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									Prepaid Credit Cards and Secured Credit Cards
If you have credit challenge one of the best ways to reestablish good
credit is through prepaid or secured credit cards. Responsible people
that once had good credit can take important steps to better their credit
score by using these two types of cards. They have become very popular by
a growing segment of the population.
Cardholders that use this method will deposit a sum that usually exceeds
the stated credit limit established by the issuer. This serves to create
a good payment record which is critical in rebuilding your credit rating.
If payment is not made the issuer can take funds from the account and is
protected. One might ask "if I have the funds, why use a credit card?"
Remember, we are trying to improve our credit score and this is an
excellent method to achieve that goal.
A prepaid credit card is similar to a secured card but in reality is not
a credit card at all. A prepaid credit card acts more like a debit card,
funds are taken from a prepaid deposit. One advantage over a secured card
is there is no preset limit. You may deposit any amount in the account
and draw up to that amount. Repairing bad credit is the goal here and
many issuers offer these cards because of their low risk. Set up fees and
monthly fees may apply so survey the market. Watch the fee structure so
you do not end paying a large percentage in annual fees. The fine print
is sometimes over looked by a consumer but in this case it should be
closely read.
These types of cards are excellent for responsible high school students
and college students away from home. Spending can be controlled and the
student has a leg up on establishing credit. Your son or daughter will be
very thankful you helped them do this after they graduate and apply for a
standard card.
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