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									Credit Cards With 0% Interest
Credit card issuers often offer unique deals and special interest rates
as "teasers" to talk consumers in to taking out credit with their
companies. For example, finding credit cards with 0% interest is not
difficult, but the problem is that these credit cards with 0% interest
never last. The interest rate is eventually going to shoot up, and if you
have a balance on your card, you will suddenly find yourself paying
exorbitant costs in interest that you could have avoided by using your
credit card more wisely. Before you jump on the bandwagon, taking
advantage of teaser rates and introductory offers because they sound so
great, it is important that you come to understand what it means to have
credit cards with 0% interest, as well as how long it will last and what
will happen once the 0% interest rate wears off.
The first thing that you need to understand is what is being offered when
it comes to credit cards with 0% interest. A 0% interest rate credit card
is simply a teaser rate or introductory offer that is offered to get you
to apply for the card and build up a balance on it. At some point, the
introductory offer is going to end. After the introductory period ends,
however, the credit card will suddenly revert back to its original
interest rate. If you are caught with a balance at this point, you have
to pay that interest rate. You can suddenly find yourself paying anywhere
from 6.99% to 29.99% if not more, depending on the card issuer and your
current balance.
If you maxed your credit card out, you will suddenly be paying interest
on that entire balance. If instead you keep your balances low on credit
cards with 0% interest, when the interest rate reverts back, you will not
be contending with nearly as much money in interest rate. The money that
you save in interest can be money in your pocket, but only if you treat
your credit cards with 0% interest right and take advantage of them using
a sound money management strategy. Do not just max your credit cards with
0% interest out because you think you do not have to pay interest - This
is never the case. You absolutely will have to pay interest eventually,
and if you are not careful, this can really come back to bite you in the
long run. has many credit card offers including 0% APR
balance transfer credit cards.

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