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					  マブラヴ Total Eclipse

Green is addition information on terminology added to make life easier.
Some additional sentences focusing mostly on sound have been added to the script.

Prologue: "Let's play Electromagnetic Danmaku Shooting Game."
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The drone of afterburners reverberated throughout the tunnels of the hive as a unit of twelve Type 94
Senjutsuhokousentouki* Shiranui cut its way through the stagnant air. Unopposed, the unit rapidly
coiled its way downward through the gigantic main shaft, progressing further underground.

*(Senjutsuhokousentouki = 戦術歩行戦闘機, "Tactical Surface Fighter." The mecha of Muv-Luv, to
put it simply. Abbreviates to Senjutsuki.)

Total Eclipse 05.jpg

These veterans of the Imperial Japanese army are descending ever deeper into the depths of the
earth - a place which few men have ever returned from alive. These elite members have lead
countless counter attacks, outnumbered, for the sake of humanity.

"White Fang"

The current mission: the destruction of the enemy Reactor* awaiting them at the very bottom of the

However, they have been tasked with a secondary objective as well.

*(Reactors are hybrid computer/power generators that reside in the lower hive chambers. Reactors
produce energy for the BETA race and share the sensory information they gather from the BETA
combat forms with a designated superior who, in turn, formulates strategies and reports them.
Destruction of a Reactor essentially renders any nearby BETA useless as, without a power source,
they eventually stop completely.)

Total Eclipse 06.jpg
Total Eclipse 07.jpg

First Lieutenant* Yui, the unit's commander, sat in silence in her cockpit, enthralled by the panorama
of faint blue light which surrounded her.

Images from the external camera of her machine engulfed her vision, the visual data directly
projected onto her retinas. It was an unforgettable experience - the mesmerizing view all around could
easily fool her into thinking that her body was floating along by itself.

The surroundings were so... alien... having been created by a species not of this world, beings not
even of this solar system. Somehow, the phosphorescence of the seemingly endless cavern evoked
a sense of beauty...
Yui took the spectacle in, and, amid it all, a spark arose within her heart...

*(First Lieutenants are commissioned officers directly related to Army and Airforce organizations.
They are one up from Ensigns/2nd Lieutenant and have a NATO paygrade of O-2)

Total Eclipse 08.jpg

The slaughter of the human race and the ensuing despair.

This was all a symbol of humanity's strife. Yui could no longer stomach the fact that she felt some
sense of admiration for the enemy we should despise; she was angry with herself for harboring such

The lieutenant took a moment to calm her feelings, to recover her mental state.

Total Eclipse 09.jpg

Being thrust into a mission inside a Hive no doubt caused extreme mental tension to any participant.
However, Yui's willpower was remarkable. Her ability to control herself in such an extreme situation
was highly unusual.

In other words - she was a natural born soldier. Her raw spirit and willpower had been refined since
infancy to create the person she was today.

"...Disgusting," she murmured, while narrowing her eyes at the view.

For lack of a better term, the purity of her spirit was supernatural; it could be considered one of her
defining qualities.

To be disturbed by such thoughts, such images; to have your heart waver at the thought of it all was a
sign of weakness and inexperience.

Yui was a soldier of the Japanese Imperial army defense forces. More importantly, she was lucky
enough to possess the surname "Takamura." As a Takamura, her sense of duty was the most
important thing in her life. Attaining the completion of her objective was something that she could not
forego, no matter what.

The cause of her aggravation, the surroundings projected by her unit's visual sensors, engulfed her.
Even if she were to avert her eyes, those images would remain. Thus, she focused her attention on
her Shiranui's HUD.

*(HUD = Heads Up Display)

The speedometer displayed speeds in excess of 700 kilometers per hour. To the side, data signaled
that her unit was in midflight.

Total Eclipse 10.jpg

【Military ATCO】*
"Attention! This is White Fang 0, calling all machines! BETA forces have been confirmed. Distance...
roughly 6000, located at 11 o'clock!"
The headphones instantly come alive with the voice of the female ATCO.

*(ATCO is an acronym for Air Traffic Control Officer. Military ATCO's in Muv Luv act as support units
for Senjutsuki units, relaying and filtering important information and orders directly between the unit
and headquarters)

Total Eclipse 11.jpg

Yui took in a protracted breath.

"Always maintain a heart of ice, even when things start to heat up."

The words she had heard from the senior officer who had taught her everything, the man with the
giant scar, crossed her mind.

"White Fang 1 to all units - cease flight immediately! First platoon, move ahead as vanguard and
assume an umbrella formation. Second platoon, shift into a wedge."

Total Eclipse 12.jpg
Total Eclipse 13.jpg

The flight packs of the entire company suddenly cut out, accompanied by the ignition of
de-acceleration thrusters. The fuselages of the machines landed gently on the surface of the hive
tunnel as, finally, all thrusters cut out, filling the air with silence.

The four vanguard units charged forward to take up positions at the front, their stomping reverberating
throughout the surrounding area. When they come to a stop, the eight machines behind them edge
their way closer until they have assembled in the shape of an arrow.

A wedge.

The most suitable formation for dealing with a frontal assault in an enemy hive.

Total Eclipse 14.jpg

【Military ATCO】

"Attention! White Fang 0 to all machines. The BETA force is en route to your position."

