ADOPTION AND ADAPTATION

                           The 2nd SSEASR Conference
                           May 24-27, 2007, Nakhonpathom,Thailand

                                       co-sponsored as a

    Regional Conference by International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR)

                                           hosted by

Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development, Mahidol University, Thailand
                                      in collaboration with

             Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, Mahidol University

                             Mahamakut Buddhist University

                        Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University

                    H. R. H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
                                Graciously presides over

                  The Opening Ceremony of the SSEASR Conference

                                Thursday May 24, 2007

08:00         -    The participants and guests assemble at the Main Conference Room.

09.00         -     Her Royal Highness arrives at the Institute of Language and Culture
                    for Rural Development, Mahidol University, Salaya, Nakhon Pathom.

              -    Her Royal Highness is greeted by the Governor of Nakhon Pathom,
                   and the Executives of Mahidol University.

              -    Her Royal Highness is presented with ceremonial garlands by the
                   Governor’s wife, Vice-President of Mahidol University and the
                   Director of the Institute of Language and Culture for Rural
-   Her Royal Highness enters the Main Conference Room and remains
    seated on the stage.

-   Assoc. Prof. Sophana Srichampa, Director of the Institute of Language
    and Culture for Rural Development, Mahidol University presents Her
    Royal Highness with the Conference schedule.

-   Prof. Pornchai Matangkasombut, President of Mahidol University,
    delivers a report to Her Royal Highness.

-   Prof. Rosalind Hackett, President of the International Association for
    the History of Religions (IAHR), introduces IAHR and the
    establishment of SSEASR.

-   Assoc. Prof. Amarjiva Lochan, President of South and Southeast
    Association for the Study of Culture and Religion (SSEASR) introduces
    the SSEASR and the conference.

-   Assoc. Prof. Sophana Srichampa, Director of the Institute of Language
    and Culture for Rural Development, Mahidol University, introduces
    the recipients of commemorative plaques.

-   Her Royal Highness confers the commemorative plaques upon the

-   Her Royal Highness pronounces the Opening of the Conference.

-   Her Royal Highness tours the Exhibition.

-   Her Royal Highness departs.
10:00-10:30                               Keynote Speech

                                         Prof. Anthony Reid,

                Director, Asian Research Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore

                              Religious Pluralism in the Asian Context

Coffee Break 10:30-10:45

10:45 – 12:45                       SPECIAL SYMPOSIUM

                                 KINGSHIP AND RELIGION
                                Venue: Main Conference Room

 Chair: Assist. Prof. Dr. Prapod Assavavirulhakarn, Chulalongkorn University,
                               Bangkok THAILAND

        Moderator: Dr. Amarjiva Lochan, University of Delhi, Delhi, INDIA

       1.   Prof. A.G. Menon, Kern Indological Institute, University of Leiden, Leiden, the Netherlands

                         Gods as Kings and Kings as Gods

       2.   Ven. Dr Lungtaen Gyatso, Director, Institute of Language and Cultural Studies, Bhutan

                         King, Leadership, and the Peoples: the Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan

       3. Prof. Michael Zimmermann, Dept of Religious Studies, Stanford University, USA

                         Conceptions of Buddhist Kingship in South Asia

       4. H.E. Thanpuying Putri Viravaidya, His Majesty’s Dy. Principal Private Secretary, Thailand

                          Kingship and Religion in Thailand

       5. Prof.Tri Ratna Manandhar, Dean, Fac. Humanities, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

                     Kingship and Religion in Nepal: A Historical Perspective

Lunch Break 12:45-13:30
Note: Persons from Buddhist monastic order would have lunch available from 11:30.

Jewel of Suvannaphum            13:30-14:00

A movie by Reinhard Hohler(Heidelberg University, Germany) on the Emerald Buddha image, Thailand
                         ACADEMIC PLENARY SESSION             14:00-15:30

Venue :   Main Conference Room (200) 2nd floor
                                          PLENARY SESSION I

Chair: Prof. K. Sankarnarayan, Director, KJ Somaiya Institute for Buddhist Studies, Mumbai, INDIA

                                 Prof. Yoneo Ishii ( Tokyo, Japan)
Speaker 1                        Syncretic Existence of Thai Buddhism
                                 Bhikkhuni Dhammananda (Bangkok, Thailand)
Speaker 2                        Women’s Role in preserving Religion and Culture
                                 Prof. Rosalind I.J. Hackett (Tennessee, USA)
Speaker 3                        Proselytization Revisited: Rights Talk, Free Markets, and Culture Wars
Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sophana Srichampa, Director, Institute of Language and Culture for Rural
           Development, Mahidol University, THAILAND

Coffee Break 15:30-15:45


Venue:    Meeting Room 1-2 (223-224) 2nd Floor
                             Syncretic Systems in South and Southeast Asia I

Chair :     Prof. Ratna Lahiri, Director, Habiart Foundation, New Delhi, INDIA

Catherine Ludvik                 Exchanging the Manuscript and Vina for Weapons: Sarasvati as a
Kyoto, JAPAN                     Defender of the Dharma
Todd Lewis                       Hindu-Buddhist Relations the Kathmandu Valley: Newar Buddhist
Worcester, Ma, USA               Syncretism?
Tran Ky-Phuong                   The Cultural Heritage of Champa Kingdom in Central Vietnam: Evidences
Danang, VIET NAM                 of the interaction of the trade and the religion between South and East
                                 Asia in the past
Felicity Lehmann                 A TSUNAMI MIRACLE: An Example of the Syncretic Nature of Sinhalese
Canberra, AUSTRALIA              Catholicism in Sri Lanka
Ratna Lahiri                     Paradigms of Buddhist and Hindu syncretism : as illustrated by the Râma
New Delhi, INDIA                 story in the folk lore of Southern Philippines, and the significant
                                 Archeological find of the Golden Mānavajrini in Mindanao
Floro C. Quibuyen                St. Peter, the Chinese Dragon, and the Oblation: The Hermeneutics of
and Jaymee T. Siao               Anting-Anting. Towards a syncretic interpretation of good and evil in
Quezon City,                     Asian and Austronesian cultural traditions
Aphilak Kasempholkoon            The Buddha Image Myth and the Pra-sri-ariya-mettrai-wat-lai Mythical
Nakhonpathom, THAILAND           Legend Making (Thai)
Indah Widiastuti                 Hindu-Islam Syncretism in Dwelling Culture of Traditional Vernacular
Bandung, INDONESIA               Village (Kampung Adat) in Java and Bali Indonesia

Venue:   Seminar Room 5 (514) 5th Floor
                                          Women and Religion I

Chair: Prof. Jiemin Bao, Anthropology Department, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA

Prem Saran                      Women in Eastern Indian Buddhism: An Axiological Model of South Asian
Guwahati, INDIA                 Culture and its Southeast Asian Interface
Mo Mo Thant                     Myanmar Women’s Achievements in (Buddhist) Religious Endeavours
Jonathan Zilberg                The Indonesian Playboy Debacle
Samina Sultana                  Religion and Women in Ancient and early Medieval Bengal
Taniya Shah                     Religion, Conception & Practice among Prostitutes: A case study of
Islamabad, PAKISTAN             Multan Red Light Area in Pakistan
Nguyen Tran Tien                Gender in Hinduism in Southeast Asia
Kapil Babu Dahal                Widowhood, Religion and Adaptation: Displaced War widows in Nepal on
Lalitpur, NEPAL                 the Crossroads of Change

Ir. Ivanovich Agusta            Empowering Kinship to Counter Control on Family Discourse in Indonesia


Venue:   Seminar Room 3 (316) 3rd floor
                             Religion and Music: Symbols of Synthesis?

