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									Taking Powerful Photos - Digital Photography Tips
When it comes to photography, many people are happy to just "capture the
moments" in their shots. For others, however, they want more. They want
to capture a shot and have it create emotional reactions to the viewers.
This article will show you an introduction to creating powerful
Photography is art. It can be used to give very powerful messages and
such. The first step to taking strong photography is to start developing
your personal style. Take out a piece of paper and write down ten things
people say about you. Then write down ten things you think of yourself.
Try to identify the personality that you have. Then start to think of
issues and how you think about them. For example, how do you feel about
global warming? How about companies like Wall Mart? After this, think of
a way to photograph by showing the way you feel about this topic.
An easier way to get started is to think about a concept. For example,
one concept that is frequently used is happiness and pleasure,
relaxation. Then think of symbols for that concept. The beach is a great
symbol for relaxation. Another is a smile. Then think of photos that you
could take using those symbols to convey that concept. This is just a
starter as you can think of much more complex concepts like, as stated
above, the concept of global warming. What is a symbol of global warming?
This is just a starter to taking stronger more powerful shots. I can't
cover everything in this article as it can get pretty complex. But the
key is to start trying and pushing yourself.
Al Sanez has a Free Photo course that teaches beginners digital
photography tips He also has a Digital Photography Guide

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