LABOR NOTES INDEX (2004 – 2006)

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					                        LABOR TALK - Topic INDEX
   General Subjects:

       Why This Newsletter? (October 2006)
       GSA Federal Supply Schedules and Labor Standards – “Buyer Beware” (July 2007)
       Electronic Wage Determinations for Contract Writing Systems (July 2007)
       Fair Labor Standards Act – Minimum Wage Increase (July 2007)
       Diving Services Wage Determinations (October 2007)
       Question: What is a “loaded rate” and how do I determine whether it is reasonable? (October 2007)
       Contractor Labor/Management Relations (April 2008)
       NMCAG Rescinded – Key Information now Back in NMCARS (June 2008)
       Task/Delivery Orders and Labor Standards (October 2008)
       Statement of Equivalent Rates – Fringe Benefit Values (October 2008)
       Increase in Fair Labor Standards Act Minimum Wage (October 2008)
       E-Verify (verification of employment eligibility) and its impact on government contracts (February 2009)
       New Obama Administration Executive Orders on labor standards provisions (February 2009)

   Service Contract Act

       New SCA Directory of Occupations (October 2006)
       Question: RE – Impact of SCA Directory Change on Price Adjustments (October 2006)
       Does the SCA Apply to Your Contract? (January 2007)
       Archived WDs (January 2007)
       Question: RE – Subcontractor CBAs under the SCA (January 2007)
       Service Contract Act Health and Welfare Fringe Benefit Increases (May 2007)
       Question: Contract Specific Wage Determinations – Divers Example (May 2007)
       Updating Wage Determinations (SCA) (July 2007)
       Brand New Collective Bargaining Agreement? (July 2007)
       Statement of Equivalent Rates (% Increase by OMB) (July 2007)
       Question: WD Changes During the Period of Performance? (July 2007)
       Review of Collective Bargaining Agreements (October 2007)
       SCA “Conformance” – What is it and Why Should I Care? (October 2007)
       NIB/NISH Contracts and SCA Conformance (October 2007)
       New Service Contract Act Exemptions of “Certain Services” (April 2008)
       Collective Bargaining Agreement-based WD and DOL Standard WD in the Same Contract (April 2008)
       Service Contract Act Health and Welfare Fringe Benefit Increases (June 2008)
       Do You Know Where Your SCA Wage Determination Is? (How to find correct SCA WDs) (June 2008)
       Question -- “Health and Welfare” Contract Costs under SCA WDs (June 2008)
       SCA Price Adjustment Tool – Call for Volunteers for Testing (June 2008)
       Creation of Collective Bargaining Agreement-Based WDs – CBA Term Longer than 1-Year (June 2008)
       SCA Price Adjustments – What to Look for – A Bakers Dozen of Common Errors (October 2008)
       Question – Handling Statement of Equivalent Rate Requirements under FAR 52.222-42 (October 2008)
       SCA – “Connecting the Dots” – A detailed discussion of how separate piece of the SCA regulations
                fit together (February 2009)
       Question – How collective bargaining affects SCA-covered contracts (February 2009)
   Davis-Bacon Act

       Classes of Employees Not Listed on WD (Conformance) (January 2007)
       Do You Know Who Your Subcontractors Are? (SF-1413) (January 2007)
       Child Labor in Construction – Warning (May 2007)
       Selecting the Correct General Decision WD for Your Contract (May 2007)
       DOL Opinion Letter: RE Construction Superintendents (July 2007)
       Updating DBA Wage Determinations? (July 2007)
       DBA Applicability – Basic and in “non-construction” contracts (October 2007)
       Disposition of Withheld Funds –General Accountability Office Instruction (October 2007)
       Employee Interviews and job site visits (April 2008)
       General Schedule Wage Determinations Published (June 2008)
       Do You Know Where Your Wage Determination Is? (DBA Version) (How to Obtain Correct WDs) (June 2008)
       DBA Applicability to Installation Support Contracts/Work Orders (October 2008)
       Why government contracting officers are responsible for Davis-Bacon Act enforcement (February 2009)
       Coming regulatory changes – Removal of the requirement to include SS#s & addresses on
               Certified Payroll records (February 2009)

   Miscellaneous

       “Extra” Federal Leave Days and Contractor Employees (January 2007) & (February 2009)
       Who Is the “Cop on the Beat” for Labor Standards? [Enforcement] (January 2007)
       Guam – Repeal of Prohibition Against Alien Non-Immigrant Labor (January 2007)
       “WDOL” is “Official” (May 2007)
       EEO Minority Goals for Construction Contracts (May 2007)
       Question – What is a “Loaded Rate” and how do I determine whether it is reasonable? (Oct 2007)
       Extraordinary Federal Leave Days and Contractor Employees (April 2008)
       Forms Used for Labor Standards Issues (October 2008)
       Crosswalk (FAR labor provisions with code of federal regulations comparisons) (Feb2009)