Total Eclipse 15.jpg

Despite the warning, Yui was unable to detect enemy motion on either the sensors or the radar. There
was absolutely nothing.

Total Eclipse 16.jpg

Was the report incorrect, or were the sensors malfunctioning?

No, it could not have been either. The unique topography of the hive system was probably wreaking
havoc on the Senjutsuki's compound sensors, causing their signals to bounce around uselessly.
Total Eclipse 17.jpg

"White Fang 1 to White Fang 2 and White Fang 12. Begin individual focused search operations
according to clock directions."

Total Eclipse 18.jpg

The pilot of White Fang 2, located in the vanguard, moved forth, having received her orders from
Lieutenant Yui. Her radar readout lit up like a Christmas tree as soon as she began her search.

【White Fang 2】
"White Fang 2 reporting. I'm getting a reading; distance 2500, direction 12 o'clock. Numbering...
Numbers beyond sensor limit!"

Total Eclipse 19.jpg

Detailed information flooded onto the image was projected into Yui's eyes as the radio report from
White Fang 2 filled her ears.

A three dimensional image of the tunnel structure arose in front of her, and wherever the sensor data
had picked up an enemy target a red light flickered into existence. Eventually, a sea of bright red
pulsated ahead of her and her company.

Total Eclipse 20.jpg

"Shotgun 3!* Here we go! First platoon, advance to a distance of 1500 from the enemy upon initial
missile impact. Second platoon, follow afterwards, maintaining a distance of 100 with the first while
providing supporting fire."

*('Shotgun' is a NATO brevity code word often followed by a number. The code is an order to your unit
to cease current operations and to prepare weaponry depending on the following number. Weapon
preparation is decided upon during briefing. In this case Shotgun 3 probably stands for "Stop what
you're fucking doing and ready all weapons, missile units prepare a full salvo.")

Total Eclipse 21.jpg
Total Eclipse 22.jpg

The Lieutenant's ears were filled with a chorus of pilots chiming in with affirmative responses to the
issued orders.

Total Eclipse 23.jpg

"Begin the attack!"

Total Eclipse 24.jpg
Total Eclipse 25.jpg

【White Fang 11】
"White Fang 11, fox 1!"

【White Fang 12】
"White Fang 12, fox 1!"

At the very rear of the company, two Shiranuis equipped with support fire opened up the vast array of
missile banks resting on their shoulders. As their female pilots called out, a torrent of missiles flew out
into the dark beyond, aimed at the incoming BETA forces.

*('Fox' is a NATO brevity code word, informing that you have launched warhead ordinance. A 'Fox
One' indicates that you have launched semi-active radar guided missiles, either singular or multiples.)

Total Eclipse 26.jpg

A thunderous roar filled the hive.

Total Eclipse 27.jpg

The tunnel was bathed in an orange glow.

Every Senjutsuki pilot in the area felt their frame shudder from the concussive force of the explosion.

Total Eclipse 28.jpg

"First Platoon! CHARGE! Second Platoon, provide cover fire and advance!"

Total Eclipse 29.jpg
Total Eclipse 30.jpg

Their leader's tone was calm and professional.

The four units of the first platoon activated their flight packs briefly, and were propelled forward by a
jet-assisted jump. They closed in on the enemy with incredible speed.

Total Eclipse 31.jpg

They took aim with their rifles and opened fire on the unending horde ahead.

They were easily outnumbered 100 to 1.

The sound of 36mm rifles spewing forth round after round dominated the rapidly filling main
passageway as their bullets ripped through the carapaces and flesh of wave after wave of BETAs.

Total Eclipse 32.jpg
Total Eclipse 33.jpg

However, although the attack began smoothly, the vanguard unit rapidly lost momentum as it
advanced. The four Shiranuis were forced to wade through the mountain of corpses and blood that
had begun to accumulate around their feet.

The allies of the massacred BETA frontline began to divide into two groups seamlessly, as if following
the command of some omnipotent being, with one group splitting off to the left and one group splitting
off to the right.

Total Eclipse 34.jpg

Just a few more moments and the first platoon would be surrounded, swarms of monsters
encompassing them, with the dead at their feet preventing any quick movements.

Total Eclipse 35.jpg

Of course, someone like Yui could easily predict such an obvious maneuver.

Total Eclipse 36.jpg

The machines in the second platoon following behind had arrived at optimal shooting range exactly
according to schedule. The left and right sides of their wedge formation let loose on the flanking
forces, cutting them to pieces, the roaring gunfire of their own rifles adding to the chaos.

Total Eclipse 37.jpg

【Military ATCO】
"Attention. White Fang 0 to all machines."

The voice of the unit's only lifeline to headquarters hailed in once more, issuing a warning.

【Military ATCO】
"Enemy reinforcement detected. Brigade* sized. 12 o'clock. Distance... 3000! Approaching via hall
H12 to H227."

The corresponding data appears in Yui's eyes, and one particular bit of it catches her attention.

*(A Brigade is a military term that identifies a certain size of an military unit. A standard NATO brigade
constitutes 4000-5000 men)

Total Eclipse 38.jpg

If the information on their closing speed was correct... They had to be Ruitare*, the type of BETA also
known as the destroyer class.

Yui steeled herself, tightening her grip on the controls. She had no doubt that there were Ruitare
mixed in amongst the approaching reinforcements.

