth. San      vide real care for my women offenders.
                                                    be a real joy. I then got the chance to open    Saba TYC has a very small dental clinic        They have just as much need, if not more,
My husband John and I started our own
                                                    Woodman State Jail, and I’m still there         added on as a second thought, but not so       than I saw in Nicaragua. They especially
practice in San Antonio after we graduated.
                                                    today. When CMC took on TYC, I started          with Mart. Mart has a beautiful setup just     need kindness. Believe me, I’m not per-
We enjoyed the independence of private
                                                    traveling to cover the boys at San Saba one     for us.                                        fect at that, but I try.
practice, but soon found out we had little
business sense. We felt uncomfortable               day a week. Now I’m driving to                  You have worked in several TYC facil-          Read the entire interview, as well as other CMC
charging for our dentistry; hard to make a          McClennan County Juvenile Facility 1 and        ities during your career. What keeps           stories online in Progress Notes at
living that way. Finding out about the              2 in Mart.                                      you excited about providing care at  

    A collaboration of health care institutions using Epic EMR
              By Michele Rainford                   Current members are Austin Regional             five organizations. There are now eight        in Texas. We are able to share best prac-
                                                    Clinics, Harris County Hospital District,       member institutions.                           tices on a range of implementation topics,
There’s a common saying that “two heads             Parkland Health and Hospital System,                                                           collaborate on regional activities such as
are better than one.” In the case of the                                                            “The purpose of the collaborative is to
                                                    Texas Children’s Hospital, Texas Health                                                        the CareEverywhere Community, and
Texas Epic Collaborative, it may be said            Resources, UTMB, UT Health Science              learn from each organization’s implementa-
                                                                                                                                                   speak to key individuals at Epic with a
that eight organizations are better than            Center at San Antonio and UT                    tion experiences,” Farr said. “Each mem-
                                                                                                                                                   unified voice.”
one, when it comes to implementing an               Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.          ber is willing to share their challenges and
Electronic Medical Records system.                                                                  issues, tips and techniques in the process.    Texas Health Resources is a faith-based,
                                                    The idea to form the group developed at                                                        nonprofit U.S. health care system that
The Texas Epic Collaborative is an associ-          UTMB. Through contact with Epic                 “It’s very different from the corporate
                                                                                                                                                   serves the Dallas- Fort Worth area.
ation of eight institutions in Texas that are       Systems, EMR campus leaders learned of          environment,” he continued. “Though
implementing the Epic Electronic Medical            other Texas institutions that are imple-        each organization may have a different         The group meets quarterly at airport con-
Records system—going from paper patient             menting the Epic EMR system. It was             strategy, we’re willing to work together for   ference rooms or centers in host member
records to electronic patient records.              agreed that a collaborative effort among        the same outcome so we can get on with         cities. The next meeting is scheduled for
This collaboration is a wonderful way to            these health care institutions would help       the real business of taking care of            Dec. 11 in San Antonio. An additional
bring together leaders in the implementa-           them develop their implementation               patients.”                                     meeting was held at the Epic conference
tion process at these institutions to learn         processes for successful outcomes.                                                             in Madison, Wis., in September and the
                                                                                                    Chief Medical Information Officer for
from each other and maximize the poten-                                                                                                            group plans to convene there each year at
                                                    Chief Information Officer for UTMB,             Texas Health Resources Dr. Ferdinand
tial outcome.                                                                                                                                      the conference.
                                                    Ralph Farr, then the IS area leader, solicit-   Velasco said, “Being a member of the col-
The members of the collaborative are in             ed input and invited the entities to be a       laborative provides THR with an opportu-       The meetings are open to any EMR proj-
different stages of the implementation, but         part of the planned collaborative. The first    nity to network with project leaders and       ect leader involved in the implementation
each values the opportunity to collaborate.         meeting was held on Dec. 12, 2005, with         staff at UTMB and other EPIC customers         process at their institution.

8          October 2006                                                      Volume 30, Number 10
                                                                                                                                                      Celebrating the
                                                                                                                                                      human capital of
                                                                                                                                                      the HCM transition
                                                                                                                                                      The hard-working Human
                                                                                                                                                      Capital Management
                                                                                                                                                      implementation team celebrates the
                                                                                                                                                      transition to the new system.
                                                                                                                                                      Changes brought about by this
                                                                                                                                                      human resource component of
                                                                                                                                                      PeopleSoft began with October
                                                                                                                                                      paychecks. The transition to
                                                                                                                                                      PeopleSoft HCM was managed by
                                                                                                                                                      teams in Finance Administrative
                                                                                                                                                      Systems, Payroll Services and
                                                                                                                                                      Human Resources, as well as
                                                                                                                                                      managers and members of the
                                                                                                                                                      Entity Administrative Service
                                                                                                                                                      Teams. It took a tremendous
                                                                                                                                                      amount of planning, collaboration
                                                                                                                                                      and cooperation to get user input,
                                                                                                                                                      design the process and system, test
                                                                                                                                                      it, develop training and provide
                                                                                                                                                      for ongoing user support. In the
                                                                                                                                                      end, the goal was to ensure a
                                                                                                                                                      smooth evolution to the new tools.

Employee self-service features released as part of HCM payroll launch
The following transactions are available to UTMB           Education—Add or review your education informa-
employees with the launch of our new HR / Payroll sys-     tion. Please note that verification will be made by HR.        Key tips for using the employee
tem. Please find the new link to Employee Self Service
from the left hand navigation bar of the UTMB home         Languages—Add or review information about lan-                 self-service features
page:                                                      guages you know.                                                 Bi-weekly employees—Employees entering W-4
                                                                                                                            changes and address changes must complete the trans-
 Personal Information Summary—Review a sum-                Licenses and Certificates—Add or review informa-
                                                                                                                            action on the Friday immediately preceding a bi-weekly
 mary of your personal information.                        tion about your licenses and certificates. Please note           payday for which they want to see the change reflected.
                                                           that verification will be made by HR.
 Home and Mailing Address—Review and update                                                                                 Monthly employees—Employees entering W-4
 your home and mailing addresses.                          Memberships—Add or review information about                      changes and address changes must complete the trans-
 Phone Numbers—Add or update phone numbers, or             your memberships                                                 action by the 15th calendar day of the month preceding
 specify your primary phone number.                                                                                         the paycheck for which they want to see the change
                                                           Careers—Search for and apply to open requisitions at
 Email Addresses—Add or update your personal               UTMB
 email address.                                                                                                             Name Changes—Name Change verification is still
                                                           W-4 Changes                                                      required. Please send documentation to your depart-
 Emergency Contacts—Add or update your emer-                                                                                ment administrator. Upon verification, changes will be
                                                         Please take advantage of this opportunity to help
 gency contact information.                                                                                                 approved and viewable in the system.
                                                         improve the quality of employee data in UTMB’s
 Name Change—Review or update your name infor-           information systems as well as to streamline the process           Licenses and Certificates—Verifications will be made
 mation within HCM. You will still need to provide       for updates.                                                       by HR; for now, HCM will be a secondary source of
 documentation to your department administrator.                                                                            information for licenses and certifications. You should
                                                         If you have any difficulty trying out the self-service fea-        still use your current primary source based upon your
 View Paycheck—Review your current and prior             tures, please contact the Administrative Services Help
 paycheck information.                                                                                                      particular license or certification.
                                                         Desk at (409) 747-7Ask (747-7275), or via email at
 Compensation History—Review your compensation  The Administrative Services               Education—Verifications will be made by HR.
 history within HCM.                                     Help Desk is available 7 a.m.–6 p.m. Monday–Friday.