Chair: Dr. John Solt, Edwin O. Reischauer Institute, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA

R. Anderson Sutton              East-West Syncretism in the Music of Indonesia: From Javanese Marches
Madison, USA                    to Ethno-jazz Fusion
Chingchai Vichitkul             Cultural Symbolism in Ceremony for Respecting Thai Classical Music
Nakhonpathom,THAILAND           Masters
Nopporn Dansakun                An Analysis of The Thai Country Music Composed by Juliam Kingthong
Songkhla, THAILAND              (Thai)
Jintana Thanwawiwat             The KHIM in Thai Culture: Adoption and Adaptation (Thai)
Monthien Runghiran              Keng, Hmong Reed Organ, and Its Roles in Funeral Rituals in Thailand
U-Thairat Tippawan              Roles of Djat Musical Instrument in Mien's ritual (Thai)


Venue:   Conference Room 5 (515) 5th floor
                                  Religion: Violence and Dialogue I

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amon Saengmanee, Institute of Language and Culture for Rural
         Development, Mahidol University, THAILAND

Ravi Kumar                      Ancient Wisdom vis-à-vis Global Terrorism: Ways to Tackle as reflected
New Delhi, INDIA                in the Indian Classical Literature
Ana Maria T. Labrador           Ruptures in Faith: Interventions and Negotiations of Colonisers with
Quezon City,THE PHILIPPINES     Indigenous Religions in the Philippine Cordilleras
Iik Arifin Mansurnoor           Resurrecting the Pristine Religious Teaching:
BRUNEI DARUSSALAM               Southeast Asian Muslims and Attempts to Tame the Militant Onslaught”
Joon Sik Hwang                  The Tale of Two Cities
Tempe, AZ, USA
Aruna Gopinatth                 The Moros in South Philippines: Peace Process as a Tool in Conflict
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA          Resolution
Suwilai Premsrirat              Language for National Reconciliation: Planning Mother Tongue-Based
and Mirinda Burarungrot         Bilingual Education for Muslim Malay Speaking Children in Thailand’s
Nakhonpathom, THAILAND          Deep South
Hafeez-ur Rehman                Religion and Human Rights
Islamabad, PAKISTAN


Venue:   Seminar Room 1 (314) 3rd Floor
                                  Tradition vis-à-vis Globalisation

Chair: Dr. Michel Despland, Department of Religion, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Jude Gonsalvez                  Coexistence and Hybridization: The Metamorphosis of Traditions in a
Bridgewater, MA, USA            Globalized World
N. B. Biswas                    Education in South and South-East Asia in Response to Globalization
Silchar, Assam, INDIA
Chonhatai Songrum
                                Role of Museum in Globalization (Thai)
M.I.M. Ismath Ramzy             Attaining Peace via Mosaic of Culture in South and South East Asia
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Jinabodhi Bhikkhu               Buddhist World Peace & Human Rights
S. M. Pandya                    The Humane and Compassionate Face of Hinduism and Buddhism
Ahmedabad, INDIA
Ekaterina Koldunova             Globalisation as a security challenge to the societies of Southeast Asia
Moscow, RUSSIA


Venue:   Seminar Room 5 (514) 5th Floor
                              Language and Literature: Binding Force I

Chair: Prof. Son Soubert, Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh Cambodia

S Nagaraju                      Buddha’s Language Policy and Cultural Pluralism
Bangalore, INDIA
Bhagarathi Biswas               Language and literature in South and South-East Asia : A Binding Force
Silchar, INDIA
Marsono                         Ideal leadership Teaching of Asthabrata in Serat Rama Yasadipura
Yogyakarta, INDONESIA           (Intertextual Review)
K. Muppalmani                   Manimekalai in Tamilnadu
Coimbatore, INDIA
Pattama Pattpong                “Buy now!!! …Don’t be disappointed.” Persuasive Language in a
Nakhonpathom,THAILAND           Talisman Advertisement: A Systemic Functional Approach
Shri Krishan Sharma               Global Fraternity in Vedic Thoughts
Kurukshetra, INDIA
M.K. Sridhar                      Oral Traditions of Valmiki Ramayana and Thai Ramayana
Bangalore, INDIA
Rachel Harrison                   Adopting and Adapting Victorian Detective Fiction: The Tales of Crown
London, UK                        Prince Vajiravudh's Nithan Thorng In


Venue:   Seminar room 2 (315) 3rd Floor
                               Sanskrit and its Heritage in Southeast Asia

Chair: Dr Chirapat Prapandvidya, Adviser, Sanskrit Studies Centre, Silpakorn University, Bangkok,

Chawarote Wallayamytee             Story of Viradha in Sanskrit and Pali Literature
Sompornnuch Tansrisook             A Study of the Term -pariyāya in the Pāli Tipitฺaka (Thai)
Safarali Shomakhmadov              Li Thai's "Trai Phum Phra Ruang" as the Abhidharma treatise of Thai
St. Petersburg, RUSSIA             Theravāda Tradition
Siti Hariti Sastriyani             The Sanskrit Word Usage among Indonesian Military Setting as an Effort
Yogyakarta, INDONESIA              to Cultivate Spiritual Values in Nation Unity Building
Radhamadhab Dash                   Sanskrit and its Creative Influence on Thai Language
Hamam Supriyadi                    Gender Distinctions in Thai - Indonesian Name of Persons: A Case Study
Yogyakarta, INDONESIA              of Sanskrit Loanwords in Thai- Javanese languages

Seksun Polwattana                  Literature and Social Context of Time Periods: The Story of “Peta” in
Nakhonpathom, THAILAND             Tebhûmikathâ (Thai)


-Sharmila Rao’s (Sadhanalaya, Goa, INDIA) Performance
(artists:Vinitha Palekar, Indrani Patil and Tanvi Dayanand)

A musical 30 minute performance based on a Tibetan folktale
The demon king of Lanka Ravana is determined to take away the beautiful mountains.
Buddha with his 500 disciples plays a decisive role in stopping him from doing so.

-THAI Performance
                                     Friday May 25, 2007

                        ACADEMIC PLENARY SESSION              08:30-09:30

Venue:   Main Conference Room (200) 2nd floor
                                          PLENARY SESSION II
Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wariya Chinwanno, Associate Dean, Faculty of Social Science & Humanities,
         Mahidol University, THAILAND

                                Assoc. Prof. Pinit Ratanakul, Mahidol University, THAILAND
Speaker 1                       Health, Disease, and Healing: A Buddhist Perspective

                                Prof. Richard Gombrich, Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies
Speaker 2                       Oxford, U. K.
                                Syncretism or accretion? Theravada in practice

Moderator: Mr. Narong Ardsmiti, Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development, Mahidol University,


Venue:   Meeting Room 1-2 (223-224) 2nd Floor
                     Language and Literature: Binding Force II

Chair: Prof. Srisurang Poolthupya, Emeritus Professor, Thammasat University, Bangkok, THAILAND

Chanokporn                      The Use of Linguistic Devices to Promote Morality, Ethics and Values in
Puapattanakun                   Thai Astrological Discourse : The Case of Matichon’s Horoscope Year
Nakhonpathom,THAILAND           Book for 2007
Nathakarn Naknuan               Klon Klom Lok by Phaiwarin Khao-Ngam: Thai Anti-War Poetry (Thai)
Wong Kin Yuen                   Buddhist Consciousness, Deleuzian Ecoethics, and the Case with Wang
HONG KONG                       Wei’s Poetry
Jayanthi Manohar                A comparative study of the Symbols of Mystic Poetry of William Blake
Bangalore, INDIA                and Allama Prabhu along with Veda Mantras Type of Presentation
Eduardo M. Domingo              The Role of Language In The Promotion of Religious Tolerance:
Manila, THE PHILIPPINES         Re- Reading the Contexts of Religious Language
Noriah Taslim                   The Song of Nang Sida : rewriting Rama and Sita for the 19th cent Malay
Penang, MALAYSIA                Raja Muda Perlis
Man Mohan Sharma                Popularity of Indian Epics in Asia - How and Why
Rohtak, INDIA
ACADEMIC PARALLEL SESSION (2)        09:30-11:00

Venue:   Seminar Room 5 (514) 5th floor
                                Communication, Media and Religion

Chair: Assist. Prof. Sukhuma-Vadee Khamhiran, Institute of Language and Culture for Rural
         Development, Mahidol University, THAILAND

Steffen Ruholl                  Visual Communication on the crisis in Southern Thailand
Sunida Siwapathomchai           Dhamma Delivery: Adaptation, Communication and Education
Inaganti Chendramohan           Role of Religion in Promoting Urbanization of Tirupathi
Tirupathi, INDIA
Binh Nguyen Ngoc                Vietnamese taboo in daily life: a study in Cultural Heritage
Thanit Wongprasert              The Role of Dhammacharika in Thai Buddhism
Chiang Mai, THAILAND
Aksadul Alam(Dhaka,             Contacts and Communication in Early Bengal and Southeast Asia
Bangladesh) and Antara
Mitra(New Delhi, INDIA)
Kamlesh Mohan                   Tradition and Media in the Age of Globalization: Dislocation or
Chandigrah, INDIA               Resurgence


Venue:   Seminar Room 4 (513) 5th floor
                                   Education and Religious Studies

Chair:    Prof. Tri Ratna Manandhar, Dean, Faculty of Social Science, Tribhuvan University,
          Kathmandu, NEPAL