('Ruitare' Destroyer class BETA are a specific species created to cause havoc and act as shock
troops. They are roughly the same height as an Senjutsuki, and have a heavily armored front hide that
makes 36 mm rounds ineffective. Only 120mm cannon rounds or the Type 74 PB-Blades have a
chance of cutting through this armor. Ruitare tactics consist of charging at maximum speeds in
excess of 170km/h ramming anything in their way with their powerful armored hide and claws.)

Total Eclipse 39.jpg

The tank and grappler class BETAs at the far end of the tunnel began to pull away from their positions,
converging on the sides to create wide, corpse filled pathways.
Total Eclipse 40.jpg

Suddenly, the wave of destroyer classes came crashing down into the tunnel in the distance, their
hulking forms picked out by the infrared sensors of Yui's Shiranui.

The image was magnified to the point that it seemed they were merely a hair's-breadth away.

The lumbering beasts spun around, ever so slowly, until they were facing her and her comrades.
Then, like a violent tidal wave, they set off into a gallop, surging forward as one.

This visage warning of impending destruction... this was the form that the BETA took when their hated
enemy, mankind, invaded their territory.

Total Eclipse 41.jpg

"Notification to all White Fang units. We will begin the field test of the experimental weapons. Begin

The gunfire momentarily ceased as several Shiranuis detached containers from their rear hardpoints.
Two units from the second platoon, one of whom was Yui, began to connect the large containers
behind their Senjutsuki to the experimental weapons.

The first platoon retreated back into the positions of the second platoon, which then began to tighten
the formation, setting up on either side of Lieutenant Yui who formed the central point of the wedge.
The company assumed an X-shaped formation while one of the rear guard moved into position to
draw the enemy into the center.

To assume such a tightly packed formation while facing Charging classes in the confines of a hive
was suicidal.

Only the 120mm cannons attached to their rifles, the most powerful rounds the Shiranuis carried,
could possibly pierce the thick carapace hides that thundered towards them - and this formation did
not capitalize on this fact.

Total Eclipse 42.jpg

A harsh warning tone echoed throughout Yui's cockpit, urging, pleading that she begin evasive

However, the Lieutenant and her equally equipped wingman stood firm, steadying their aim. The
images scanned into their eyes of the approaching targets began to shake as the destroyer classes
reached top speed.

Total Eclipse 43.jpg

"White Fang 3... are you good to go?"

She queried the other pilot as they discarded their Type 87 assault rifles, the ammunition inside barely
expended. Huge, suspicious looking rifles - as big as the Shiranuis themselves - were locked into
place, the stocks of the weapons wrapping around the Senjutsukis' right shoulders. A hushed beep in
the cockpit verified that the safety had been removed.

Total Eclipse 44.jpg
Total Eclipse 45.jpg

"Experimental Model 99 Rapid Fire Electromagnetic Rifle"

A new weapon produced by the Imperial Army's technological industry. The sound emanating from
the mysterious weapons gradually escalated, like that of a jet engine slowly building up power.

The many red lights on the radar readout were now moving at a speed which made evasion

Total Eclipse 46.jpg



Total Eclipse 47.jpg
Total Eclipse 48.jpg

A sharp crackle of energy then a harmonious cry of gunfire drowned out everything. From the gaping
maw of the Model 99 Electromangetic Rifles spewed forth a cascading torrent of 120mm shells,
achieving firing speeds equal to that of a chain gun.

Empty shell casings were expelled from the containers behind like a fountain as rounds were
constantly loaded autonomously. The incredible overwhelming force of the recoil from these viciously
powerful weapons began to shake the entire frame of the two Shiranuis' to the point the cockpits
inside were jarring uncontrollably.

Total Eclipse 49.jpg

Yui clenched her teeth as she concentrated on her targeting display and sensors, ignoring the violent
vibrations all around her.

On the radar, the swarm of red dots looked as if they had come to a complete stop, their advanced
entirely halted.

'Huh?' she thought to herself, was the sensor misreading again?

She returned her focus back to the visuals from her external camera.

The destroyer classes...were being ripped to shreds. The ones at the front were mutilated the ones
behind them took their place only to fall in the same spot.

Their hides, thicker, stronger than diamond were like clay to the barrage of gunfire.

These experimental weapons...they worked.

No, more than that they were a huge success.
Total Eclipse 50.jpg

Such a huge number of destroyer classes, their powerful counterattack completely halted just by two



The lieutenant tightened her grip on the trigger of the FBL* control system, laughing quietly to herself
and her spirits lifted.

*(FBL is an aviation acronym for Fly by Light one of two ways controls are linked to the other systems
of an aircraft, the other type known as Fly by Wire. Fly by Light utilizes optic cables over the standard
bulky cables used in FBW systems, making them much more responsive, faster to react and provides
more space and weight for cargo or armaments.)

Total Eclipse 51.jpg

Even though it was a rookie's mistake to get caught up in such a furor, Yui just couldn't help but feel
ecstatic at the scene before her.

To utilize these new weapons in a combat situation, all the uncertainty, all the doubts and the uneasy
feelings you could feel when heading out into a life or death situation were simply washed away by
their unquestionable power.


"All units, weapons free!

Eliminate them all, leave none alive."