                                                                                                                       Volume 30, Number 10             October 2006                   9
System administrators’ efforts critical in improving information resources security
              By Louis Perrin                  Information Resource security is not a static, one-time operation.                             It is obvious that UTMB information
                                                                                                                                              resource owners, system administrators and
“We’re not where we need to be yet, but        Without the on-going efforts of system administrators and system                               support staff, especially in de-centralized
we took a huge step in the right direction.”
That was the frank assessment of Robert        support personnel to enforce industry-standard best practices and                              (not directly supported by UTMB
                                                                                                                                              Information Services) organizations, are
Shaffer, information security officer, after   UTMB Practice Standards as well as implement effective change
reviewing the 2006 Texas Department of                                                                                                        taking information resources security very
Information Resources (DIR) Controlled           control and patch management processes, new vulnerabilities                                  seriously, and their efforts are paying off.
Penetration Test results. The penetration       identified each year would outpace the best efforts of dedicated                              In the very near future, IS Security and IS
test (required yearly by State law) reported
a 90 percent drop in total vulnerabilities                 information resource security professionals.                                       Network and Security Services personnel
exposed on UTMB’s information resources                                                                                                       will begin notifying system administrators
and 66 percent drop in vulnerable systems                                                                                                     of the vulnerabilities identified in the 2006
over the 2005 penetration test results.        directly supporting the vulnerable systems.     times for system administrators).              penetration test.
Beginning in June 2005, Information            Updating operating systems and applica-         Information Resource security is not a stat-   Following up on their recent successes, the
Services Security, Network and Security        tions, applying patches, removing/disabling     ic, one-time operation. Without the on-        hard-working system administrators will
Services, information resource owners and      services that are note needed and improv-       going efforts of system administrators and     continue their efforts to further improve
system administrators began assessing and      ing policy enforcement were manual steps        system support personnel to enforce indus-     the integrity of UTMB’s Information
responding to the vulnerabilities identified   taken by local system administrators to         try-standard best practices and UTMB           Resources in the coming year
in the 2005 penetration test report. Many      eliminate vulnerabilities identified by the     Practice Standards as well as implement
of these vulnerabilities were addressed by     DIR penetration test. Most of these activi-     effective change control and patch man-        Sincere thanks to all UTMB system
making changes to UTMB’s network               ties were completed within 90 days (a 90-       agement processes, new vulnerabilities         administrators.
perimeter (firewall rules) controls. The       day period that also included end-of-year       identified each year would outpace the
largest volume of work, however, was per-      fiscal and purchasing efforts and the start     best efforts of dedicated information          Louis Perrin is a security analyst with IS
formed by system administrators and staff      of new school year—already high-effort          resource security professionals.               Security.

UTMB’s contract with Atos Origin to end June 30, working to make smooth transition
            By Michele Rainford                “One of the recommendations was to bring        patch management will be taken over by         managed by Atos provides a three-year for-
                                               computer-support for the campus internal        the IS department at that time.                mal lease for each Dell computer, after
UTMB’s contract with Atos Origin, the IT       as the IS team can quite ably provide these                                                    which there is an option to buy out the
company that has provided computer-sup-                                                        In the second phase, effective Feb. 1, IS
                                               services.”                                                                                     computers for two more years at the end of
port services working with the Information                                                     will begin performing desk top support
                                               It all comes down to cost efficiency and        services and computer security services.       the third year.
Services Department for the past seven
years, will expire on June 30, 2007. Atos      the ability to quickly adapt to a changing      The third phase will end on June 30 and        UTMB will go to an informal refresh pro-
will no longer provide technical support to    environment to satisfy the needs of the         IS will begin to manage the help desk          gram where the Dell computers will auto-
the campus after the contract ends.            campus users.                                   functions. A business case or business sup-    matically be used for five years before
All the computer-support functions previ-      “Technology has changed since the start of      port model is being developed to deter-        changes are made. This will mean further
ously handled by Atos will be handled by       the ATOS contract and customers needs           mine the pros and cons of providing the        savings for the institution.
in-house IS department staff.                  have changed,” Syers said. “With a formal       help desk functions internally. A decision
                                                                                               will be made by June 30.                       Farr states that the majority of academic
                                               external contract it is hard to adapt to
Atos has served UTMB well during the                                                                                                          institutions have internal help desks. Our
                                               changes in the fast revolving world of IT.      Approximately 5,000 of 15,000 calls
life of the contract and even saw the origi-                                                                                                  peers maintain that this practice allows the
                                               Changes have to be looked at the begin-         received each month are basic calls for
nal four-year term extended an additional                                                                                                     problem-solvers to be in tune with the
three years. The current one-year exten-       ning of the new contract period and it’s dif-   password reset. Finding a way to make this
                                               ficult to wait to make some changes.”                                                          needs of the campus.
sion sees a natural end to the contract.                                                       a self-help process will free the service
                                               “Going in-house will be more flexible for       providers to handle advanced computer          IS leaders are gearing up to inform the
Mark Syers, IS area leader for Desk Top                                                        issues more quickly.
                                               customer’s changing needs. Ninety-nine                                                         campus about these changes. An IS forum
and Enterprise Services, says the ending of
                                               percent of the campus machines utilize a        IS will conduct research to determine          will be held in November and Syers and
the ATOS contract is not based on “service
levels” or “performance issues.” “ATOS         standard browser and can be supported           whether a third party or an in-house tool      other leaders will be making presentations
has done a great job at UTMB and every         internally.”                                    (a portal to handle basic calls) will be       in departments across campus.
customer service survey has indicated as       Providing these services in-house will pro-     more suitable for the needs of the cam-        “It will be a culture change,” Syers says.
much.”                                         vide for a longer five-year PC refresh cycle,   pus. IS leaders will address staffing needs
                                                                                                                                              “The goal is to eventually lower the num-
                                               more flexibility, customer-driven, self-help    as necessary.
The Information Services Department has                                                                                                       ber of calls on the frontline by instituting
already put steps in place to help the cam-    service tools for users and ultimately result   Syers says the campus “should not feel         self-help tools like self-help password reset
pus in the transition.                         in savings for the institution.                 any difference in the first phase.” There is   using a secure, simplistic portal and an
                                                                                               not much direct impact to the end users at     easy-to-use interface, and remote control
“The ending of the ATOS contract is a          The Atos contract will end in three phases.
                                                                                               this point.                                    support for direct help from the help desk
normal contractual ending, but it’s also a     The first phase ends on Nov. 1. Enterprise
part of the Financial Incentive Plan for the   services including anti-virus management,       There will be a change in the length of        as much as possible. The goal is to provide
campus,” said Ralph Farr, chief informa-       software management tools, spam manage-         time hardware is used. Currently, the for-     as much help as possible at the first point
tion officer for UTMB, and head of IS.         ment, e-mail, departmental support and          mal lease program with Dell computers          of contact.”