Vladimirescu M. Valentin        Interreligious Dialogue as a Main Pillar of the Religious Education
Craiova, ROMANIA
Thomas Borchert                 Learning to Walk: Discipline in Monastic Education
Burlington, VT, USA
Bhadra Ratna Bajracharya         Buddhist Studies in Nepal: Problem and Prospects
Kathmandu, NEPAL
Govinda Maskey                  Sanskrit Education in Nepal: A Religious Interpretation
Kathmandu, NEPAL
Manee Chaiteeranuwatsiri        A Model of Environmental Education Process for Students, School and
Nakhonpathom,THAILAND           Communities Development: Banglen Project-Mahidol University (2003-
                                2005) (Thai)
Jirattakarn Pongpakatien        Contemplative Education in Mahidol University
Bangkok, THAILAND               (Thai)
Moderator: Rajarshi Roy, National Institute of Technical Teachers' Training and Research, Kolkata, India
     Seminar room 2 (315) 3rd Floor
                                Art, Archaeology and Architecture I

Chair: Prof. S. Nagaraju, Director, MH Krishna Institute of Indology, Bangalore, INDIA

K.V.Ramesh                      The Nature and Degree of cultural influence exerted by different
Mysore, INDIA                   politico-cultural regions of India on Southeast Asia
Klemens Karlsson                Buddhist Visual Culture as Emblems of Identity - From Sanchi to
Jonkoping, SWEDEN               Contemporary Upper Mekong Area
Pinna Indorf (USA)               Three enigmatic trays/plaques from South and Southeast Asia
Swati Reddy (SINGAPORE)
Pramod Dandwate                 Origin and Gradual Development of Syncretic Icons
Jessica Lee Patterson           The Phra Phutthabat of Saraburi: A Bare Foot and its Cover
Berkeley, USA


Venue:   Seminar Room 3 (316) 3rd floor
Symbolism, Communication and Religion in Early India with Siam: Domains of Syncretic
Culture or Intricate Relations?

Chair: Dr. Lipi Ghosh, Dept. of Southeast Asian Studies, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, INDIA

Lipi Ghosh                      Dvaravati Studies: A look into the Precolonial Domains of
Kolkata, INDIA                  Syncretic Culture
Suchandra Ghosh                 Early India's Linkages with Siam: Understanding Trade as an agent of
Kolkata, INDIA                  Shared Culture
Phasook Indrawooth              Dvāravati Dharmacakra
Chotima Chaturawong             Buddha Images Seated in Pralambapada-asana Position
Chirapat Prapandvidya           Syncretism in Thailand’s Sukhothai Period
Peter Skilling                  Intricate Interrelations: Vedic, Brahmanical, and local deities in early
Bangkok, THAILAND               Buddhism

ACADEMIC PARALLEL SESSION (6)        09:30-11:00

Venue:   Seminar Room 1 (314) 3rd Floor
                       Ethnic Mosaic of South and Southeast Asia I

Chair: Dr. Lakana Daoratanahong, Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development, Mahidol
         University, THAILAND

Mayuree Thawornpat              Belief in Spirits, Buddhism and Brahmanism: Factors of change in the
Nakhonpathom,THAILAND            Gong Community, Suphanburi, Thailand
Rajarshi Roy & Anjana Roy       A Juxtapositional Study on Religious Status of Ethnic Teachers in Indian
nee Paira                       Social Fabric
Kolkata, INDIA
Rup Kumar Barman                Ethnic Mosaic and the Cultural Nationalism of Bhutan
Kolkata, INDIA
Erika Masuda                     The Chinese Population in the Siamese Ruler's Perception during the
Taipei, TAIWAN                   Reign of King Rama III(1824-1851)
Kameshwar Prasad Singh           Tribes of India hanging between Tradition Vis-à-Vis Modernity : A Special
Ranchi , INDIA                   focus on Tribes of Jharkhand
Asha Singh                        A Focus on the Religious Practices of Tribes
Ranchi , INDIA

Coffee Break 11:00-11:15


Venue:   Meeting Room 1-2 (223-224) 2nd floor
                            Syncretic Systems in South and Southeast Asia II

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Ana Maria T. Labrador, Department of Art Studies, University of the
         Philippines, Dilman, Quezon City, THE PHILIPPINES

Mark Teeuwen                    Shinto and the Burmese cult of nats: A comparative study of the
Oslo, NORWAY                    emergence of local cults in the margins of Buddhism
Ichhimuddin Sarkar              The Mughal Prince Dara Shikuh and the Doctrine of Religious Syncretism
Darjeeling, INDIA               As Revealed in his Majma-ul-Baharain
Dean Meyers                     A Religion Syncretic, but Highly Focused: Sources of Political Militancy in
Chonburi, THAILAND              the Vietnamese Religious Movement Known as the Cao Dai
Anthony R. Walker               Lanna (North Thailand): Home to the First Lahu (Mussur) Christians
Saipan Puriwanchana             Mythical Legend and Ritual about “Toa” of the Moslems in the Central
Bangkok, THAILAND               Part: Reflection of Integration of Belief in Thai Society (Thai)
P.M. Phan Thakrothoke           Influence of Hinduism on Oraon Tribes of Jharkhand (India): An
Ranchi , INDIA                  observation as an alien Researcher
Kim, Sung-Eun                   Syncretism of Buddhism in Korea and Thailand


Venue:   Seminar room 2 (315) 3rd Floor
                    Hinduism and Buddhism: Beyond South and Southeast Asia

Chair: Dr. Tavivat Puntarigvivat, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, Mahidol University,

Dongsung Huh                    The Sacred Two Fishes Symbol in India and Korea
Mugdha Yeolekar                 On redefining ‘culture’ in the context of transnational Hinduism: A case
Arizona, USA                    study of the changes and continuities in the Indian culture at the Malibu
                                Hindu temple at Los Angeles, USA
Tetsuya Taguchi                 Buddhism Influence on the Works of Yamamoto Kansuke, Japanese
Kyoto, JAPAN                    Surrealist Photographer
James Cooper                    Attempted Murder of the 13th Dalai Lama
London, UK
Isha Gamlath                    Non Violence to Living Beings: A Buddhist Doctrine Reflected in a
Kelaniya, SRI LANKA             Western Context
Hai Ran Woo                     Syncretic aspect of contemporary Korean religion
ACADEMIC PARALLEL SESSION (3)        11:15-12:45

Venue:    Seminar Room 3 (316) 3rd floor
                             Language and Literature: Binding Force III

Chair: Prof. Radhavallabh Tripathi, Professor of Sanskrit, Dr. H.S.Gour University Sagar, INDIA

Toru Yagi                  A Note on the reading vegha
Osaka, JAPAN
Sushma Kulshreshtha        Deities and Celestials in Kalidasa
New Delhi, INDIA
Sukanya Purnaiya           Women of Indian Epics
Bangalore, INDIA
Abha Kulshrestha           Laksmilahari Gangalahari and Yamunalahari of Panditaraja Jagannatha:
Delhi, INDIA               An Appraisal
Radhavallabh Tripathi      Impact of Buddhism on Sanskrit Kavya Literature
Sagar, INDIA
Shashi Sharma              Sakuntala’s beloved Forest Companions in Sakuntalam of Kalidasa
Delhi, INDIA
Moderator: Prof. Radhamadhab Dash, Professor of Sanskrit, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


Venue:   Seminar Room 5 (514) 5th floor
                              Buddhism: Land, Mountain and Beyond

Chair:   Ven. Dr. Lungtaen Gyatso, Director, Institute of Language and Cultural Studies, Semtokha,
         Thimpu, Bhutan

Do Thu Ha                       Buddhism and Culture in Vietnam
Alexey Kirichenko               Changes and Continuity in Burmese Buddhism
Moscow, RUSSIA
Tran Xuan Ninh                  Buddhism in Vietnam
Chicago, USA
Leki Sitang                     Theravada Buddhism Of The Eastern Himalaya - A Study Of Theravada
Itanagar, INDIA                 Buddhist Tribes Of Arunachal Pradesh
B.Tripathy                      Living Buddhism in the eastern Himalayas - a study of the Monpas of
Itanagar, INDIA                 Arunachal Pradesh
Pradeep Kumar Das               The economy of the Gonpas of Ladakh
Varanasi, INDIA
Shyamapada Bhowmik              Buddhism in South West Bengal:-A Critical Appraisal
Kharagpur, INDIA


Venue:   Conference Room (515) 5th Floor
                                           Religion After Life