Total Eclipse 52.jpg

Like an expertly conducted concerto, with the model 99's leading the orchestra and Yui's order's as
the conductor the entire company opened up with a hymn of ordinance and a chorus of missiles
impacting left and right. The first platoon pushed forward again, close quarters combat their forte and
the second platoon providing fire support from their position.

The destroyer classes out in the rear who were still in the process of charging fell victim to cluster
missiles, which streaked past them and behind their front armor before dispensing scattered child
warheads into their exposed skin, obliterating any of the smaller BETA strains nearby.

They could win...They WERE winning.

Suddenly another urgent tone began to beep away in her cockpit, a warning message appearing
across her vision.

The vibration sensors, which were picking up the recoil and explosions from the battle began to
radiate a bright white.
Total Eclipse 53.jpg



Total Eclipse 54.jpg
Total Eclipse 55.jpg

The sound of earth cracking, breaking, shattering.

She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Just over one hundred and ten meters of the tunnel had collapsed just ahead to the left and right
creating great gaping holes. From these new tunnels an innumerable amount of grappler classes
emerged like a thick cloud, sprawling their way into combat.

The first platoon, they were going to be isolated.

Total Eclipse 56.jpg


"First Platoon! Retreat!

Second platoon cover their retreat!

White Fang 3, suppress the left flank!"

Yui shouted out in utmost urgency. The right flank...she hastily set her machine into motion, running
to a position where she could pour fire into the new tunnel opened up there.

But the rifle, it was large, heavy, much more than the assault rifles she had grown used to and the
turning capabilities were slightly off.

Total Eclipse 57.jpg


"Bastards!" (Konoooooo~!)

She was just in time, although the Grappler classes were dangerously close. As they readied their
claws, preparing to attack, Yui and White Fang 3 opened up on their respective holes, swinging the
experimental weapons left and right.

The flesh of the Grappler classes, much easier to pierce than the bigger BETA strains, was torn to
shreds. One of the grapplers near Yui had just enough time to swing and use its claw as a shield at
the same time to try and silence her but even the claw itself was shattered, fragments scattering into
the air...right into her Shiranui. Shards of the claw smashed into her suit's fuselage.

Total Eclipse 58.jpg
She shrugged it off, didn't care, she was still alive and continued to hold down the trigger.

Total Eclipse 59.jpg

Then, just as there was a chance of turning back the tide the Model 99 fell silent. Alert sensors began
to ring through the lieutenant's ears and her pupils darted all around the heads up display looking for
the sudden abnormality.

Total Eclipse 60.jpg


"The barrel's overheating!?"

Total Eclipse 61.jpg

The experimental model 99 electromagnetic rifle was known to rapidly overheat due to speed at
which it fired such large caliber ammunition.

That's why it was equipped with large-scale state of the art cooling systems but when there was
trouble with the system an inbuilt safety would shut off.

Unfortunately for her it had decided to fail at the wrong time and the safety system had shut her new
weapon offline.

Total Eclipse 62.jpg

Breathless and in desperation she reached out for her Type 87 assault rifle.

But it wasn't there. A sense of realization and dread took hold of her when she remembered she
discarded it when equipping the new rifle and the mounting of it meant she only sortied with just one.

Total Eclipse 63.jpg
Total Eclipse 64.jpg



Total Eclipse 65.jpg
Total Eclipse 66.jpg
Total Eclipse 67.jpg

Wrinkled skin. Pulsating flesh. The heavy stomp of many feet. Her entire body shudderd in fear as it

Total Eclipse 68.jpg (This was a real bitch to get)

With its arms raised the closing grappler swung.

Total Eclipse 69.jpg
Her cockpit shook and shuddered as with explosive force the Model 99 was purged from Yui's
hardpoint, freeing her right arm from the dead weight.

From a casing built into the forearm the hilt of a dagger designed from close combat shot out like
lightning, followed by a second.

She lunged with all her strength.

Total Eclipse 70.jpg

She was too slow, a hair's breadth to slow...

'White Fang 1 is judged to be unable to fight anymore.'

A new, disembodied, computerized voice announced. The grappler's arm had frozen in place. It had
pierced the outer armor but had stopped just before it tore into the cockpit.

Total Eclipse 71.jpg

Then, everything that she could see, the hive, the BETA and her allies all began to shatter into
hundreds of hexagon shaped fragments. Everything was bathed in red light as the fragments started
flickering out one after another. Large writing appeared in place up against the walls of the simulator,
'Virtual combat program 19 Voruk* has ended.' and the entire machine began to shut down.

*(Voruk is the name of the Russian task force that entered the Minsk hive with the purpose of
gathering data on BETA hives. Only a few survivors were extracted out of the hundreds at the end of
the operation but the data they brought back proved invaluable.)

Total Eclipse 72.jpg
Total Eclipse 73.jpg

【voice 】

"Great...thing cuts out just when we need it most?

That means it's..."

Footsteps, it was Second Lieutenant Amamiya* otherwise known as the female pilot White Fang 2.
Amamiya had already emerged from the second simulator and approached Yui who was in the
process of exiting her own.

*(Second Lieutenants are commissioned officers directly related to Army and Airforce organizations.
They are the lowest ranking commissioned officers and have a NATO paygrade of O-1)

【Yui 】

"No...the cooling systems were hit by a fragment of a grappler.

The weapon itself was operating smoothly.

【Amamiya 】
"Ah I see. Then the problem is the weapon's defensive capability."