6         October 2006                                                 Volume 30, Number 10
Shomaker outlines broad vision for Austin programs
On Sept. 1, Dr. T. Samuel Shomaker offi-                                                                                                        in the community.
cially began his duties as dean of Austin
                                                                                                                                                Another aspect of attracting more physi-
programs for the School of Medicine.
Shomaker is the first person to fill the new                                                                                                    cians is expanding the research component
post of dean of UTMB Austin, and he is                                                                                                          of UTMB’s presence in Austin. Seton
excited by and looking forward to the chal-                                                                                                     HealthCare Network—UTMB’s clinical
lenges and opportunities that lie ahead.                                                                                                        partner in Austin—has the desire to devel-
                                                                                                                                                op a vigorous research component, but
While it is too early to have a comprehen-                                                                                                      lacks the infrastructure to do so, Shomaker
sive vision or item-by-item agenda planned                                                                                                      said. So by taking UTMB’s clinical and
for the Austin programs, Shomaker said he                                                                                                       research expertise and joining forces with
does have a broad vision for what UTMB’s                                                                                                        the research faculty at UT Austin, the part-
role in Austin can and should be: It has to                                                                                                     nership can expand its capabilities into
be to catalyze a partnership that results in                                                                                                    new, productive and socially important
the development of a first rate program of                                                                                                      areas.
medical education and research that can
serve as a national model for the 21st cen-                                                                                                     “There is an incredible resource of faculty
tury, and that addresses the needs of the                                                                                                       and student talent at UT Austin in many
community and region.                                                                                                                           areas, but the faculty never thought to
                                                                                                                                                apply it to health care,” Shomaker said.
“What I have to do in the coming weeks is
                                                                                                                                                “This opens new possibilities for research.
meet with and listen to the stakeholders
                                                                                                                                                We are looking to create partnerships that
and gather information from them,”
Shomaker said. “Whatever we develop has                                                                                                         allow that talent to be applied to the press-
                                               UTMB President John D. Stobo, left, and Dean of Medicine Garland Anderson, right, present Dr.    ing problems of health policy, health edu-
to take advantage of the strengths of our      T. Samuel Shomaker with a resolution from Gov. Rick Perry recognizing Shomaker as the dean of
partners to create a truly innovative pro-                                                                                                      cation, and human health and disease.”
                                               UTMB’s Austin programs.
gram.”                                                                                                                                          Coming to Austin from his post as chief
UTMB has been collaborating and devel-         faced in his early days on the job, and that    take away from the work in Galveston.”           executive officer and interim dean for the
oping a network in Austin since the 1950s      is the ongoing rumor that the Austin pro-                                                        John A. Burns School of Medicine at the
                                                                                               In fact, a big focus of the Austin programs
when UTMB medical students first began         gram expansion is preparation for moving                                                         University of Hawaii meant opening his
                                               UTMB from Galveston to Austin.                  is supporting and fostering collaboration        career to new challenges, and Shomaker is
rotations there. The increased presence
                                               Shomaker’s response is that isn’t a realistic   through partnerships with UTMB                   excited about the possibilities.
and the position of a dean in Austin for the
                                               possibility.                                    Galveston, UT Austin and Seton
School of Medicine opens the door for                                                                                                           “Of all the positions I considered, this new
increased medical rotations for UTMB stu-                                                      HealthCare Network.
                                               “If you look around campus, it would be                                                          position held the most promise, the most
dents, as well as increased residency pro-     impossible to reproduce that in Austin,”        Austin has a shortage of doctors, and by         possibility to have a real meaningful
grams and research partnerships.                                                               expanding the residency training programs
                                               Shomaker said. “The needs in Austin are                                                          impact in a community,” he said. “There is
That increased presence prompts one of         different than the needs of Galveston. The      offered there, UTMB hopes to increase            the opportunity to create something very
the recurring questions Shomaker has           Austin programs are in no way going to          the number of doctors available to practice      special and unique.”

Stobo to leave UTMB in August 2007, timing with legislative session in mind
UTMB President John D. Stobo                   2007. It will also give the incoming presi-     mission, his unwavering focus on institu-        president of UTMB for 10 years and I am
announced this month his decision to           dent more than a year to get to know the        tional excellence, and his unqualified faith     honored to have been able to serve an
relinquish his administrative duties on        institution, to understand its issues and       in UTMB’s faculty, staff and students. He        institution that has made such a difference
Aug. 31, 2007, at the end of UTMB’s cur-       challenges, and to become a strong advo-        is a man of vision and great personal
                                                                                                                                                to the health of Texas,” said Stobo. “I have
rent academic year. Stobo said he decided      cate for UTMB during the 2009 legislative       integrity, and the University of Texas
to announce now because “leadership            session.”                                       System and the people of Texas owe him a         an ambitious agenda for the remaining 11
changes should be made with the legisla-                                                       deep debt of gratitude.”                         months of my presidency. I am committed
                                               Stobo has not yet decided what his profes-                                                       to making sure UTMB is on solid financial
tive calendar in mind.”
                                               sional focus will be after August 31, but he    “Jack Stobo is a truly inspirational leader, a
                                                                                                                                                footing, to completing our comprehensive
The Texas Legislature, which meets on a        and his wife, Mary Ann, plan to remain in       person who leads by example and is gen-
biennial basis, will convene in January        Galveston.                                      uinely committed to serving and empower-         campaign ahead of schedule, and to imple-
2007 and January 2009. Stobo said success                                                      ing those who work with and for him,” said       menting our clinical strategic plan. And I
                                               “I speak for every member of the board
in the upcoming legislative sessions will be                                                   Mark G. Yudof, chancellor of the                 will once again ask UTMB’s outstanding
                                               when I say that Jack Stobo has truly trans-
critically important to UTMB’s financial                                                       University of Texas System. “It will be dif-     faculty, staff and students to roll up their
                                               formed the University of Texas Medical
security, and to its mission of health sci-                                                    ficult to replace him but I respect his deci-    sleeves and work with me over the coming
                                               Branch,” said James R. Huffines, chairman
ences education, research and patient care.                                                    sion. I also appreciate that he has provided     months to ready the institution for an
                                               of the University of Texas System Board of
                                                                                               us with an opportunity to recruit another
“It’s the right decision at the right time,”   Regents. “The remarkable advances that                                                           incoming president and position it for the
                                                                                               strong leader and afford that individual suf-
said Stobo. “Announcing now will enable        UTMB has made in the areas of education,                                                         brightest of futures.”
                                                                                               ficient time to fully understand the institu-
the University of Texas System Board of        research and patient care over the past
                                                                                               tion and its priorities.”                        Stobo was appointed the university’s
Regents to complete a national search and      nine years are a direct result of his stead-
appoint a new president by September           fast commitment to the university’s service     “By the end of August, I will have been          fourth president on Aug. 13, 1997.

