The History of Medicine

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					The History of Medicine
The practice of medicine has been around for centuries. Whether it is
used for witchcraft or wizardry or just for the sole purpose of healing;
medicine has been a mainstay in the survival of humankind. Medicine is
simply defined as the art and science of healing. Practicing medicine
involves treating and preventing disease and illness of humans. Medicine
treats and prevents disease and illness through medication, surgery and
various types of therapy.
The practice of medicine has been going on for hundreds of years. The
first medicines were plants, animal parts and minerals. Medicine was
practiced early on by shamans, priests and people known as medicine men.
The practice of using plants as medicine is known as herbal healing.
Herbal healing is still performed today. The Greeks, Egyptians and the
Chinese are some of the first civilizations to experiment in the field of
Medicinal practices have become incredibly advanced over the past hundred
years or so. X-rays, MRIs, CT Scans and more testing procedures have been
invented. These tests allow doctors and nurses to see the inside of a
patient's body and their organs. Doctors can diagnose an illness such as
bronchitis or a disease such as cancer. They can find where a bone is
broken or where cartilage is torn and then tailor treatment accordingly.
The advancement of medicine over the years has also helped to save
numerous amounts of lives. During the United States Civil War, many
soldiers would have a limb or two amputated because of their battlefield
injuries. If they survived the surgery, which took place in an open
hospital (not in separate rooms), the injury would become infected with
gout or other infections. Most of the soldiers that were operated on
would die of an infection only days or months later. Medicine was not
advanced enough yet to figure out how to successfully perform surgery
without causing infection.
Medicinal practices have helped to develop treatments for cancer,
diabetes and heart disease. Medicine is still working on cures for
diabetes and cancer but with continued research will come close within
the next 10 years or so. Doctors are now able to pinpoint the exact
location of an illness or a disease and what medicines to use to deter
the effects of the illness or disease.
One of the biggest advancements in medicine was the development of
penicillin. It was developed in 1928 by Sir Alexander Fleming of
Scotland. Penicillin is used to cure tonsillitis, pharyngitis and some
skin infections. It is also used to treat gonorrhea, syphilis and
Millions of people have been saved by the advancements of medicine and
will continue to be as more and more developments are made in the field
of medicine. These advancements can be minute or they could be larger
than life like a cure for cancer. If doctors and scientists hadn't put
their time and effort into developing new kinds of medicine then drugs
like penicillin might not have ever been invented. Medicines are used to
control heart problems, headaches, stomach diseases and sleep disorders
to name a few.
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