【Yui 】

"No. If I hadn't let the enemy get so close in the first place it wouldn't of have been a problem."

【Amamiya 】

"Well, if your Senjutsuki was a little faster and readied your blades faster it probably would have been

【Yui 】
"I...can't agree with what you say. No, the Senjutsuki was performing fine, no problems with it at all."

She reflected on what had just happened. With her gone the entire right flank would of have been
routed entirely. The first platoon and second platoon were completely separated from one another
and were easy pickings. They would of have been annihilated in a matter of minutes.

Even then, if she was able to hold out for a little longer only half of them would of have probably
returned alive in that situation.

【Yui 】
"I was negligent.

I was too caught up in the capabilities of the Model 99 when I should of have been looking out for
Sleeper Drift's* instead."

The entrance, called Sap Drift+, had been covered with the same material that lined the Sleeper Drift.

All made from unnecessary drift acquired from hive expansion

*(Sleeper Drifts are ambush tunnels dug out by BETA either during or before an assault.)
+(Sap Drift is the collective name of Sleeper Drift exits...I think.)

【Amamiya 】

"Even if we were cautious, with just a single company 100% detection of Sleeper Drifts is impossible."

【Yui 】


Yui remained silent. Although it was just a simple combat simulator she was beating herself up and
blaming herself over the poor the results.

Amamiya had known Yui for a long time and knew just what her friend was mulling over.

She knew Yui was a good leader and strategist who's methods had been the most effective when it
mattered most. What happened was just beyond her control.

There was one easy way to ease the tension in her superior.

"If the First Lieutenant was in charge, the Imperial Army would of have taken back Sadogashima* long

*(Sadogashima is a small island just off the west coast of Niigata on the Japanese mainland. It is also
the location of a phase 4 four hive and the operation to liberate it plays a major role in Alternative. In
this stage of the timeline the Sadogashima operation is still in the planning phases.)

【Yui 】

"... ... Amamiya."

Yui looked up to see the light hearted smile on Amamiya's lips. She felt relieved, knowing that her
subordinates understood her and were willing to share her burden.

'I guess I did it again.' she thought to herself after regretting the way she had been acting.

It was just a nature she had inherited from her father and something that couldn't be easily changed.

【Yui 】

"You've made your superior officer feel foolish."

The young officer returned the smile to her subordinate, grateful for her concern.


The uncertain voice of the young engineering officer who was reading a document out loud with a
strained look on his face echoed throughout the conference hall, where the upper brass of the
Empire‟s military officers and directors of arms development and manufacturing were seated in a row.


【Engineer officer】
“----As a result of tests on plain, forest, city and hive area, we found no abnormalities in combat
condition of „Experimental Model 99 Rapid Fire Electromagnetic Rifle‟. It demonstrated high front
suppression ability, and conclusion status “no problem” was reached shortly afterwards. We think that
it is possible to solve all small troubles that were included in this document. That‟s all for the report. “


Major General* with sharp and bright eyes who was waiting end of the report finally opened his

【Major General】
“Those „small troubles‟ are the most important part, why didn‟t you put a detailed report?”


*(Major general is a two-star general officer rank, with the pay grade of O-8. Major general ranks
above brigadier general and below lieutenant general. Major general is equivalent to the rank of rear
admiral (upper half) in the other uniformed services.)

【Engineer officer】
“We are still searching a concrete measures for those problems. As of now, we‟ve put all the
concerned data in the current document...”

「冷却装置以外に速射機構にも問題があるだろう。あれはどう解決するつもりだ? どちらかといえばそっち

【High-ranked officer】
“There is a problem in the rapid fire system besides the cooling system, how are you going to solve
this one? Later on, it can cause more troubles for you rather than us. ”


【Engineer officer】

“Sir… by rapid fire system problem you mean…?”


Ignoring the obviously agitated young engineer a different admiral interjects.


“I‟ve heard a lot of things at official presentations, but origin of Model 99 is centered in Yokohama
Base*, which itself makes this device a black box, isn‟t it?”

The air in conference room instantly turned stagnant. After a name of the biggest Far East base of
United Nations was spoken, the engineer officer with stiffened expression quietly lowered his

*(Main Muv-Luv series characters, including protagonist Shirogane Takeru are deployed at this base
in Unlimited and Alternative chapters. Hakuryou Hiiragi academy is located at this territory in Extra.)


“‟Yokohama‟? Ah, this woman* again… I see this can turn troublesome. How is she related to the
current case?”

*(Kouzuki Yuuko is one of the main characters in the Muv-Luv series. In "Extra" she is the homeroom
       teacher of 3-D (Akane's class) and teaches physics. A genius in physics, astronomy and
       mathematics, she is also known as Hakuryou Hiiragi academy's main troublemaker. You can
       always find her at the physics department, playing pranks on her best friend, Jinguji Marimo.
       Despite a childish heart she can be considerably strict to her students.
       In "Unlimited/Alternative", Yuuko serves as the head of the 4 Alternative Project and vice
       commander of the Yokohama base. She is one of the most influential people in the world and
       her character is even stricter. Forget about jesting and a friendly tone, she will only hear your
       business if it is of interest to her (with the exceptions of Takeru and Marimo). In direct
       command of Stand-Alone unit Shirogane, in the whole Alternative/Unlimited world
       (henceforth abbreviated as AL) she is the only one who knows of his origin and past.)