Chair: Prof. Satyanarayan Chakraborty, Professor in Sanskrit, University of Sorbonne, Paris, France

Webb Keane                      The Deceased do Not Return: Religious Conversion and the Moral
Ann Arbor, MI, USA              Narrative of Modernity
Andrea Katalin Molnar            Anitu, phii and nat: Comparative Notes on Modes of “religious” habitus
DeKalb, IL, USA                  construction among Southeast Asian cultures
Ang Chouléan                     Yama in present-day Cambodia: an introduction
Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA
Ajay Pujari                      Ritual Tradition of Ancestor Worship as gleaned in Ancient Indian
Mumbai, INDIA                    Literature (Epics and Puranas) in comparative light
Salai Viswam                     Religion and the Art of Conquering death
Ranipet, INDIA
Satyanarayan Chakraborty         Concept of Right to Die with Dignity: Indian Tradition, Scope and Future
Paris, France


Venue:   Seminar Room 1 (314) 3rd Floor
                                         Mahayana and Tantrayana

Chair: Prof. Madhu Khanna, Centre for Study in Comparative Religions & Civilizations, Jamia Millia
         Islamia, New Delhi, INDIA

J. Sitaramamma                   Mahayana Buddhist Influence on Javanese Life and Culture
Nagarjunakonda, INDIA
David Drewes                         Preaching in Early Indian Mahayana
Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
Bart Dessein                     The Bahusritiyas and the origin of Mahayana Buddhism
Najma Begum                      A Recently Discovered Vajrasattava Metal Image from Mainamati,
Dhaka, BANGLADESH                Bangladesh
Madhu Khanna                     The Journey of Goddess Tara: Adoption and Adaptation of a Buddhist
New Delhi, INDIA                 Goddess in Hindu Tantric Worship
Subash Chandra Dash              Tantric Buddhism in Orissa: An Appraisal
Bhubaneshwar, INDIA

ACADEMIC PARALLEL SESSION (7)            11: 15-12:45

Venue:   Seminar Room 4 (513) 5th floor
                                Buddhism in the Public Consciousness

Chair: Prof. Edith Franke, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Marburg, Germany

Katja Triplett               Answers to the challenges of demographic change: institutionalised care
Marburg, GERMANY             and welfare in established Buddhist organisations in modern Japan
Wanda Alberts                Engaged Buddhism in Southeast Asia and Northwest Europe
Michael Pye                  Visible Buddhism in mainland South-East Asia: Pchum Ben and the Bayon
Kyoto, JAPAN
Alexander Roedel             Exploring Plurality: Buddhism(s) in Scotland
Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
Edith Franke                 Buddhism and civil society in contemporary Indonesia
Marburg, GERMANY
Moderator: Ms. Sunida Siwapathomchai, Institute of Language and Culture for Rural
               Development, Mahidol University, THAILAND

Lunch Break 12:45-13:45
ACADEMIC PARALLEL SESSION (1)        13:45-15:30

Venue:   Meeting Room 1-2 (223-224) 2nd floor
                                Art, Archaeology and Architecture II

Chair: Dr. K. V. Ramesh, Hon. Adviser, Oriental Research Institute, Mysore University, Mysore, INDIA

Donald M Seekins                Sacred Center and Focus of Conflict: the Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon
Okinawa, JAPAN                  (Yangon), Burma (Myanmar)
Dina Bangdel                    Negotiating Shared Identities: Visual Culture and Syncretic Symbolism in
Richmond,VA, USA                Newar Buddhist Art
Panupong Laohasom               The Scene of Cosmic Pillar Mountain in the Mural Painting of the
Chiang Mai, THAILAND            Lokahteikpan Temple, Pagan (Thai)
Wanwisa Dhammanonda             The Flowing of Buddhist Wave in Three Southern Border Provinces
Pattani, THAILAND               before the 13th Century : the Study from Archaeological Evidences (Thai)
Dipendra Manandhar              Hiranyavarna Mahavihara: a Cultural Heritage of Nepal
Kathmandu, NEPAL
Hoang Thi Tho                   New Syncretic Styles in Religious Architecture of Vietnam: The Case of
Hanoi, VIET NAM                 Hochiminh City
YEN, Chih-hung                  The Significance of Prasat Hin Phimai, Thailand
Taipei, TAIWAN

ACADEMIC PARALLEL SESSION (2)        13:45-15:30

Venue:   Seminar Room 5 (514) 5th floor
                      Guru and Individual vis-à-vis Faith and Belief System I

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Sutjaritlak Deepadung, Institute of Language and Culture for Rural
         Development, Mahidol University, THAILAND

Masahiko Togawa                 Rethinking Syncretism: Hindus and Muslims over a Mausoleum in
Hiroshima, JAPAN                Bangladesh
Porntipha Bantomsin             Woman, gender, and the struggle for Bodhicitta: life and work of lady
Songkhla, THAILAND              Master Li Yi Ying
Mangala B. Purandare            Santa (Saint) Venabai, the woman saint of Maharashtra, INDIA
Mumbai, INDIA
Meenakshi Rajan                 Andal [Goda] , the Woman Saint from southern India
Mumbai, INDIA
Aruna Sharma,                   Holy Mother Sharadamani : A Preceptress Of Humanism
Kurukshetra, INDIA
Amon Saengmanee                 The Holy Task of Thai Buddhist Missionaries in India
Laxman Oraon                    The Impact of Kartik Oraon on the Tribal Religion in Jharkhand (India)
Ranchi , INDIA


Venue:   Seminar Room 3 (316) 3rd floor
                                Art, Archaeology and Architecture III

Chair: Prof. Phasook Indrawooth, Faculty of Archaeology, Silpakorn University, Bangkok,THAILAND

S.Vasanthi                      Recent discovery of Buddhist remains in Tamil Nadu, India
Chennai, INDIA
 Jorinde Ebert                   Ancient Southeast Asian Lacquers in Vienna
 Vienna, AUSTRIA
 Nihar Ranjan Patnaik            Buddhism in Orissa with Special Reference to Art and Architecture
 Cuttack, INDIA
 Abdul Mabud Khan                Buddhist Heritage of Bangladesh
 Yangon, MYANMAR
 Ayesha Begum                    Some Buddhist Sculptures discovered at Archaeological Sites in
 Dhaka, BANGLADESH               Mainamati- Lalmai, Bangladesh
 Syed Rafiqul Alam Rumi          Paharpur: Religious and cultural heritage of South and southeast Asia
 Rajashahi, BANGLADESH
 Khoundkar Alamgir               Buddhist Archaeological Remains in Bangladesh

  ACADEMIC PARALLEL SESSION (4)       13:45-15:30

 Venue:   Seminar Room 1 (314) 3rd Floor
                                           History of Religion I

 Chair: Prof. Shih-chung Hsieh, Chair, Dept of Anthropology, National University of Taiwan,
          Taipei, TAIWAN

 M.R. Rujaya Abhakorn            Syncretic Mekhong: Some Historical Observations
 Chiang Mai, THAILAND
 Son Soubert                     Languages and History: is there a correspondence in Cambodia?
 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
 Somnuk Ruengsri                 A Study of the Local History of Villages in Tambon Tak Ok of Tak
 Tak, THAILAND                   Province’s Bantak District, Thailand (Thai)
 Christopher Joll                Sailors, Sellers, Sufis, Shias, Sheikhs, and Siamese: Change Agent in the
 Pattani, THAILAND               History of Islam in Patani/Pattani
 Shih-chung Hsieh                On Marginalized Temple and Forgettable Temple in Theravada
 Taipei, TAIWAN                  Buddhist World:Two Cases from Luang Namtha and Muang Sing,
                                 Northern Laos
 Jotika Khur-yearn               The Rains Retreat, Temple-sleepers and Poetic Literature: A Shan
 London, UK                      Worldview

  ACADEMIC PARALLEL SESSION (5)       13:45-15:30

 Venue:   Seminar room 2 (315) 3rd Floor
                                      Polity, Trade and Religion

 Chair: Prof. A. Vijaya Kumar Babu, Dept. of Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology, Osmania
           University, Hyderabad, INDIA