                                                                                                                         Volume 30, Number 10                October 2006                 11
           NEWS IN BRIEF
Security, drug-free campus
reports available online
UTMB is committed to ensuring your
safety and maintaining a professional work-
ing and learning environment that is free
from the influence of drugs and alcohol.
We believe awareness and prevention pro-
grams are key to success.
Each year, a campus security report is
issued, outlining UTMB’s crime preven-
tion program, including statistics and vital
safety information, and a brochure with
important messages on how to maintain a
drug-free campus. Both publications offer a
wealth of information concerning aware-
ness and prevention of both crime and            Physician assistant students receive white coats
drug abuse. But most importantly, they tell      Fifty-one new students in the physician assistant studies master’s degree program were cloaked in their white coats Oct. 1 during a special ceremony in
you where to turn for help if you have a         Levin Hall. During the ceremony, students took their professional oath that included a solemn pledge to patients. Dr. Michael Warren, the Robert Earl
problem.                                         Cone Professor in Urology and the Physician Assistant Studies Program medical director, addressed the class and presented each student with a white
Electronic versions of the 2006 Campus           coat that he called “the mantel of medicine, the cloak of the covenant.”
Security Report and Maintaining a Drug-
Free Campus are available on the UTMB                                                                                                                   efforts are governed by the standards and
web site.                                          Protas to serve as interim dean of SAHS                                                              principles that guide the accreditation
                                                                                                                                                        process through the Southern Association
The publications are offered for your              Effective Dec. 1, Elizabeth Protas will                                 Protas earned her            of Colleges and Schools (SACS), who will
review at              be appointed interim dean of the School                                 Ph.D. from the State         be visiting in 2008.
and                        of Allied Health Sciences.                                              University of New
                                                                                                                           York at Buffalo. Her         Richard is an associate professor and the
If you do not have access to the Internet          In late August, Dean Charles H.                                                                      associate dean for education technology in
                                                                                                                           research interests
and would like a printed copy of these                                                                                                                  the School of Nursing. She has extensive
                                                   Christiansen announced that he would                                    include geriatrics,
reports, contact Campus Police at (409)                                                                                                                 experience in distance education at
                                                   be leaving UTMB after 17 years to take                                  rehabilitation of
772-1503 for the security report and the                                                                                                                UTMB. Richard has promoted distance
                                                   a leadership position at the University                                 adults with stroke,
Employee Assistance Program at (409)                                                                                                                    education at the School of Nursing through
                                                   of Minnesota Academic Health Center.             Dr. Elizabeth          Parkinson’s disease
772-2485 for a copy of the drug-free cam-                                                                                                               several funding opportunities to develop
                                                                                                    Protas                 and spinal cord
pus brochure.                                      Christiansen’s last day in his leadership                                                            the “Nursing Web-Based Distance
                                                   role at UTMB will be Dec. 1.                                                                         Education Program” which provided much
                                                                                                     She has received numerous honors and               of the foundation for the web-based pro-
Administration Garage                              Protas, chairwoman of the Department              awards during her career, most recently            grams at the SON. Other funded projects
switches to patient, visitor                       of Physical Therapy in the School of              the Herbert H. deVries Award for                   are “Improving Student Retention in a
only parking                                       Allied Health Sciences, came to UTMB              Distinguished Research in the Field of             BSN Program Using Information
                                                   in 2002.                                          Aging.                                             Technology” and “Regional Innovations in
In the ongoing efforts to improve the
                                                                                                                                                        Nursing Education.”
UTMB experience for patients and visi-
tors, the Administration Garage at 8th and       closed to the public on as many as three           new clinical facilities are built around the        She serves on several university commit-
Market streets will shift to patient and visi-   occasions per week, creating difficulty for        new University Plaza Garage, UTMB will              tees and taskforces involving information
tor only parking during daytime business         those who are frequently least familiar            gradually shift public parking from the             and web-based technology beneficial to
hours. The change will be effective when         with our campus.                                   Administration Garage to University Plaza           employees as well as students and works
the new University Plaza garage opens in                                                            to meet changing patient needs.                     with the Greater Houston Partnership to
November. Employees who use the after-           There also is considerable traffic in and                                                              promote nursing education regionally.
hours parking in the garage will continue        around the Administration Garage and the           If you have any questions, call the Parking
to park in the Administration Garage dur-        circle drive at the start and end of the reg-      Facilities Office at (409) 772-4786 or (409)        Vaccines for global health
ing the evening and night shifts.                ular workday. This move should also serve          772-1581.                                           topic of symposium
                                                 to reduce that congestion and provide bet-                                                             The Sealy Center for Vaccine
This move is not being made without con-         ter access to the front of the hospital for
siderable thought. UTMB has been evalu-                                                             Richard named director of                           Development at UTMB, in conjunction
                                                 UTMB patients and visitors.                                                                            with the James W. McLaughlin
ating patient and public needs, as well as                                                          UTMB distance education                             Foundation, announces the second in a
traffic patterns. For the next several years,    Concentrating patient and visitor parking
                                                                                                    Dr. Trish Richard has been named director           series of symposia centered around the
the Administration Garage will continue to       in the Administration Garage is good for
                                                                                                    of UTMB distance education. Richard                 theme of “The Changing Landscape of
be the simplest and most convenient park-        the public, but it will also reduce institu-
                                                                                                    brings a variety of skills and attributes to        Vaccine Development.” This second sym-
ing facility for patients and visitors.          tional costs, by eliminating the need for
                                                                                                    this position and will lead efforts to meet         posium is titled Vaccines for Global
                                                 the next several years of additional parking                                                           Health.
It can be accessed from the front of the                                                            distance education needs while developing
                                                 attendants in the University Plaza Garage.
main hospital and provides good visibility                                                          collaborative programs and training for             Members of the UTMB community are
and a clear route to many facilities of inter-   The new University Plaza Garage is                 health professionals focusing on health             invited to attend the symposium, which
est to the public and our customers.             expected to be open by Nov. 13. In the             education. Richard will play a vital role to
Currently, the garage is at capacity and         next four to five years, as replacement and        assure that UTMB’s distance education                                      See BRIEFS on Page 13

