Five Tips to Running a Greener Small Business

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					Five Tips to Running a Greener Small Business
With the debate and concern over global warming moving from the forefront
of the political arena into the public sector, many individuals are
becoming more aware of exactly what global warming is and what they can
do to create a more eco-friendly environment. In fact, these individuals
are not only transforming their homes into "green homes" but they're also
turning their businesses and offices into an "eco-friendly business."
As a small business owner, running a green small business not only
contributes to preserving the environment but it also creates greater
green savings for your business. Below are five tips to guide you in
running a green small business:
1) Fluorescent Lighting
By switching over to compact fluorescent (CF) lighting, you're using
nearly ¼ the energy of normal incandescent light bulbs. CF bulbs also
last up to 10 times as long in comparison to standard light bulbs. Also,
the heat output from a CF bulb is much less.
2) Recycling
In running a small business, there are numerous ways in which you can
contribute to recycling efforts. For example, you can cut your paper
expenses in half by printing drafts on both sides. Have recycle bins
available and clearly labeled for plastic, paper, bottles and aluminum
cans. Be sure to create a weekly schedule for distribution of the
3) Email over Faxes & Paper Documents
Email not only typically generates a quicker response, but it also saves
paper and time in making copies for distribution. There's also no need to
purchase file folders since you can simply file your email on your
computer's hard drive.
4) Conserve Electricity
Many individuals are under the impression that you should leave your
computer and printer on at all times. This is simply not true - always
turn off all electronics when you leave your office. And, don't forget to
turn off the lights! You can also conserve energy by installing motion
sensor lighting to detect when the office is occupied and not.
5) Adjust the Thermostat Accordingly
When the office is unoccupied, be sure to adjust the thermostat back up
or down. This will result in a tremendous amount of heating and cooling
savings for your business. You may want to consider a programmable
thermostat which you can set according to times when the office is
occupied or not.
These simple and cost-effective tips will not only create a green
business for you but they also contribute to the conserving of our
country's energy and environment for years to come. By making simply
adjustments and cutting down on waste, we can all do our part in creating
an environmentally-friendly lifestyle of living.
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