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									From: Charles Huang 03-28-2006

Dear members, volunteers and friends:

Congratulations to ACCEF, a young organization that shows characters and
integrity; Congratulations to all ACCEF members, volunteers and sponsors, who
make this event a reality!

Thank Linda Mok for her tireless effort to make the ticket sale a great success.
All tickets were sold out 2 weeks before the event, thanks to strong support from
Wei Gao (biggest ticket sale) fueled by timely public promotion by Ginger
Chang (We Chinese). The biggest headache in the last 2 weeks was not ticket
sale; it was how to find ticket to the 100 people in the waiting list.

Big congratulations to Maria Gee for directing the great performance. She went
to Ling Yun Guang Xi at the past New Year and got many first hand material.
She spent so much time and energy to prepare this event, and the great effort
was paid off!

Thank Jing Zeng for her great contributions to secure $30K sponsorship. This
makes our goal to build at least 2 schools a reality!

Thank Wei Gao for successfully organizing the Love and Beauty drawing art
exhibition! This exhibition positively promoted our event and mission, a great

Thank our 4 great MC: Nan Jiang, Jay Xu, Sunny Yan and William Liu.You
delivered a great performance in a professional way with charm and heart!

Thank Kechun Tang and his stage team for their faultless delivery: William
Liu, Wei Gao, Li Li and Liwei Cai;
Thank Simon Fang, Yiping Hu and Yu Ma for their professional handling of
sound and music;
Thank Zeping Cai and Dancheng Deng for their professional art instructions;

Thank James Zhao and ShaoYi He for the outstanding power-point
productions: this background made the performance theme-supported, touching
people's hearts and souls.

Thank Mingzhu Zhang for her outstanding poster presentation. The 8 posters
demonstrated the accomplishment and goals for ACCEF. They delivered a strong
and clear message to public: We are serious, We are capable, We have achieved
and will work hard to achieve more!

Thank Nancy Shi and her logistics team: Jing-hong Zhou, Duncan Wu, Jack
Jin, Xiaoliang Tan! You delivered a warm and delicious dinner, and delivered a
warm caring and atmosphere as well!

Thank Xiaotao Ma for accounting support!
Thank Qi Wang and Hailan Wang for greeting, membership and donation
Thank Rita Waters, James Zhao, Hailan Wang and Ginger Chang for the
beautiful program!
Special Thanks to Ginger Chang for her outstanding leadership to the event

Thank Hongfang Sha and her team for bringing the positive attitude and
professional image. Our special arranged flower and plaque presentation has
been one of the highlights of the performance.

Thank our flower lady: Julia Cao for preparing the beautiful flowers to VIP
guests and sponsors: a professional job was well done!

Thank Hong Liu, Hong's husband and Lian-xiang Liu for their great
photography and video-taping masterpieces!

Thank Janice Cui and her Hua Xia Leadership volunteers for the great help!
Thank Adrian Mok and David Zhang and their security team: Jian Shen,
Tielin Wang, Guo-xiong Liang for their strong support for ou r security. The
event was safe and smooth.

Thank every volunteer who might not be in this list!

Special and big thanks go to the Spouses of our members and volunteers.
Without your understanding and supp ort, we can not have this event. You are
the real HEROES!

If I missed out anyone, please forgive me!

Again, many many thanks!



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