The Fame of Forschner Cutlery

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					The Fame of Forschner Cutlery
RH Forschner is a name synonymous with quality and well executed kitchen
cutlery. The company was given the sole distribution rights for the US in
1972, but the association between this company and the actual
manufacturer, Victorinox, began almost 100 years ago. This all started in
Switzerland in the 1800's when Carl Elsener decided not to apprentice in
his family's haberdashery business. Instead he began to make knives. He
invented and sold the first and the original Swiss Army Knife. These
gained tremendously in popularity and in 1937 the Forschner Butcher Scale
Company began importing and selling them. The two companies' association
has continued since this time.
Today the Victorinox Company exports 90% of their entire kit chen
cutlery...over 73 million knives each year.
The Forschner mark on a knife is indicative of superior workmanship and
quality and people in all countries look to purchase these items only.
The original factory still produces and manufactures all of these cutlery
pieces, and each is carefully designed for one particular use and task.
While many professional chefs will choose these cooking aids because they
will be relying on the quality and superb blade strength, the normal
everyday cooks choose them because they know they are selecting a product
that is guaranteed to provide them with years of problem free use.
There are numerous styles and designs of Forschner designed blades and
even several different handle designs that you can browse through in
order to arrive at your final choice. Many of these are specially crafted
to afford the user ease of use and to give them ergonomic action. The
balance and feel that you have in these knives allows you to use them
with relatively no hand or wrist strain at all. The handles are offered
in elegant rosewood, nylon composite of even the company's own Fibrox
material. The Fibrox handles could be placed in a dishwasher but this
practice is not recommended.
The perfection, strength and durability of the blades are a result of
their special alloy which is derived from a combination of fine carbon
and stainless steel. These two metals when subjected to a Forschner
company formula and specification provide an alloy of surprising strength
and resilience. This is quite useful because there are many shapes and
designs of blades that will have to be exactingly fashioned. Due to many
criteria and specifications that will have to be met, only a flexible and
strong alloy can be used.
The knife blades that have the peculiar serrated wave are meant for use
when needing kitchen knives for slicing items that have both soft and
delicate interiors and a harder shell or skin, such as tomatoes and
rolls. For vegetables that need to be chopped you would choose one of the
straight edged blades. There are also boning knives that have different
blades for different uses. You will find knife blades meant to cut
through thickened gristle and bone, as well as those for dealing with
game birds and fish. For the purpose of filleting, there is a blade that
has a nicely curved, narrow blade that is very useful for extracting the
meat that is close to the bone.
There are even knife sharpeners which are created by the Forschner
Company and these too come with a history rich in tradition and quality.
The craftsmen all highly recommend the use of these with their products.
One sharpener allows you to re-align the blade as you sharpen and this is
not seen in many other products of this type. All of the sharpening
steels are manufactured to precise calibrations.
Forschner prides itself on being known as the company that carries on the
traditions and principles upon which it was founded. They proudly offer
you a guarantee on any of your purchases and will often replace something
even when it was damaged through no fault of the company. Customer
service is a sacred trust.
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