January 18, 2006

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					Leadership Minutes for January 2006

January 18, 2006
   -   Top 5 themes from leadership & Top 5 themes from House of Rep
          o Leadership will be deciding factor

   1. Initial Theme Ideas
          a. Indigenous African Insects                    n.   Board Games
          b. Reality TV                                    o.   Vacation Places
          c. TV Land, old school                           p.   Emotions
          d. Musicals                                      q.   Animals
          e. Cartoons                                      r.   Seven Deadly Sins
          f. ―Under-where‖                                 s.   Websites
          g. Books                                         t.   Game Shows
          h. Fast Food Logos                               u.   States
          i. Fashion Designers                             v.   Historical Figures
          j. Theme Park                                    w.   Greek Mythology
          k. Pixar Movies                                  x.   Video Games
          l. Holidays                                      y.   MTV
          m. Colors

Motion to Eliminate
  - Move to get rid of Indigenous African Insects, Historical Figures, Teachers, Websites,
      Colors, Vacation Places, Board Games, Animals, Emotions, Colors, Holidays and States
          o Seconded by class

Themes still standing, 5 Votes Each for TOP 5
   1. Seven Sins (19)                               9. Books (6)
   2. Reality TV (22)                               10. Fast Food (3)
   3. TV Land – Old school (11)                     11. Fashion Designers (2)
   4. Musicals (19)                                 12. Theme Parks (0)
   5. MTV (19)                                      13. Pixar Movies (1)
   6. Cartoons (13)                                 14. Greek Mythology (1)
   7. Board Games (5)                               15. Game Shows (0)
   8. ―Under-where‖ (8)                             16. Video Games (1)

TOP 5  House of Reps to choose their Top 5
  - Sins
  - Reality TV
  - Musicals
  - MTV
  - Cartoons
January 19, 2006
        o Gym won’t fit—Only stadium will fit w/ AB
        o Last year, AB schedule worked
               Problems
                      Rain?

        o Optional, study hall instead
        o 3 Rallies—Wouldn’t work, never been done, take away from class time
               Restrictions
                      GPA Restrictions, less than 2.0 wouldn’t go, too much work for
                      ASB card holders
        o Two days, two separate rallies for classes

January 20, 2006
        o Majority wanted AB schedule, trying to alleviate number of people there
               Rally & Study Hall going on simultaneously
               ABC schedule is too long
               ASB incentive
                      Still not working
                      Friends don’t have one
                      Takes time, small audience
               Two days: freshmen  juniors one day, seniors the next day
               Extended lunch
               MOTION: Eliminate ASB incentive
                      Seconded by majority
        o Stadium rally if moved all to the middle, more dense; borderlines to minimize the
           time—AB schedule is best right now
               Homecoming Rally, had all four classes, different classes
               Was really rushed, had no time for main event: football team, not skit
        o If we had split into two days, seniors wouldn’t go to the first, vice versa
               The rally is for the sports, doesn’t matter
        o One Rally, study hall in Cougar Hall
               Still 45 minute limit, not AB schedule
               Try to extend the time with admin
  -   MAIN IDEAS                                  -   TOP 2, FINAL DECISION
        o AB rally (38)                                  o AB Rally
        o Massive rally with study hall                  o Massive rally with study hall
           option (34)                                      option
        o GPA Restriction (2)                     -   FINAL DECISION
        o Extended Lunch (7)                             o Try to extended lunch
        o Two day rally (0)                              o Plan B: AB schedule
        o MOTION: To eliminate to
           top 3--Seconded

  -   AUDITION FOR SPIRIT                         -   FINAL 5 BATTLE THEMES
      COMMISSIONER                                       o Seven Sins
        o Desiree Sanchez                                o Reality TV (13)
        o Tatiana Reyes                                  o Cartoons (25)
        o Bryant Pena                                    o Board Games (2)
                                                         o Musicals (9)

January 23, 2006
  - Seniors                                       - Sophomores
        o Flintstones                                  o Scooby Doo
        o Orange                                       o Purple
        o Upper Quad                                     o Behind Cougar Hall
  - Juniors                                       -   Freshmen
        o X-Men                                          o A building breeze way
        o Black
        o Palm Court
  -   Need to put old ASB into other committees
  -   Email McDonough about motion to change battle date
  -   Call Independence about gym

January 24, 2006
  -   Top 5 themes from leadership & Top 5 themes from House of Rep

January 26, 2006
      1. PAPA, Officer groups and ASB stay the same
      2. To definitely be changed
            a. AVT
              b.   Events
              c.   Student Store
              d.   Athletics
              e.   ICC

1. Student store
       - Camillie, Frankie, Jazper, Andrew, Cynthia
2. AVT
       - Royce, Rea, Eric, Igor, Jeff
3. Athletics
       - Janani, Phyllis, AJ, Melba
4. Surpreme Court
       - Sapaan, Des, Yuridia, Kevin, Jennifer
5. Events
       - Chelsea, Missy, Sona, Melissa, Ryan, Alvin
       - OKAY!


January 27, 2006
  - Prom fashion show during lunch
       o March 24, 2006
  - Sadie Hawkins Dance Theme Ideas
       o 80s (22)                                           o Masquerade (8)
       o Bombay dreams (11)                                 o Heaven & Hell (3)
       o 7 deadly sins (0)                                  o House of Mirrors (0)
       o Country club (25)                                  o Moulin Rouge (1)
       o Farm (14)                                          o Biker Gang—Hell’s Angels
       o Farm Beverly Hills (4)                               (3)
       o Toy Land (4)                                       o 50s: Bubble gum pop (20)

          Motion: Remove 80s and Moulin Rouge – Declined
          Motion: Narrow down list to top 5 with four votes – Okayed

          Top 5
   -   80’s, Bombay, Country club, Farm, 50’s

January 31, 2006
   -   Pennies for Patients
          o Students carry them
          o Teacher’s classrooms (6)
          o Clubs (8)
          o Combo = Teachers / Students (21)
   -   Glue all boxes
   -   Collect a certain amount

      We have a total of 100 boxes
          o English teachers + Rest students (Leadership) (35)
          o History, English, Leadership (8)
MOTION: To take majority, approved
Boxes don’t count, only bins

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