12        October 2006                                            Volume 30, Number 10
BRIEFS from Page 12
will be Nov. 8–10 at the Moody Gardens
Convention Center. This comprehensive,
thought-provoking symposium will discuss
vaccine development and implementation
as it relates to global health issues. With a
broad focus on the progression of vaccine
development from the bench to the bed-
side to the community, this unique sympo-
sium will bring together world-renowned
experts from the fields of immunology,
pathogenesis, adjuvant systems, preclinical
development, clinical trials, epidemiology,
risk assessment, finance, governmental
regulation, and vaccine acceptance.

For information, to register or submit an
abstract, visit
Evers named director of
UTMB Comprehensive
Cancer Center
Dr. B. Mark Evers, professor of surgery
and biochemistry and molecular biology, as
well as the Robertson-Poth Distinguished
Chair in General Surgery, has been
appointed the director of the UTMB
Comprehensive Cancer Center.                    D’Feet Breast Cancer donates books
The UTMB Comprehensive Cancer                   Representatives from D’Feet Breast Cancer recently delivered books to UTMB’s Breast Imaging Center as part of the group’s Lending Library Project.
Center (CCC) will include the Sealy             The D’Feet Lending Library Project is delivering a collection of books for use in all county libraries, area hospitals, clinics and The William Temple
Center for Cancer Cell Biology, the             Foundation, as well as some physician’s offices. Funding for the project comes from BP Chemical Company and donations to D’feet Breast Cancer, Inc.
                                                D’Feet Breast Cancer works with other organizations to promote early detection of breast cancer and to provide breast cancer educational programs in
Educational Cancer Center and the clinical
                                                Galveston county. It also works to expand the fight for early detection of breast cancer through raising funds for free screening mammograms for
enterprise for cancer diagnosis and treat-
                                                uninsured, underserved women ages 40. Picture from left to right are: Liddy Freeman, Cathy Schweitzer and Kensey Winget, all juniors at Ball High
ment. The CCC will coordinate campus            and members of the Student Council; Dr. Morton Leonard, associate professor of radiology; Becky Leyva, program coordinator at the Breast Imaging
wide efforts in cancer research, clinical       Center; Vivian Hernandez-Kleinschmidt, chairwoman of the D’Feet Breast Cancer Lending Library Project; and seated is Dr. Tuenchit “TK”
care, education, and prevention into a larg-    Khamapirad, director of breast imaging.
er cancer center effort with multidiscipli-
nary, multi-departmental and multi-institu-     has brought into focus the future need for         tional research. Their leadership will be          both the first and the second bi-weekly
tional components to provide the most up-       an institute at UTMB that would coordi-            essential to UTMB’s growth as a leader in          pay check.
to-date and compassionate care for our can-     nate clinical and translational research           the field of translational research.
cer patients.                                                                                                                                         The current monthly contribution will be
                                                efforts across campus and in Austin.
                                                                                                   By combining the efforts of the General            split into two equal amounts taken from
During Evers’ interim leadership of the         Plans currently are under way to develop           Clinical Research Center (both the UTMB            each check, granting employees an oppor-
center, five new faculty members have           and Institute of Clinical and Translational        operation and a planned Austin satellite           tunity to maximize their contributions (for
been recruited to the Sealy Center for          Research here at UTMB. The ICTR will               facility), the Office of Biostatistics,            those who desire to do so, up to the IRS
Cancer Cell Biology, a Mentoring                align UTMB’s research enterprise with the          Bioinformatics, the Sealy Center on Aging,         maximum), invest contributions sooner,
Committee for junior faculty has been           NIH Roadmap initiatives, particularly in           the Center for Rehabilitation Sciences, the        consistently invest a set dollar amount, and
established and the “Cancer Cell Biology        the areas of clinical and translational sci-       Novel Technologies Core and the Career             have more flexibility in budgeting.
Tract,” which adds two new courses to the       ence. The Institute also will provide vision-      Development Core, the ICTR will bring
                                                ary leadership and coordination for the            accelerated focus to research priorities and       In the months when there are three bi-
graduate school curriculum, was initiated.                                                                                                            weekly paychecks, no additional amount
                                                many translation research projects across          maximize funding resources. In addition,
In the same time period, UTMB received          campus, and play a vital role as we strive to      the ICTR will work closely with the Sealy          will be deducted from the third check. You
an interdisciplinary training grant (T32)       reach the top 25 in NIH research rankings.         Center for Molecular Medicine in all of its        may view the payroll schedule on the pay-
from the National Cancer Institute, which                                                          efforts to promote translational research.         roll web site at fiscal year 2007 Payday
                                                Dr. James Goodwin, the George and                                                                     Schedule.
will help provide training support to the       Cynthia Mitchell Distinguished Chair of
next generation of cancer researchers, and      Geriatric Medicine and the director of the         Plans under way for                                Please review your Oct. 13 bi-weekly pay-
an institutional research grant (IRG) from                                                                                                            check to confirm your TSA and/or DCP
                                                Sealy Center on Aging, has agreed to be            Changes taking effect in                           contributions. When accessing UT
the American Cancer Society which pro-          director of the ICTR, and Dr. David
vides pilot awards for junior faculty.          Gorenstein, the Charles Marc Pomerat               savings plan deductions                            Retirement Manager via to
                                                Distinguished Professor of Biological              As mentioned in a June Impact article,             make changes to your account, please
                                                Sciences and the associate dean for                employees who participate in the UT                remember to select your contribution
Institute of Clinical and                                                                          Saver 403(b) Tax-Sheltered Annuity Plan            amount accordingly.
                                                research, has agreed to be the associate
Translational Research                          director. Both Goodwin and Gorenstein              (TSA) and the UT Saver 457(b) Deferred             Please forward any benefit questions to
A group of faculty has been working hard        have extensive experience in obtaining             Compensation Plan (DCP) will see a                 409-772-2650 or email
to develop a research strategic plan for the    researching funding and in working collab-         much-requested benefit: the system will
School of Medicine. Their excellent work        oratively to successfully perform transla-         deduct TSA and DCP contributions from                                    See BRIEFS on Page 14