 Peter Hitchcock                 Pramoedyan Legacies
 New York, USA
 Kullada Kesboonchoomead         Trade, Thai Absolutist State and the Sangha
 Bangkok, THAILAND
 Sunil Kukreja                   State, Religion, and Cultural Coexistence: Recent Trends in Malaysia
 Puget Sound, WA, USA
 Albert Welter                   The Cakravartin Ideal vs. Realpolitik: Two Models of Accommodating
 Beijing, CHINA                  Buddhism in Secular Regimes
Tavivat Puntarigvivat            Good Governance: A Buddhist Perspective
 Birendra Nath Prasad            Monarchs, Monasteries and Trade on an ‘Agrarian Frontier’:Early
 Silchar, INDIA                  Medieval Samatata Region, Bangladesh
 Vijaya K. Babu                  Polity, Trade and Religion--Asokan Inscriptions--A Study
Hyderabad, INDIA


Venue:   Seminar Room 4 (513) 5th floor
                                          Women and Religion II

Chair : Dr. Ratana Toskul, Institute of Language and Culture, Mahidol University, THAILAND

Night Queen Pankaj              Women in Early Buddhism in India
Varanasi, INDIA
R. M. Bharadwaj                 An Inscriptional Inquiry into the Status of Women in the Vrata System of
New Delhi, INDIA                Brahmanical Religion in North and Central India : A.D. 400-1200
Anirban Dash                    The Order of Bhikkhuni vis-à-vis Vinaya: a Critical Analysis
Varanasi , INDIA
Nuanchan Chittasobhon           A Bird Eye View on Nuns in Thai Buddhist Temples (Thai)
Chiang Mai, THAILAND
Pracheta Pandya                 Indian Women in Context of Religiosity and Spirituality
Ahmedabad, INDIA
Hasina Matin & Arifa            Historical Aspect of Buddhist and Muslim Women’s position in
Sultana                         Bangladesh: A Comparative Analysis

COFFEE BREAK 15:30 -15:45

ACADEMIC PARALLEL SESSION (1)        15:45-17:30

Venue:   Meeting Room 1-2 (223-224) 2nd floor
                                 Religion: Violence and Dialogue II

Chair: Prof. Aruna Gopinath, Head, Department of Politics and International Relations, HELP University ,
       Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

A.S.Anula Attanayake            Recovering the Nation ” in Post-Conflict Sri-Lanka : The Role of
Matara, SRI LANKA               Religion in Dialogue and Reconciliation
Giao Vu Cong                    Buddhism as a Peaceful Means to Resolve Ethnic Conflict: Reflection of
Hanoi, VIET NAM                 the Sri Lankan Context
Ajit P. Rout                    Religious violence: Role of peace committees
Guwahati, INDIA
John Mensing                    War and Peace: Buddhist Visions of War and Buddhist Visions of Peace
Peradeniya, SRI LANKA
My-Van Tran                     Religion and Politics in Contemporary Vietnam: The Case of the Most
Adelaide, AUSTRALIA             Venerable Quang Do and the Unified Buddhist Church
Muhammad Hadi bin               Brunei Darussalam: Religion and Traditions as Sources of Peace and
Muhammad Melayong               Prosperity
Swami                           Religion for Peace or Peace for Religion?
New Delhi, INDIA

ACADEMIC PARALLEL SESSION (2)        15:45-17:30
Venue:    Seminar room 2 (315) 3rd Floor
                       Faith and Survival: South and Southeast Asia Diasporas I

Chair: Prof. Vinay Lal, Dept of History, & Chair of South Asia Interdepartmental Program.
           UCLA, Los Angeles, USA

Purushottama Bilimoria           Transglobalism of Self-exiled Hindus: The Case of Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Niki Papageorgiou                Indian Immigrants in Greece: Religiosity and Daily Life
Thessaloniki, GREEC
Annette Wilke                    Rooting Tamil Hindu Temple Culture in Germany
Munster, GERMANY
Tridib Chakraborti               Malaysian Indians Status in Malaysian Social Fabric: A Socio-Economic
Kolkata, INDIA                   Assessment
M. Rajantheran                   An Overview of Culture, Religion and Festival of Indians in Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Vo Thi Thu Nguyet                Chinese in Vietnam
Manimaran Subramaniam            Hindu festivals among Indians in Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur,MALAYSIA
Vinay Lal                        Munisvaran, Murugan and Monotheism: Malaysian Hinduism in a
Los Angeles, USA                 Transnational Age


Venue:   Seminar Room 1 (314) 3rd Floor
                         Religion, Rural Culture, Agriculture and Economy I

Chair: Dr. Naraset Phisitpanporn, Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development,
         Mahidol University, THAILAND

Manoj Potapohn                  Culture and development: a case study from a Chiang Mai village
Chiang Mai, THAILAND
Sudjai Sa-ardying               Wat Complex and the Solution of the Problems in Thai Village: A Case
Surin, THAILAND                 study of Surin Province, Northeastern Thailand (Thai)
Saran Samantarat                Aquatic Binthabart(pindapada): Comparison in three high ranking areas
Bangkok, THAILAND               of Wat density (Thai)
Apisak Dhiravisit &             Syncretism in Local Culture and Housing Development for the poor in
B. Prompukping                  Khon Kaen, Thailand (Thai)
Nathuram Kaswan                 Sustainable Living
Jodhpur, INDIA
Jaya Buragohain                 Initiation of Novicehood: its Dimensional Significances in Practice of
Dibrugarh, Assam, INDIA         Buddhism with Special Reference to the Buddhist Tai Villages in Karbi
                                Anglong District in Assam


Venue:   Seminar Room 5 (514) 5th floor
                        Syncretism and Buddhist Material Culture in America

Chair: Prof Thomas A. Tweed, Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies, University of North
          Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Gregory Price Grieve            The Rubin Museum of Art: Re-framing Buddhist Art for Aesthetic
Greensboro, USA                 Spirituality
Thomas A. Tweed                 Transcultural Collage: Buddhism and Art in America
Chapel Hill, USA
Jiemin Bao                      Re-territorializing Buddhism in the United States: A Thai
Las Vegas, NV, USA              Temple in the Bay Area
Rachelle M. Scot,               “Whither the Robe and the Alms Bowl?:” Buddhist Renunciation and
Knoxville,Tennessee, USA        Material Culture in America


Venue:   Seminar Room 3 (316) 3rd floor
                                Religion, Society and Belief System

Chair: Prof. Ang Chouléan, Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA

Marina V. Vorobjova             Problem of perception of “the other” in the religious world
St.-Petersburg, RUSSIA
Bénédicte Brac de la            How the guardians of pagodas are entering the Burmese pantheon of the
Perrière                        Thirty-seven Lords
Darmayasa                       Yajna Sesha in Balinese Hinduism
Bumroong Kham-ek                Brahmanism in Early Ratanakosin Period of Thailand
Abd Hakim Mohad                 The belief system of the Tagal Community on Reincarnation: A
Sabah, MALAYSIA                 Comparison to Buddhism
Johan Arif                      Ancient beliefs in Southeast Asia

AUDIO-VISUAL SECTION        18:00 -19:30

Venue:   Main Conference Room (200) 2nd floor

                                                FILM SHOW

Metaphysical Dancer in          Dr. John Solt, Edwin O. Reischauer Institute, Harvard University,
the Physical World              Cambridge, USA
Poet as Monk: the               Book Release(Highmoonoon, Hollywood, USA) with introductory remark
Watchful Third Eye of           by Dr. John Solt
Montri Umavijani (1941-
 Asthavadhana                    A rare documentary film by Dr Leela (ABHINAYA BHARATI,
                                Bangalore, INDIA)
The Art of Compassion:          A Film on Buddhist murals (Benoy K. Behl, New Delhi, INDIA)
the Murals of Asia

    Metaphysical Dancer in the Physical World: KAZUO OHNO (1906- ) centenary video show

    Can a dancer convey a sense of achieving pure spirit? Kazuo has danced for the mentally ill,
    geriatric patients, as well as conventional theater audiences on five continents. From the
    perspective of dance, Kazuo's journey palpably aims to explore the age-old, burning
    question, "Can art be religious, and if so, how and under what conditions?"

    Ashtavadhana: A documentary film by Abhinaya Bharati, Bangalore INDIA
    Length: 30 minutes
    It documents a rare literary art found in the Sanskrit Language. Avadhana means -attention.
    This particular art form is about 2000 years old and it has a continuous tradition in India. It
    is for the first time that Avadhanam has been documented. Especially prepared for the
    SSEASR conference, the movie traces the history of Avadhana from the Vedic times. It has
    English Introduction and subtitles explaining the different glimpses of Avadhana. The film
    also focuses on the performance and the modern relevance.

