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Credit Card Application Processing


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									Credit Card Application Processing
Credit card application processing refers to data capturing, checking and
verification. Reviewing and processing of a paper-based credit card
application normally takes less than one week. But an online application
is processed in less than two minutes. Once sanctioned, it normally takes
a week to 10 days to obtain your credit card. It is important to note
that there are application processing fees.
A credit card application processing system is tailored to meet the needs
of your application processing requirements. There are manual and
automated application processing systems. Many banks and financial
agencies use manual solutions for handling the application, billing,
payment and other functions. But the manual processing has some
disadvantages such as extended application turnaround time, nonsystematic
means of credit decisions, and inconsistent credit limit.
Automated systems are designed to automate the basic application
processing and sanction process for the credit card business. Several
software packages are available for automated processing services. Their
common characteristics of automated processing include handling of paper-
based or web-based applications, data capture and validation, exporting
of data onto credit scoring platforms, archiving and storage of
applications, safe online review and approval processes, and a mailroom
facility for accepting, de-enveloping and sorting applications.
Credit card applications are available on the Internet. Many sales
executives also provide them. Filling out an application is not a
difficult task. You just need to complete several fields for which you
already know the details such as name, address, annual income,
occupation, etc. If you fill out all the required information, then there
is no chance of rejecting the application by the issuer.
The credit rating is the most significant part of the application
processing. A credit rating is maintained by the credit card bureaus, and
it depends on the information received from various credit issuers over a
period of time. A bad rating results in the rejection of the credit card
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