Cover Letter _2nd draft_ by kahanke


									                                           Kate Hanke
                       5043 Tower Lane NW, Rochester, MN 55901 507-226-1071

          During the past four years I have worked as a second grade teacher in the
Rochester Public Schools. During this time I worked with a population of students that
was 48% minority, 48% low income, and between 40% and 50% spoke English as a
second language.
          I establish a positive and collaborative relationship with students and parents to
promote the ultimate growth for each child. I meet individual student’s needs by
differentiating lessons, creating extension projects for gifted students, and initiating
interventions in the classroom for students who are not meeting expectations.
          As seen in the graphs below I have high academic expectations and my students
showed great academic growth in both reading and math.

                       Reading                                              Math
     60          10                                    40
                                 27                                12
                 41                                    30
     40                                                            13               28
                                               AGE                                                  AGE
     30                          31                    20
                                               OGE                                                  OGE
     20                                                            18
                                               BGE     10                           10              BGE
                 12              5                                                   5
      0                                                 0
                 BOY            EOY                               BOY              EOY

                                 BOY-Beginning of Year     EOY-End of Year
BGE-Below Grade Level Expectations OGA-On Grade Level Expectations    AGE- Above Grade Level Expectations

          In one year my class gained an average of 13% on reading assessments, 58 words
correct per minute in fluency, and 20% on math assessments.
          As you can see from my resume, I worked relentlessly to ensure that my students
met and exceeded grade level expectations. I am confident that I will make a valuable
addition to your school because of my teaching expertise and my commitment to
rigorous, data-driven instruction.

    “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”          -William Butler Yeats

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