                                                                                                                              Volume 30, Number 10                  October 2006                   13
BRIEFS from Page 13
Sealy Center for Molecular
Science receives new name
In response to the recommendations of a
faculty task force from the Sealy Center for                                                                             UTMB celebrates diversity by marking
Molecular Science (SCMS) and with the                                                                                    Coming Out Day
concurrence of the Research Advisory Task
Force, the Sealy Center for Molecular                                                                                    Employees and students took a break from the afternoon on Oct. 11 for
                                                                                                                         a popsicle provided by the UTMB Gay Straight Alliance. The occasion
Science (SCMS) has transitioned into the
                                                                                                                         was to celebrate National Coming Out Day on the UTMB campus.
Sealy Center for Molecular Medicine                                                                                      Pictured above are, from left to right, Jodean Schmiederer, director of
(SCMM). The SCMM will serve as a focal                                                                                   Student Life; Jeff Pennock, vice president of the Gay Straight Alliance;
interface between clinical and basic scien-                                                                              Ernie Aguilar, president of the Gay Straight Alliance; Phyllis
tists, addressing our strategic plan for per-                                                                            Jendrusch, faculty advisor for the Gay Straight Alliance; and members
sonalized medicine. Specifically, the                                                                                    of the alliance and its SAFE project, Karen Alcott, a chaplain in
SCMM will focus on developing technolo-                                                                                  Pastoral Care, and Kinneil Coltman, a training manager and
gies for biomarker identification and                                                                                    coordinator with Organizational Development, Training and
molecular systems approaches for studies                                                                                 Recognition.
of human diseases.
                                                Department of Neuroscience and Cell             Kempner Fund donates to                         All applicants must hold full-time, assistant
To help accomplish this mission, Dr. Allan      Biology. Wu’s efforts are part of the multi-                                                    professor (or equivalent) appointments in
R. Brasier has been appointed director of       institutional neurological research collabo-    various UTMB programs                           the School of Medicine, the Graduate
the SCMM. Brasier currently is the Nelda        rative Mission Connect. She is working to       Five UTMB projects, ranging from a sum-         School of Biomedical Sciences, the School
C. and H. J. Lutcher Stark Distinguished        utilize stem cell technology in animal mod-     mer biomedical research program for col-        of Allied Health Sciences or the School of
Professor of Internal Medicine and is asso-     els to develop new therapeutic approaches       lege undergraduates to a telemedicine           Nursing. The distribution of funds is
ciate director of the UTMB NHLBI                for neurological trauma and illness, like       mental health services project, are benefit-    administered by the local IRG Review
Proteomics Center, one of ten such centers      brain and spinal cord injuries, Lou Gehrig’s    ing from the Harris and Eliza Kempner           Committee.
nationally. He has served in a leadership       disease and Alzheimer’s disease.                Fund’s recent $125,000 contribution to the
                                                                                                                                                There are three types of Awards: Pilot
capacity at UTMB as associate vice presi-                                                       academic health center. The funding is
                                                Wu is researching how to ensure the sur-                                                        Projects, each in the amount of $20,000 for
dent for research, where he has champi-                                                         part of the $1 million pledge the Galveston
                                                vival of stem cells transplanted in the brain                                                   a period of one year; Special Interest
oned the cause for molecular medicine and                                                       foundation made to UTMB in 2003, the
                                                and spinal cord and how to coax the cells                                                       Award in the amount of $20,000 for a peri-
translational research at UTMB.                                                                 largest single commitment to the universi-
                                                to interact with surrounding neurons, or                                                        od of one year, and Student Stipend Award
                                                                                                ty in the Kempner Fund’s 60-year history.
                                                nerve cells. The microscope purchased by                                                        in the amount of $2,500. Applications must
Coat drive under way to                         the Cullen Foundation’s grant will help         The five UTMB programs receiving fund-          be received by 5 p.m. Nov. 15, and awards
                                                her monitor the progression of stem cell        ing from the latest Kempner Fund contri-        will be granted in January. For information,
benefit local kids                                                                              bution are the Graduate School of               contact Kathy Bass at (409) 747-1935, or
                                                therapy experiments in her laboratory.
Gently worn coats, sweaters, jackets, caps,                                                     Biomedical Sciences Early Admission             via email at
                                                Known as a confocal microscope, the
warm-ups (all sizes) and children’s books                                                       Program, the Summer Undergraduate
                                                instrument filters out-of-focus fluorescent
are needed for area youth.
                                                light as it scans lasers across a specimen,     Research Program, the Telehealth                Flu shots available
Drop off sites are available on the UTMB        creating thin-sliced images. Researchers        Outcomes Research Partnership with the
campus in John Sealy Hospital, the School                                                       Center for Information Technology               for employees
                                                can view fine structures and detailed inter-
of Allied Health Sciences and Nursing                                                           Leadership, the Mental Health Services          If you’ve missed your opportunities for flu
                                                actions between grafted stem cells and sur-
Building, Lipton Tea Building and Shearn                                                        for Teen Clinic Using Telepsychiatry (see       shots, you can still get one in the General
                                                rounding host cells in three-dimensions
Moody Plaza.                                                                                    related story on Page 3), and the Program       Clinical Research Center. Employees and
                                                when scanning these thin sections.                                                              UTMB retirees are eligible to receive their
                                                                                                for Health Disparities, 3-Share Plan.
Items can be dropped off in labeled bins        In addition to the microscope, the Cullen                                                       shots at the center on the fifth floor of
Nov. 6–10. Items will be distributed to area    Foundation’s support of a postdoctoral fel-     “UTMB and the Harris and Eliza                  John Sealy Hospital, from 3–6 p.m.
youth on Nov. 13 from 2–6 p.m. at the           low position for Wu’s research team will        Kempner Fund have maintained a long-            Monday–Friday and 10 p.m.–4 a.m.
Island Community Center.                        augment the group’s ability to extract valu-    standing relationship that’s been dedicated     Sunday–Thursday.
                                                able data from the stem cell study. The         to the health and well-being of Galveston’s
For information, call (409) 744-6566 or
                                                postdoctoral fellow, Louis Ojeda, recently      citizens,” said UTMB President John D.
(409) 740-0454.
                                                earned his Ph.D. degree and is playing a        Stobo. “This latest contribution from the                       OF NOTE
                                                key role in finding ways to increase the        Kempner Fund reveals how fortunate we           Paula Albrecht, a CMC nurse working at
Cullen gift benefits                            survival rates of transplanted cells, ensur-    are to have a supporter so committed to         Giddings State School, was honored by the
stem cell research                              ing that stem cells integrate properly with
                                                                                                our core mission of patient care, education     Texas Department of State Health
                                                                                                and biomedical research.”                       Services for the greatest increase in the
A $500,000 grant from the Cullen                surrounding neurons and studying the
Foundation will support neurological stem       potential long-term functional recovery fol-                                                    number of vaccines administered in Lee
cell research at UTMB by funding the pur-       lowing stem cell therapy.                       American Cancer Society                         County, Texas. TDSHS Regional Public
chase of an advanced microscope and sup-                                                        grants now available                            Health Representative Lynn Ponsonby
                                                “I want to thank the Cullen Foundation                                                          presented Albrecht with a plaque in recog-
porting a postdoctoral fellow who assists in
                                                for helping equip me with state-of-the-art      Funds from the American Cancer Society          nition and appreciation of a job well done.
the studies to optimize stem cell therapy.
                                                resources and personnel that will be need-      are available to UTMB investigators con-        During her career with UTMB-CMC,
The grant supports the innovative research      ed for this research endeavor to succeed,”      ducting research on cancer related issues.      Albrecht has been responsible for obtain-
of Dr. Ping Wu, the John S. Dunn                Wu said. “The Cullen Confocal                   The primary purpose of this program is to       ing past immunization records and keeping
Distinguished Chair in Neurological             Microscope and Cullen Postdoctoral              provide “seed” money to support junior          immunizations current for all students
Recovery and a faculty member in                Fellow position are very welcome addi-          faculty who are interested in problems that
UTMB’s Marine Biomedical Institute and          tions to this program.”                         relate to cancer.                                                      See BRIEFS on Page 15

