Wedding Photography - Tips for a Wonderful Session

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					Wedding Photography - Tips for a Wonderful Session
Every couple wants wonderful photos of their wedding day that capture the
celebration, details, romance and beauty.
Here are a few tips for a successful photo session:
1. Hire a professional qualified wedding photographer. Don't be tempted
to hire "Uncle Harry" to do your wedding photos. Focus on quality wedding
photography. At the end in won't matter how much you save or spend if you
end up with bad photos or no photos at all.
2. Take the time to select the best wedding photographer that you can
have. Make sure that you are in agreement regarding the style of
3. Don't give your wedding photographer a long list of must have photos
that you printed from the Internet. You will only hinder the
photographer's creativity and the capture of true spontaneous
photographs. Hire a photographer with a style that you like and then give
him or her artistic freedom to capture your wedding day photography.
4. If you are going to have a ceremony outdoors please plan it away from
the harsh sun. Shaded areas and afternoon sunlight are best.
5. Try to have an engagement session with the same photographer that will
photograph your wedding. It will allow you to interact with the
photographer before your wedding day and will help the photographer
evaluate your best angles.
6. Plan enough time for your photographic session. Even if the wedding
photographer is good he or she won't be able to give you wonderful photos
in just five minutes.
7. Take your time to do your hair and make up and to take care of all the
details so you look good and fresh. The wedding day is not the time to
try new makeup or a new hair look. If possible hire a professional hair
and makeup artist and have a trial session before the wedding.
8. Plan your photo session for afternoon or evening light unless it is an
overcast day. The light will be better and you will end up with beautiful
photos. Contrary to popular belief midday sunny time is the worst time to
take photos.
9. Please don't forget to rest well the day before the wedding and eat
and stay hydrated during the day. If you are tired, thirsty or hungry it
will show up in your photos.
10. Don't make photography of groups the entire focus of your wedding
day. A few group photos are ok to record the friends and relatives at the
wedding. There is nothing more boring that a wedding album full of group
11. Be yourself. The goal of the wedding photographer is to capture the
true you. If the photos are nice but show a fake person you won't be
12. Have fun and treat the photographer like a human being. Enjoy your
day, smile a lot and relax.
Juan Carlos Torres is a very respected and awarded wedding photographer
in Oregon. He has a Masters Degree in Remote Sensing with a strong
background in digital image processing and photography. He is a member of
the several professional photographer organizations including the
Professional Photographers of America, the Professional Photographers of
Oregon, the Wedding Photojournalist Association, and the Oregon Wedding
Photo Guild. His wedding photographs are unique and very artistic and
have been featured in national and international magazines. For a sample
of his works please visit Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer and Eugene
Oregon Wedding Photographer For a discussion on wedding photography see
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