【Major General】
“According to my investigation, the Railgun Plan‟s processing technology which was kept from 4
Project* have been leaked and used in development of Model 99”
*(4 Alternative Project, Started in 1995. The objective is to find a way to understand or communicate
with the BETA through the use of the 00-unit.)


“I have information that besides the plan, the heart itself is completely made in Yokhama,”


【High-ranked officer】
“That means that… it is related to mentioned „element‟*”

*(Element G: a previously undiscovered element recovered from the BETA drop units in Canada
found after analysis by professor William Grey at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The G comes
from his surname.

Eleven types of Element G have been discovered so far. Grey Six has negative mass, Grey Nine is
super-conductive at above room temperature, and Grey Eleven is used in the G Bombs and the
gravity-defying Moorcock-Lechte engine.)


“Hmm… if this woman will sniff it out, she will put such a heavy demands that it makes me question
you: does Model 99 corresponds to this demands?”


Quiet mumbling fills conference hall.

The director of arms manufacturing turned his eyes on the young engineer and opened his mouth.



【Director of Arms Manufacturing】

“Emm~ a problem of the specified case have been already solved”


The mumbling stopped at the moment and everyone turned his glance at director.



“What do you mean by „already solved‟, explain it.”


【Director of Arms Manufacturing】
“The usage of this technology itself is a proposal of the other party”


A quiet mumbling occurs again

【High-ranked officer】
“I see… they want to make us in debt”


“This means that the problem of current case is if Model 99 will produce results in a practical use.”


“We want a Wadatsumi*-surpassing firepower. Even if it involves Yokohama…”

*(Wadatsumi is a underwater-class Senjutsuki with high firepower but low mobility. It makes its first
appearance at operation #21 deployed at Sting Rei squad.)


“Let‟s continue development then…”


【High-ranked officer】
“We have a choice to make or not make the debt, correct?”


The case of 99 Model that turned into complicated direction was carried unanimously.


“Assuming that case 102 „Experimental Model 99 Rapid Fire Electromagnetic Rifle‟ is going into mass
production, continue development.”

(*Colonel is a military title rated as the highest, or the second-highest field rank below the general, or
"flag" grades. In some small military forces, it can be the highest rank held. A colonel is typically in
charge of a regiment - a military unit, composed of variable numbers of battalions.)

Empire‟s Army colonel who was a speaker of this meeting looked around the hall, and after confirming
that there was no objections nodded to engineer officer and director of arms manufacturing.


“Contact duty officer to get details concerning schedule. ---Moving to next case then.”


An aged but well-built officer rose up without waiting for nomination from speaker.


“Concerning case 121 „Model 94 Senjutsuki‟s reinforcement request‟---”


Various reports and demands from pilots and maintenance soldiers poured to replenishment
headquarters after operating Shiranui‟s, who had been disposed to each force.


It is not that the Shiranui was somehow defective, receiving comments and requests about newly
deployed weapon systems from the front lines was quite normal


In fact, it could be said that the large number of small complaints and requests for minor
enchantments had come precisely because it had proven to be such a great system.


Accepting site‟s requests like this, weapon system makes a step to perfection, but-----.


【Senjutsuki Develepment Bureau‟s Chief】
”Much to our regret, I must inform you that it is difficult to achieve all requests this time.”

Aloof from the noise of the conference room, the Bureau Chief of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, acting
as the chief examiner of the Shiranui development team, quietly put his hand on the thick document
with 'Model 94 reinforcement request' written on it, and spoke calmly.


【Senjutsuki Develepment Bureau‟s Chief】
“As all of you know, for mass production machine, Model 94 is a machine which was exceptionally
investigated to design it for operating in extremely difficult situations. Therefore, for considered
development there is usually a limit for interference in machine‟s structure.”

“So because there is such a limit… reinforcement is impossible you say?”


【Senjutsuki Develepment Bureau‟s Chief】
“It is not impossible. However, for reinforcing model 94 it is necessary to do a fundamental,
large-scale remodeling. And that of course will take a lot of time and labor which can‟t be spent only
for something like this.”


A man emphasized "only for something like this” unnaturally.


And everyone in the hall instantly understood what did he meant.


We don‟t have such a freedom – so he said.


3 main functional Senjutsuki development companies that reside at empire at this moment –
Kawasaki, Fugaku and Kouryou are rushing Sadogashima‟s recapture and most of their power is
poured at the creation of successor for model 94 – the next main force unit to counterattack the

It is clear that to counter BETA‟s physical superiority we must prioritize new model‟s development and
disposition as fast as possible.


The man wanted to say that the model 94 which doesn‟t have any problem with operating is not worth
such a difficult reinforcement at all.

【Senjutsuki Develepment Bureau‟s Chief】
“I want to add a notice, that even if we will meet all demands and reinforcement will be completed,
current machine will be still far from reaching next generation‟s new model‟s specifications.”


After man‟s second (confirming) statement, noise in the conference hall started to escalate and
finally discussion began to gush.


“However now, it is necessary to consider the lifespan of model 77 and we can‟t just reject it without
even trying anything.”