14        October 2006                                                   Volume 30, Number 10
Shabot receives award for contributions to gastroenterology
Dr. Marc Shabot, professor of gastroen-                               for,” said Dr. Jay         mental and academic activities. Described        American College of Physicians. He was
terology, has been recognized for his signif-                         Pasricha, director of      by his colleagues as passionate for the prac-    the first Galveston physician to be elected
icant contributions to the field of gastroen-                         the UTMB Division of       tice of medicine as a clinician and teacher,     governor of the ACP, a position in which
terology by the Texas Society for                                     Gastroenterology, “He      Shabot has served on more than 40 institu-
                                                                                                                                                  he served from 1999 to 2003. He also
Gastroenterology and Endoscopy. Shabot                                is a very loyal, long-     tional committees involving patient care or
was presented with the Marcel Patterson-                              standing member of         medical education. He served as director of      served as a counselor for the TSGE
Robert Nelson Award recently at the soci-                             the faculty at UTMB        clinical gastroenterology from 1997 to 2001      Governing Board of Counselors from 1989
ety’s annual meeting in San Antonio. As                               and has contributed to     and was responsible for organizing the           to 1996 and a member of the TSGE pro-
the Texas Society for Gastroenterology and                            many of its missions       UTMB Department of Internal Medicine             gram committee from 1989 to 1997.
                                                  Dr. Marc Shabot
Endoscopy’s highest award, it honors gas-                             including excellence in    Alumni Society in 1991. He organized the
troenterologists who make exceptional                                 clinical care and educa-   UTMB Colon Cancer Screening and                  Shabot said he was flattered to receive the
contributions to the field of GI. Nelson          tion. This award appears to be particularly    Prevention Program in 1997, an effort he         award and expressed his pride for being a
was the society’s first president, serving        appropriate as Dr. Patterson was a very        continues to spearhead. He is currently          part of the UTMB Division of
from 1976 to1978; Patterson, former direc-        well known and distinguished chief of gas-     vice chair of alumni affairs and develop-        Gastroenterology.
tor of the UTMB Division of                       troenterology at UTMB.”                        ment for the Department of Internal
Gastroenterology and founder of the                                                              Medicine. In 2004, he was named the              “I have no doubt that we’re the best GI
                                                  Shabot joined the faculty at UTMB after
UTMB Department of Family Medicine,                                                              Raymond L. Gregory Professor of                  division in the state and one of the best in
                                                  completing his graduate medical education
was president from 1982 to 1983.                                                                 Medicine.                                        the nation,” he said. “The quality of
                                                  at the institution in 1978. Since then his
“Marc Shabot exemplifies what the                 role has been divided between teaching,        Shabot is also active in professional organi-    everything in GI has continued to rise
Department of Medicine at UTMB stands             patient care and administration of depart-     zations including the TSGE and the               because we have tremendous talent.”