 SAARC & ASEAN FOOD FESTIVAL:                          19:30 – 21:00

                                   Saturday May 26, 2007

                        ACADEMIC PLENARY SESSION              08:30-09:30

ACADEMIC PLENARY SESSION            08:30-09:30
Venue:   Main Conference Room (200) 2nd floor

                                          PLENARY SESSION III

Chair:   Prof. Tim Jensen, Dept. of the Study of Religions, University of Southern Denmark,
         Odense, Denmark

                                Prof. Thillayvel Naidoo, University of Kwazulu-Natal, Hyper-By-
Speaker 1                       The-Sea, South Africa
                                Wisdom, Revelation and Truth
                                Prof. Nenita Pambid Domingo, Dept. of Asian Languages &
Speaker 2                       Cultures, University of California at LA, USA
                                Animism and Catholicism in Philippine Bronze Amulets
Moderator: Dr. Sumittra Suraratdecha, Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development, Mahidol
         University, THAILAND


Venue:   Seminar Room 3 (316) 3rd floor
                            Ethnic Mosaic of South and Southeast Asia II

Chair: Prof. Somsonge Buruspat, Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development,
         Mahidol University, THAILAND

Wen-Chin Chang                  The Interstitial Subjectivities of Migrant Yunnanese in Thailand
 Taipei, Taiwan
Renu Muenjanchoey               Folk Beliefs and Modern Thai society: A Case study of Thai Song
Nakhonpathom,THAILAND           Community in Nakhonpathom province, Thailand (Thai)
Jitjayang Yamabhai              Three Religions, One Stream; ‘Weltanschauungs’ of ethnic minority
Nakhonpathom,THAILAND           water resource management
Lakana Daoratanahong            Akha Women and their roles as mediums for sickness cure
Kwanchewan Buadaeng,            Leke Religious Cult among the Karens in Myanmar and Thailand
Chiang Mai, THAILAND
Natthanai Prasannam             Representing Model Minority: Yok Burapha’s Yoo Kab Kong and the
Bangkok, THAILAND               Integration Ideology (Thai)

Venue:   Seminar Room 5 (514) 5th floor
                     Faith and Survival: South and Southeast Asia Diasporas II

Chair:  Assoc. Prof. My-Van Tran, Coordinator, International & Asian Studies, University of South
        Australia, Adelaide, Australia
Knut Axel Jacobsen             Processions, Public Space and Sacred Space in the South Asian Diaspora
Bergen, NORWAY
Manfred Hutter                 Half Mandir and half Gurdwara: Textbook Hinduism and Diasporic
Bonn, GERMANY                  Hinduism in Jakarta, Manila and Cologne (Germany)
Bao Duy                        Identities of "diasporic Vietnamese": The politics of code-choice and
Canberra, AUSTRALIA            code convergence
Joefe B. Santarita             Sikhism: Indians’ survival kit in the Philippines?
Dulyapak Preecharushh          Brahman and Hindu Communities in Bangkok: A Comparative Study of India
Bangkok, THAILAND              Settlements in Thai Society
Serban Toader                  On Visible Culture and the Belief in Resonance in China and among the
Bucharest, ROMANIA             Chinese Diaspora


Venue:   Meeting Room 1-2 (223-224) 2nd floor
                      Guru and Individual vis-à-vis Faith and Belief System II

Chair: Assist. Prof. Sukhuma-Vadee Khamhiran, Institute of Language and Culture for Rural
         Development, Mahidol University, THAILAND

James M. Hegarty                Adoption, Adaptation and Domination: Religious Syncretism in the
Cardiff, UK                     Narratives of the Life of Nanak in Medieval South Asia
Chia Meng Tat Jack              Buddhism in Singapore-China Relations: Venerable Hong Choon and his
SINGAPORE                       Visits, 1982-1990
Bogdan Diaconescu               Revisiting emptiness : Osho’s commentary on the Heart Sutra
Dhanapon Somwang                Looking at America to turn back Modernizing Thai society: An analytical
Bangkok, THAILAND               Perspective of Phra Brahmagunabhorn ( P.A. Payutto) (Thai)
Rita P. Bhambi                  The Institution of Panj Piaras in Sikhism
Mumbai, INDIA


Venue:   Seminar Room 1 (314) 3rd Floor
                                  Science, Spirituality and Religion
Chair: Prof. Purushottama Bilimoria, Professor of Philosophy, Deakin University, Melbourne,

Samarendra Saraf                Hindu Hygieia and Panakeia vis-à-vis Mahamrtyunjaya Mantra :A Simple
Bhopal, INDIA                   Innovative Practice to Achieve Global Goals of Health
Adrian Hermann                  Worldly matters and religious matters are not the same". Buddhism and
Bielefeld, GERMANY              the religion/science distinction from Chaophraya Thiphakorawong to the
                                XIV. Dalai Lama. A World Society Perspective
Purushottama Bilimoria          The Emergenistic Mind of a Non-Personal God
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Mohamed Aslam                   Religion, Health and Healing
Kuala Lumpur,MALAYSIA
Olga Kusliy                     Light and Sound in the soteriology of early Buddhism and the religion of
Novosibirsk, RUSSIA             ancient Rus
Rana Purushottam K.Singh        Buddhism and Neuro Science
Delhi, INDIA
Pankaj Shukla                   Energy Healing


Venue:   Seminar room 2 (315) 3rd Floor
                               Merging Arts and emerging Syncretism
Chair:   Prof. Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof, Cultural Centre, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Mekhala Natavar                 Hindi-Muslim Syncretism in India’s Kathak Dance
Princeton, NJ, USA
G.S.Hegde                       Kutiyattam and Yakshagana a binding force of Aryan and Dravidian
Bangalore, INDIA                Culture
Natthakan Bunsiri               The Ramtong dance performance : The faithful dramatic work folk
Mahasarakham,THAILAND           dance in Buddhism of Karens (Thai)
Vilawan Svetsreni               An adaptation of Thai Puppetry: The Northern Experience
Chiang Mai, THAILAND
Thammanit Nikhomrat             Nora and Syncretism in South and Southeast Asia: Southern Thailand
Songkhla, THAILAND              Nora Performance
Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof            The Story of the Golden Shell Prince in Traditional Malay Theatre
Kuala Lumpur,MALAYSIA
Shiva Rijal                     Performing for the Tourists: Maintaining a History and Heritage of Its
Kathmandu, NEPAL                Own

Coffee Break 11:00 – 11:15


Venue:   Seminar room 2 (315) 3rd Floor
                           Cambodia: Culture and Acculturation

Chair: Dr Amarjiva Lochan, University of Delhi, Delhi ,INDIA

Julia Estève                    The inscription Pràsàt Práh Khsèt (K. 237): An illustration of the paradox
Paris, FRANCE                   of syncretism
AN Rasmey                       Socio-religious life in ancient Cambodia
Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA
Oum Boramey                     Trade Center at Thalabarivath, Cambodia
Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA
Klairung Amratisha &            The Buddh Damnây: The Adoption and Adaptation in Modern Cambodian
Thibodi Buakamsri               Society
Vong Meng                       The Evolution of Khmer Language from the Past to the Globalization Era
Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA
Amarjiva Lochan                 Cambodia: A case of India Extended?
Delhi, INDIA
L.Y. Chakrya                    Tradition of Keeping Remains of Cambodian People
Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA
Song Sophy                      Buddhist Monasteries in Baatambang and Kompong Cham and Kratie
Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA

Venue:   Meeting Room 1-2 (223-224) 2nd floor
                        Religion, Rural Culture, Agriculture and Economy II

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Paiboon Suthasupa, Graduate School, North Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai,

Mohammed Kamruzzaman            Faith Based Community Action Towards Survival of the Poor : A Case
Dhaka, BANGLADESH               study of a ‘remote’ rural community in Bangladesh
Marja-Leena Heikkilä-Horn       Sufficiency Economy in Thailand
Iam Thongdee                    Water Buffalo Culture and Modernization in Southeast Asia: The case of
Nakhonpathom,THAILAND           Thailand (Thai)
Yongyuth Burasith               Net-working for self-reliance: A case study of Karen Communities in
Nakhonpathom,THAILAND           Rachaburi Province, Thailand (Thai)
Paiboon Suthasupa               Animism, Beliefs and Rituals in the Northern Thai Agricultural Practice
Chiang Mai, THAILAND            of Karen Community


Venue:   Seminar Room 3 (316) 3rd floor
                      Medicine and Spirituality: Health, Healers and Healed

Chair: Prof. Samarendra Saraf, Professor of Anthropology (retd.),H.S.G.University, Sagar, INDIA