【Engineer officer】
“But alternative unit for model 77 is model 97 and its basic defense program at this term is---”


“Main unit needs engine replacement. If reinforcement of model 94 is difficult, it is the same for model

【High-ranked officer】
“If the necessary amount of units can‟t be produced inside the country anymore, importing the foreign
units must be considered”


“What are you saying?! Because Senjutsuki was concluded to be main anti-BETA weapon system, it
had been put on domestic production – that‟s why development of model 94-----”




In the noisy hall, filled with repeated selfish remarks a single officer that preserved a silence before,
Empire Army‟s Institution - weapons technology development branch sub director, lieutenant
colonel* Iwaya Eiji ask for a word.

(*lieutenant colonel is a field grade military officer rank just above the rank of major and just below the
rank of colonel. It is equivalent to the rank of commander in the other uniformed services.

The pay grade for the rank of lieutenant colonel is O-5. The insignia for the rank consists of a silver
oak leaf, with slight stylized differences between the Army/Air Force version and the Marine Corp


From high ranked officers that had been sitting in row Iwaya was the youngest, but all members that
were sitting at round table closed their mouth and focused their gaze on him.


His career was excellent: after putting good fight on mainland, he reaching a status of legendary test
pilot, so for generals who were sitting near he was the one worth showing deference.


The big scar on Iwaya‟s face which he left for self-admonition added even more ferociousness to his
dauntless features and at the same time demonstrated his resolution and character as a soldier.

To gather everyone‟s attention, Iwaya send a glance to Kawasaki Heavy Industries director who was
sitting in front of him and dared to stand up.


And after glancing at surroundings he slowly opened his mouth.


“I have one inane plan for the petty officials/small goverment”
//pick one, depending on context, I don‟t really get it.


Yui had appointment discussing troubles of her beloved machine with staff maintenance chief, while
standing before Takemi Kazuchi which was stated at the gantry.

“Like I thought, there is still a sense of incompatibility in the operation terminal of the unit. No wonder,
I did a mistake that exceeded expectations, but…”


【Maintenance chief】
“Lately, lieutenant was always riding a „specified‟ Shiranui at simulation trainings and as result of bad
balance adjustments and accumulated data, the gap of sense----”


The maintenance chief who had tried to prove the innocence of the Takemi Kazuchi by referring to
control operation data that had been projected onto the computer pad instantly turned his back to Yui
and saluted.


“I‟m sorry for bothering you at the middle of meeting, but won‟t you leave us alone for a bit?”

After turning around Yui saw a maintenance soldier, saluting to lieutenant colonel Iwaya.


While Iwaya answered Yui's saluting, all maintenance crew left hangar.


“Lieutenant colonel, how did meanwhile meeting go off?”



Iwaya started explaining to Yui the summary of conference‟s progress.


While hearing Iwaya‟s explanation, Yui was desperately bearing getting irritated but certain words
brought wrath down upon her.


“The foreign country machines import is beside the question! Our country has Senjutsuki operation
theory based on the original strategy! This result was reached by the blood and sweat of
predecessors and…”


Yui swallowed unspoken words and looked down


Yui was really ashamed of herself after realizing that her spoiled relationship with Iwaya, who was her
father‟s friend leaded to throwing herself into feelings and interrupting superior officer‟s remark which
is absolutely unforgiveable.




Suddenly Iwaya started bursting in laughter that echoed through the hangar.


“I knew it will be like this----fuhahaha…eh, you don‟t change, Yui-chan~”

“P…please stop it, lieutenant colonel…! I am on duty at this moment!”


“Think better. Why do you think I haven‟t told you the conclusion from the start?”




Yui noticed that she was teased.


When you put it that way, certainly it seemed that Iwaya didn't seem to be up to anything, being
confined to the meeting today, going on and on. He'd be usually straight to the point, anyway.


Yui‟s face started to flush even more.


And after seeing the indescribably complex expression that floated on Yui‟s face Iwaya proclaimed.


“So what about finally graduating from this self-loathing habit? You are really just like your father, but
in this area training is still insufficient.”


“My deep apologizes, lieutenant colonel. I‟m deeply ashamed with own immaturity.”


“Hey hey, and I had finally made us alone. Why won‟t you just call me uncle?”


And after seeing Iwaya‟s heartful smile, Yui understood that she could never compare with this


Not just as legendary test pilot and veteran soldier.


Iwaya knew Yui from young age, being a friend of her deceased father and raising her in training as
his own daughter, he was a true benefactor for her.


“Actually, there is a reason in my importunate explanation.”




After nodding as confirming something, soldier‟s severity returned to Iwaya‟s face.

And superior officer‟s dignity returned to his tone.


“Lieutenant Takamura. Based on your knowledge, piloting skill, and ideal of domestic unit production,
I am assigning you a special mission.”




“That‟s right. You will fly to Alaska as the representative of the Imperial Army Institution.”




The dome's gradation, turning from indigo to blue, was sharply bordered by the fringes of a mountain
range and, in the drapes of the bare mountain surface, a repeating textile of patterns drawn by snow
ravines continued as far as the eye could see.


Look to the outskirts of the mountains, and you‟ll see the coming of spring and awakening of the
jade-colored earth which dignifiedly brought up all life within it.

Boundlessly transparent, just like a polished crystal, the dignified air enveloped and healed
everything within its reach, and calm sunshine, which lingered longer at the high latitudes,
tenderly embraced the mountain and caressed it until dawn.