BRIEFS from Page 14                                                                                                                               County. The United Board of Health is a
assigned to Giddings State School.                                                                                                                thirteen member policy-making board
                                                                                                                                                  responsible for ten essential public health
                                                                                                                                                  functions in Galveston County. Its mem-
Dr. Tasnee Chonmaitree, professor of                                                                                                              bers review and set policy for the
pediatrics and pathology, received                                                                    New Zealand scholar                         Galveston County Health District.
“Clinical Infectious Diseases Award for                                                               delivers Leake lecture
Outstanding Review” from Clinical                                                                     Institute for the Medical Humanities        “Communities in Schools” requested that
Infectious Diseases, an official publication of                                                       director Howard Brody (right) with          the Center for Addiction Research
the Infectious Diseases Society of America.                                                           bioethicist Donald Evans of New             present the “Science of Addiction and the
The journal also invited her to write an                                                              Zealand’s University of Otago. Evans        Brain.” Case managers from each school
editorial commentary for the article she                                                              delivered the Elizabeth and Chauncey
                                                                                                                                                  were in attendance for the presentation by
reviewed. Her commentary titled “Acute                                                                Leake Lecture in the History of Medicine
                                                                                                                                                  Dr. Patsy Seitz and Eliza Quigley. The
otitis media is not a pure bacterial disease”                                                         on September 20, speaking on the topic of
                                                                                                      “Nanotechnology, Health and Ethics.”        basic science of addiction as a brain disease
is scheduled to be published with the arti-                                                                                                       and how this affects adolescents, their fam-
cle in the Dec. 15 issue.                                                                                                                         ilies, and the environment were discussed.
                                                                                                 AONE’s mission is to represent nurse
                                                                                                 leaders who improve healthcare.                  This community outreach and collabora-
                                                  Dr. Frederick Huang, assistant professor                                                        tive effort was a direct result of the Mayor’s
Dr. Kathryn Cunningham, Chauncey                  and director for the division of hematology
Leake Distinguished Professor of                                                                                                                  Roundtable.
                                                  and oncology in the Department of              Dr. Elizabeth Protas, chair of physical
Pharmacology and the Director of the              Pediatrics, and Janis Matthews, director
UTMB Center for Addiction Research was                                                           therapy, recently received the Herbert H.
                                                  for child life and school services, recently                                                    Dr. Barbara Thompson, professor and
the Keynote Speaker at the Vanderbilt                                                            deVries Award for Distinguished Research
                                                  delivered a lecture on the needs of child-                                                      chairman of family medicine, was appoint-
University 10th annual Neuroscience                                                              in the Field of Aging for 2007. The award
                                                  hood cancer survivors returning to school.                                                      ed as an ex-officio (non-voting) member of
Retreat. The topic of her presentation was                                                       will be presented at the council’s annual
                                                  The free “Welcome Back” program was                                                             the 4C’s Governing Board. The board sets
“Serotonin 5-HT2A and 5-HT2C                                                                     conference in Baltimore, Md., in March
                                                  sponsored by the Leukemia and                                                                   policy for Galveston County’s two federal-
Receptors: Targets for Modulation of              Lymphoma Society, and included informa-        2007. The annual award is presented by
                                                                                                                                                  ly-funded 4C’s Clinics that provide dis-
Psychostimulant Use and Dependence.”              tion for educations about the cognitive late   the Council of Aging and Adult
                                                                                                                                                  counted healthcare services to Galveston
Cunningham also recently hosted the 68th          effects of childhood cancer treatment to       Development, part of the American                County residents.
Annual Scientific Meeting of the College          improve children’s transition from clinic to   Association for Active Lifestyles and
on Problems of Drug Dependence in                 classroom.                                     Fitness. The award recognizes individuals
Scottsdale, Ariz., as president, which was                                                       who have made significant contributions in       Dr. Pamela G. Watson, chief academic
attended by 1,500 scientists. CPDD serves                                                        the area of gerontological research. Protas’     officer as well as dean and professor of nurs-
as an interface among governmental,               David Marshall was elected to a two-year       research focuses on geriatrics, rehabilita-      ing, recently began a two-year term on the
industrial and academic communities               term on the American Organization of           tion of adults with stroke, Parkinson’s dis-     board of a regional council that works to
maintaining liaisons with regulatory and          Nurse Executives Board of Directors. The       ease and spinal cord injury.                     increase diversity among nursing faculty
research agencies as well as educational,         American Organization of Nurse                                                                  and to end the nationwide nursing shortage.
treatment, and prevention facilities in the       Executives (AONE), a subsidiary of the                                                          Watson joined the board of the Southern
drug abuse field. It also functions as a col-     American Hospital Association is a national    Dr. Ben Raimer, vice chair of community          Regional Education Board’s Council on
laborating center of the World Health             organization of over 5,000 nurses who          outreach, will continue as vice chair of the     Collegiate Education for Nursing during the
Organization.                                     design, facilitate, and manage care.           United Board of Health for Galveston             council’s annual meeting.

                                                                                                                          Volume 30, Number 10                  October 2006                 15
Anderson appointed to top medical school position
Dr. Garland D. Anderson was selected                               tions, his research cre-    examples of formidable leadership,             Texas. These clinics have more than
dean of the School of Medicine, effective                          dentials are impres-        Anderson said.                                 300,000 patient visits annually.
immediately.                                                       sive.” Anderson is rec-
                                                                                               “It is my hope that I can lead the School of   Anderson served as chairman of UTMB’s
                                                                   ognized for his study
Anderson, who was serving as interim                                                           Medicine with equal vision and determina-      medical service, research and development
                                                                   of adult consequences
dean, has led UTMB’s Department of                                                             tion,” he said.                                plan from 1990 to 1994. Under his leader-
                                                                   of fetal disease and in
Obstetrics and Gynecology for 17 years.                                                                                                       ship, the group increased collections from
                                                                   finding ways to reduce      Anderson came to UTMB in 1989 from
During his tenure, the department has                                                                                                         $34 million to $70 million and secured $8
                                                                   racial disparities in       the University of Tennessee College of
consistently ranked among the top 20 in                                                                                                       million in reimbursements for clinical
                                               Dr. Garland         pregnancy outcomes.         Medicine where he served as professor,
National Institutes of Health research                                                                                                        departments for indigent care services. As
                                               Anderson             “I am humbled and          director of resident education, and chief of   chairman of the plan, Anderson was
funding, and most recently was ranked
                                                                    honored by the oppor-      the Division of Maternal and Fetal             responsible for UTMB’s primary care clin-
fourth in the nation. He holds the Jennie
                                               tunity to lead the School of Medicine at        Medicine in the Department of Obstetrics       ics, management of University Hospital
Sealy Smith Distinguished Chair in
                                               this pivotal time,” Anderson said.              and Gynecology. He earned his medical          clinics and the physicians billing service.
Obstetrics and Gynecology.
                                                                                               degree from the University of Tennessee        He also instituted cost saving measures
“The appointment of Garland Anderson as        “Our situation is not without parallel in       College of Medicine and completed resi-        that resulted in a rebate of $4 million to
dean is a significant step for UTMB,”          UTMB history,” he added. “In 1891, Dr.          dency training at the University of Texas      the appropriate medical departments dur-
Stobo said. “He is a demonstrated leader,      John Fannin Paine, our first dean of medi-      Health Science Center in Houston fol-          ing a two-year period.
clinician and educator with the ability to     cine, said: ‘We are in the dawn of a new era    lowed by a fellowship in Maternal-Fetal
think creatively about how we can success-     of history in medicine in this country and      Medicine at the University of Louisville       A strong advocate for women’s and chil-
fully fulfill our many missions in today’s     our regents, imbued with a spirit of patriot-   School of Medicine.                            dren’s health, Anderson is active in his pro-
health care environment.”                      ism, professionalism, pride and progress,                                                      fession at the national level. He is a fellow
                                               have organized this school….in line with        At UTMB, Anderson expanded a 12-clinic         of the American College of Obstetricians
“Dr. Anderson also brings a deep commit-       leading medical colleges…..Its standards        satellite program into the Obstetrics and      and Gynecologists, has served as board
ment to the study and practice of medi-        shall never trail in the dust.’”                Gynecology Department’s Regional               member and president of the Society of
cine, and the ability to bring about greater                                                   Maternal and Child Health Program, an          Maternal and Fetal Medicine, and is the
                                               Dean Paine and Dean William Spencer
cooperation, accountability, and innova-                                                       outreach network of 30 clinic sites that       current president of the Council of
                                               Carter—who led the growth of UTMB
tion,” Stobo said. “As the author and co-                                                      serve woman and children from more than        University Chairs in Obstetrics and
                                               after the storms of 1900 and 1915—are
author of more than 102 scientific publica-                                                    123 counties in South, Southeast and East      Gynecology.

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                                                                                                                                                                 U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                             Galveston, TX 77555
    The University of Texas Medical Branch                                                                                                                       Permit No. 5
      Office of University Advancement
           301 University Boulevard
        Galveston, Texas 77555-0144
          Telephone (409) 772-2618

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