Chowdhury Anwar Husain          The Glimpses of the Buddhist Indigenous Medicine
Saowapa Pornsiripongse          Religious Syncretism in Non-Communicable Disease Healing : Role
Nakhonpathom,THAILAND           Adaptation by Folk Healer Monks in Thailand
Sebastian Murken                Religion and Health in Western Societies. A socio-cultural Analysis
Bad Kreuznach, GERMANY
Sharmila Rao                    Spirituality and Healing: its interrelation
Aneela Sultana                  The Role of Faith Healers in remedying the socio-medical Problems in
Islamabad, PAKISTAN             Pakistan
Sauvakon Junphongsri            My observation about Traditional Medical System of Tribes of Jharkhand
Ranchi, INDIA                   (India)


Venue:   Seminar Room 5 (514) 5th floor
                            Religion And Women : Old Times, New Times

Chair:    Prof. Mo Mo Thant, Professor and Head, University of Distance Education, Yangon, Myanmar

CHAN Kit Sze Amy                Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara as a Symbol for the Posthuman/ Post-
HONG KONG                       feminist Future
Shobha Rani Dash                An Observation on the Final Extinction of Mahāpajāpatī Gotamī
Kyoto, JAPAN
Le Thi Hang Nga                 Position of Vietnamese women in the new age
Ho Chi Minh City,VIETNAM
Tina Manandhar                  The Sati System in Nepal : Religious Conviction and Social Complications
Kathmandu, NEPAL
Joanna Cook                     Hagiographic Narratives and Thai Buddhist Nuns
Cambridge, ENGLAND
Prabha Krishnan                 From Clytmnestra to Kaikeyi:the Meeting of the Orient and the Occident
Mumbai, INDIA                   in the Women Characters of Indian and Greek Mythical Tradition

ACADEMIC PARALLEL SESSION (5)        11:15 -12:45

Venue:   Seminar Room 1 (314) 3rd Floor
                                       Religion and Philosophy

Chair: Prof. T.S. Rukmani, Department of Religion, Concordia University, Montréal, Canada

Kokila Joshi                    Basvashwara and Bhakti movement in Karnataka
Mumbai, INDIA
S.Ram Mohan                     Syncretism in Buddhism: Delineation of Consciousness in Vijnanavada
Chennai, INDIA
Gayathri Balasubramanian        Diksha or Initiation of Siddhantins as per Saiva Agamas
Mumbai, INDIA
Balakrishnan Muniapan           Managerial Effectiveness from the Perspectives of Bhagvadgita
Tee Boon Chuan                  Is Karma Mimamsa the Confucian School in India?
C.S.Radhakrishnan               Bhajan Sampradaya – A Living Tradition of Worship
Chennai, INDIA
S.R.Leela                       Social customs and Social philosophy in the Buddhacharitam of
Bangalore, INDIA                Ashvaghosha
Arun Kumar Ojha                 Ontological Bedrock of Sankara's Philosophy
Mumbai, INDIA


Venue:   Seminar Room 4 (513) 5th floor
                                          Mind and Mysticism

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Chutatip Umavijani, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University, Bangkok,

Mohammed Yamin                  Sufism: A Syncretic Path for Peace
Kalahandi, Orissa, INDIA
Matthew Kosuta                  Buddhist Meditation: Mind Development Technology or Ritual
Quebec, CANADA                  Performance
Chutatip Umavijani              Mindful Meditation for Peace and Future of the World
Satyendra Kumar Pandey          Vipassanā: A Mode of Self Realization
Leh , Ladakh, INDIA
Abdul Kabir H. Solihu           Spiritual Ascent in Buddhism, Christianity and Islam: In search of a
Kuala Lumpur,MALAYSIA           Common Ground through Mystical Experience
A.Tarmizi Abdul Rahman          An Understanding Of Some Spiritual Practices: The Concepts of Tacᾱqul
Sabah, MALAYSIA                 in Sufism and Nirvᾱṇa In Buddhism

Lunch Break 12.45 – 13.45

Venue:   Meeting Room 1-2 (223-224) 2nd floor
           The Situation of Women and Religion in South East Asia: A Selective Survey

Chair: Prof Morny Joy, Dept. of Religious Studies, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada

Alef Theria Wasim               Syncretism: Animism, Dynamism, Hinduism and Islam
Yogyakarta, INDONESIA           In Javanese Suluk literature
Varaporn Chamsanit              Buddhist Women’s Monasticism in the Transnational Context:
Nakhonpathom,THAILAND           Syncretism of another kind?
C.T.Dorji                       Women and Religion in Bhutan
Thimpu, BHUTAN
Ni Nyoman Rupiasih              Balinese Women in the Context of Hinduism
Noriko Kawahashi                Re-imagining Japanese Buddhist Women
Nagoya, JAPAN


Venue: Seminar Room 2 (315) 3rd floor
                                        Religion and Ecology I

Chair: Prof. Rana P. B. Singh, Professor of Cultural Geography & Heritage Studies, Banaras Hindu
         University, Varanasi, INDIA

Albertina Nugteren              Trees in Buddha’s Biography
Parineeta Deshpande             World of Trees: A Buddhist Perspective
Mumbai, INDIA
Jeane C. Peracullo              Paticca Samuppada or Dependent Co-Arising as Bridge between Deep
Cavite, THE PHILIPPINES         Ecology and Ecological Feminism: Religious Implication towards Healing
                                of the Earth
Jyoti Marwah(Mumbai)            Plant Essences and Indian Spiritualism
Shweta Marwah(Calicut) &
Ishita Marwah(Nerul) INDIA
Esmeralda F. Sanchez            Harmony with the Environment as Reflected in the Creed, Code and Cult
Manila, THE PHILIPPINES         of the Alangan Mangyans of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines
Solot Sirisai                   Facilitating Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue for Sustainable Ecology: Lessons
Nakhonpathom,THAILAND           from Tsunami Disaster Recovery Project in Lanta Island
Rana P. B. Singh                Religious Tradition and Ecological Spirituality: Searching the Cultural
Varanasi, INDIA                 roots from India

ACADEMIC PARALLEL SESSION (3)          13:45-15:30

Venue:   Seminar Room 5 (514) 5th floor
                                          History of Religion II
Chair: Prof. Knut A. Jacobsen, Department of the History of Religions, University of Bergen,
         Bergen, NORWAY

Michel Despland                 Pierre Bigandet, the first Bishop of Rangoon as historian of Buddhism
Montréal, CANADA
K.Sankaranarayan                Kalabhras and Buddhism in south India
Mumbai, INDIA
Tri Ratna Manandhar             Hindu Ideals and Divorce Law in Nepal: a Historical Perspective
Kathmandu, NEPAL
G.Deivanayagam                  Ganesh –Adoption and Adaptation
Thanjavur, INDIA
Rasheda Begum                   Culture and Social History of Islamic Society in Bangladesh
Shobha Rani Dash                Rare Buddhist Manuscript Collection at Otani, Kyoto
Kyoto, JAPAN
Pitchanee Sotthiyothi           The contents of Seamsi in Thai Temples and Chinese Temples: A
Bangkok, THAILAND               Comparative Study (Thai)


Venue:   Seminar Room 3 (316) 3rd floor
                                       You Too: Other Aspects

Chair: Dr. Kwanchewan Buadaeng, Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai,

Unchun Keartibutra,             A Study of Emotional Intelligence in Thai Wisdom (Thai)
Benjamas Kanjanaviroj
and Worapim Thirawat
Parsert Chaitip                 Time series forecasting based on a single variable :
Chiang Mai , THAILAND           international tourist arrivals to Thailand
and N. Rangaswamy
Chukiat Chaiboonsri,
Bangalore, INDIA
S.C.Bagri                       Buddhist Heritage Tourism in India: A Study of Destination interpretation
Garhwal, INDIA                  and Resource Conservation in Uttar Pradesh and Nepal Foothills
Sittichai Tantanasarit          A study of potentials and management model of watershed and
Bangkok, THAILAND               environment as participation by all - sectors in Phu Phan National park
                                and surrounding landscape
Usanee Anuruthwong              Thai Giftedness: Socio-cultural Perspectives
Paramasivam Muthusamy           Language Adaptation at lexical level: Among Malaysian Tamil students
Selangor , MALAYSIA
Surachai Jewcharoensakul        Path Way of Southeast Asia Culture Learning which Adapted to English
Naruphan Vallisuphan            Skill Practicing of Kasetsart University’s Students
and Wannee Lekmanee
Apa Chantharasakul              Constructing a Systematic Attention Test for Students in Higher Education


