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									Wasp Sailors compete in Copenhagen, Denmark                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
PR XX-06                                                             October 26, 2006

By MC2 Katie Earley
COPENHAGEN DENMARK -- Despite the rain, wind and cold, Sailors from the multi-
purpose amphibious assault ship USS Wasp (LHD 1) showed up in full force Oct. 24 for
a soccer match pitting their command team against FA 2000, Copenhagen’s amateur
local team. The Wasp team, which has not had much field time after coming off a
humanitarian mission off the coast of Lebanon, showed up in high spirits, ready to show
their skill, and showcase the talent.
        “It was a fair game, and the team was very nice,” said ABH3 Roland Ross.
ABH3 Wences Partida, the only member from the Wasp team to score a goal in their 7 to
1 loss, agreed. “If conditions were better, we would have played better, but overall it was
a good experience.”
        The ship’s MWR coordinator, Staci Dietrich, was responsible for the coordination
of the game, contacting the Copenhagen Athletic Director to arrange the details. All
Dietrich had to do was ask if anyone would be interested in playing against the team of
WASP sailors, and the city of Copenhagen quickly responded.
        “Since we are underway during the regular season for the soccer team, any time
we can get a game set up for them is always appreciated,” said Dietrich “Playing against
a Semi-Pro European team, where soccer is a more readily recognized sport, gave them a
great opportunity to play and learn new strategies in the sport.”
        The soccer match was played at night in Fredricksburg arena, one of the city’s
many local soccer pitches. “It was fun,” said FA 2000’s team captain Stein Sorenson.
“The Wasp team is ok!” Team Coach Goern Oldbjerg said “it’s fun to play against them,
and the Wasp team is playing ok.” Even though the final score was FA 2000, 7, and
Wasp team, 1 the experience that all of the players took away will last long after the score
is forgotten.
        “Each port visit is an opportunity for our Sailors to gain a better understanding of
our host nation, their culture and customs,” said Capt. Michael D. Hawley, Commanding
Officer USS Wasp. “Our interactions foster better understanding and present unique
opportunities to build lasting friendships with foreign countries.”

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