Venue:   Seminar Room 4 (513) 5th floor
                                      Religion, Rites and Rituals

Chair: Dr. Elizabeth Guthrie, Department of Theology and Religious Studies University of Otago,
         Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND

Orathai Pholdi                  The Folk Wisdom of Traditional Tai Rain-Making Ceremonies in pre-
Bangkok, THAILAND               history (Thai)
Paolo Aranha                    Syncretism and cultural adaption in the "Malabaric Rites" controversy
Florence, ITALY
Elizabeth Guthrie               Sraoc Tuk: the magical power of sacred water
Premakumara De Silva            Globalization and The Transformation of ‘Traditional’ Buddhist Rituals
Colombo, SRI LANKA              in Sri Lanka
I Made Sutama                   Masangih/Mapandes: A Tooth Filing Ritual In Balinese Hindu Community
Ruchi Kulshrestha               Rites of women in The Yajnavalkya Smriti
Pallavi Nalawde                 Rituals and Religious Practices during Satavahana Period in Deccan
Mumbai, INDIA
Ashok Oraon                     Religious rituals on the eve of tribal festivals
Ranchi, INDIA


Venue:   Seminar room 1 (314) 3rd Floor
           Body Techniques and Metaphors in the Global and Southeast Asian Religions

Chair: Dr. Pattana Kitiarsa, Asia Research Institute, SINGAPORE

Bryan S. Turner                 Body, Piety and Practice: modern forms of global religion
Julius Bautista & Mercedes      “The Body” in the Colonial Philippines
Pattana Kitiarsa                Bodies in Thai Buddhism

Coffee Break       15:30 – 15:45


CRUISE DINNER            18.30 – 21.30
(Bus leaves from the venue at 18:00)

                                    Sunday May 27, 2007


Venue:   Meeting Room 1-2 (223-224) 2nd floor
                                        Young Minds and Religion

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Sophana Srichampa, Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development,
         Mahidol University, THAILAND

Olan Rattanapagdee              Buddha Dharma in Reading Practice Poetry for Children in Early
Lampang, THAILAND               Rattanakosin Period (Thai)
Sirima Pinyoanuntapong          The Moral development of pre-school Children Using Fable Technique
Bangkok, THAILAND               (Thai)
Pornpan Jor. Raktrakul          The Construction of Computer-Assisted Instruction Program on Reasoned
Bangkok, THAILAND               Attention for Secondary School Students (Thai)
Yawvapa Tejagutpta              The Development of the multiple intelligence model for learning Thai
Bangkok , THAILAND              culture (Thai)
Parichart Suwanbubbha           Dialogue for Peaceful Living at the Youth Detention Center, Songkhla in
Nakhonpathom,THAILAND           southern Thailand
Sauvakon Junphongsri            Technique of Fire-fly teaching Model
Chonburi, THAILAND
Sophana Srichampa               “White” Stories : Grooming the Young Generation in Sathya Sai School,
Nakhonpathom,THAILAND           Thailand


Venue:   Seminar Room 4 (513) 5th floor
                                Lanna Thai: Culture and Syncretism

Chair: Prof. M.R. Rujaya Abhakorn, Memory of the World Project, UNESCO, THAILAND

Manop Manasam                   Lanna Sattapan (Lanna style candle holder):Inspiration from Buddhist
Chiang Mai, THAILAND            belief (Thai)
Visisya Pinthongvijayakul       To Be Possessed or to Possess: An Adoption of Lanna Myth as Female
Chiangrai, THAILAND             Weapon in Sroisuganda
Sumanatsya Voharn               Guidelines for Improvement of Prototype Products of the Lanna Style
Chiang Mai, THAILAND            (Thai)
Pitsamai Arwakulpanich          Study of Lanna Wisdom Related to Handicraft, Culture and the
Chiang Mai, THAILAND            Environment (Thai)
Amnat Yousukh,Sanan             “Khun Sangkhan”: The Lanna Deity for Songkran (Thai)
Thamathi & Apiwan
Chiang Mai, THAILAND
Bachchan Kumar                  Syncretism in North Thailand
New Delhi, INDIA


Venue:   Seminar Room 5 (514) 5th floor
                                Art, Archaeology and Architecture IV

Chair:   Dr.A.P.Jamkhedkar, K.J.Somaiya Centre of South and Southeast Asian Studies, Mumbai, INDIA

B.R. Mani                       Evolution of Sarnath School of Art
New Delhi, INDIA
A.P.Jamkhedkar                  Nagas in the Buddhist, Saiva and Jain Myths and their presentation in
Mumbai, INDIA                   visual Art
Devdutta G. Angal               Hindu and Buddhist Symbols with reference to Ancient South East Asian
Pune, INDIA                     Coinage
Pravesh Kumar Srivastava        ‘Srivatsa’ Symbol in Buddhist Tradition – A study
Varanasi, INDIA
Aki Toyoyama                    Buddhist Caves as a Symbol of Socio-Economy: with Special Reference to
Osaka, JAPAN                    Junnar Caves in India
Shreekant S.Jadhav              Early Historic Ecology and the Buddhist Rock-Cut Caves in Western India
Amrendra Kumar                  Hindu religious symbols in temple architecture of Southeast Asia and its
New Delhi, INDIA                impact on social life
Phon Kaseka                     Archaeology and CRM at the Southern Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA
B.C.Deotare                     Earliest Budhhist Stupa at Bhon, Maharashtra, India

ACADEMIC PARALLEL SESSION         (4) 08:30-10:30

Venue:   Seminar room 2 (315) 3rd Floor
                                          Religion and Ecology II

Chair: Prof. Albertina Nugteren, Tilburg University, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Anita Sharma                    Buddhism and Deep Ecology
Delhi, INDIA
S. Vanathu Antoni               Buddhist Pattern of Eco-Consciousness
Madurai, INDIA
Jose Kalapura                   Ecological Crisis and Religion: Hindu and Buddhist Perspectives
Patna, INDIA
Aruna Mohan                     Impact of Environmental Factors on Religion
New Delhi, INDIA
Jyotsna K.B.Rout                Hinduism and Ecology
Guwahati, INDIA
M.S. Ahluwalia                  Ecology and Religion-A Case Study of Sikhism
Chandigarh, INDIA
Chandra Ramani                  Religion and Ecology
Chennai, INDIA
Karubaki Datta                  Buddhism and Environment in the Himalayan State of Sikkim
Darjeeling, INDIA


Venue:   Seminar Room 3 (316) 3rd floor

                                  Islam: Trends, Mends and Future

Chair: Prof. Mehdi Najafi Afra, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Mehdi Najafi Afra               Islam as an intellectual religion
Tehran, IRAN
Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy             Culture Mosaic of Islamic Cham Community in South Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City, VIET NAM
Ary Budiyanto                   Reiki Meditation vis-à-vis “Islamic Engagement”: the Politics of Global
Yogyakarta, INDONESIA           Divine Energy in Contemporary Indonesia

Christopher Joll                 Thai Muslims making merit: Parochialization or Syncretism?
Muhammad Zia -Ul-Haq            Muslim Doctrine of Interfaith Dialogue
Islamabad, PAKISTAN
Patit Paban Mishra              Islam in Thailand: A discourse on separatist movement in southern
Sambalpur, Orissa, INDIA        Thailand
Zakir Hussain Raju              Nation, Islam and Bangladeshi Art Cinema in Global Stage: Rejection or
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA          Adaptation?
ACADEMIC PARALLEL SESSION (6)        08:30-10:30

Venue:   Seminar Room 1 (314) 3rd floor
                                  Religion, Reforms and Reformers

Chair: Dr. Solot Sirisai, Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development,
         Mahidol University, THAILAND

B.H.Kalyankar                   Social Philosophy of Buddha as ancient Materialism in India
Aurangabad, INDIA
B.V.Muralidhar and              Buddhism and Ambedkar's Perspective
Tirupati, INDIA
Usha Prasad                     Ambedkar on Buddhism: A study in Social Transformation of Indian
Patna, INDIA                    Society
Ranjeet Mishra                  A Brief Study of the Role of Religion in Social Reforms
Ranchi, INDIA
Balai Chandra Barui             B. R. Ambedkar and Buddhism in 20th century India
Nadia, INDIA
Satyasheel Gautam               The Revival of Buddhism in India
Bangkok, Thailand

Coffee Break 10:30-10:45

Main Conference Room

Lunch 12:00 -13:00


Monday MAY 28, 2007: TO Suvarnabhumi AIRPORT at 04:30 FOR Cambodia Trip

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