Many people who had visited this land before were stunned with the overwhelmed view that
unfolded before them, but now, at humanity‟s darkest hour, would this scenery still keep
charming people as it had before?


After receiving a seed from an unknown star, humanity is now literally drawing its last
breath... even with this natural paradise right in front of their eyes, anyone would probably
find it difficult to enjoy it right now.


If a stranger would take a look at Eurasia, razed to the ground and all the nature within it
completely wiped out, left with nothing but wastelands ruled by death and filled with deadly
fumes, or the remaining disfigured northwest part of North America, he would certainly want
to escape such a reality even temporarily.


Alaska‟s healthy land, filled with life and nature was truly majestic. And – suddenly it

Like a stone thrown into a still pond, the perfect harmony was broken by its unannounced


The heterogeneous, artificial being that was cutting through the sky with a roar was
completely foreign to this untouched paradise.


The Senjutsuki named F-15 “ACTV”, built from iron and composite materials, which has
been riding the sky, entered a complex maneuver and after suddenly changing onto a vector
absolutely impossible for a normal plane, rushed downwards.


But surprisingly, the deepest part of Alaska‟s nature seemed to accept this abnormal


Against the background of the grand mountains, the declining giant figure basking in the sun
and shining brightly was beautiful like the fresco of an angel descending to the Earth.


But the artificial giant rejected the hospitality of Mother Nature. Not only did the F-15
“ACTV”* not release the wings of an angel, instead his form turned unsightly. It seemed like
it was intently searching for something, and was becoming desperate because it wasn‟t
finding its target.

(*F-15 Active Eagle – Senjutsuki that is currently used in U.S. Army as main unit)

But if people who had forgotten about reality, affected by Alaska‟s beauty, were to witness
the scene that was about to take place, they probably would have had to accept this angel for
a herald nevertheless.


This paradise that was thought to be far away from the front lines, at last adjoined with
battlefront, after witnessing the message of this angel, who know better than anyone what
was about to happen.


It seems you have finally noticed me, foolish insect.


Fufu… is it fine to enter into my Vulnerable Cone* so easily?

(*The area behind the defender where the attacker can fire a missile or shoot his gun.)


If I move my finger on the trigger switch even a teeny bit, the next moment you will turn into
a pile of meat, you know?


Look, it‟s Lock On.


Ahahaha… I see, you are scared? You are frightened?


I can see it - your „fear‟.

Fufu… I see, you don‟t want to die? You want to live, right?


Too bad… there is no helping it anymore.


You have aimed „hostility‟ at me, it can‟t be helped.


Your „hostility‟ was beautiful, but… since you showed me that „color‟, the only appropriate
reward for it is death.


But don‟t worry, I‟ll play with you a bit longer.

It‟ll be too boring, if it ends right now.


Hee~re, I‟m missing on purpose, see? Can you shake it off like this?


Ahahaha, right, struggle, struggle!!! Show me the shameful „color‟ of your clinging to life.


Show me more of that titillating, dirty „color‟---- I‟ll let you keep your life as long as you
keep doing that.


There is only one thing that you can appropriately waste the last minutes of your life on –
prolonging my entertainment at least for one more second!

Second Lieutenant Tarisa Manandal was in hurry.


The sound of a Lock On alarm was echoing through the cockpit of her F-15 ACTV.

In the headphones she could hear the angry voice of instructor ordering her to discontinue the
operation, furiously blaming her for deviating from the flight plan.


However, it was not reaching her at all.


What Tarisa was concentrated at was the enemy‟s location projected at her retina, and the
visual feed from behind her unit.


D-damn it! Why?! Why can‟t I throw it off?!


She was piloting a new 3rd generation test model Senjutsuki with improved aerial capability,
so the specs should definitely be on her side.


Earlier field tests had already proven this.

In addition, she had reason to believe in her skill, having been chosen to participate in the
experimental squad as a test pilot.


But right at this moment she was definitely being tracked down.


Pulling out all of her strength, she had been doing rough evasive maneuvers for 10 minutes
already, but the enemy would without fail stick at her 6-o‟clock direction just like a shadow.


The air traffic controller who hadn‟t grasped the situation was just continuously repeating
orders straight from the manual.


【Air traffic instructor】
“Argos-3! Return immediately! No one gave permission for a mock battle!”


--I don‟t care, they are serious! If I stop here, I‟ll be definitely killed!


Why were Senjutsuki, the guardians of humanity and the main war potential in war against
the BETA participating in this abnormal life-threatening battle? This situation was the result
of certain words spoken by the United Nations Spokesman.


Following the “Advanced Senjutsuhokousentouki Technology and Research Project” alias
“PROMINENCE Project”, the U.N. offered Yukon Base – Site 18 – as Senjutsuki
development and testing zone to military forces of any country that had lost its territory.


In this base, where test pilots and engineers from all countries spend their days exchanging
information and cooperating with their researches, a competitive principle was introduced
for accelerating technological development to its maximum. Therefore this project and
Yukon base, which was housing a large group of East and West forces, had become a symbol
of the fusion and unity of the human race, something like an advertising balloon for the
United Nations.


Superior to both the Eastern and Western camps, an element* of the experimental units of
America and the Soviet Union, that was shouldering the fate of their future, was flying
against the background of Alaska - a symbol of the indomitable nature, a picture the United
Nations should still be able to maintain.

(*A unit of an air force equal to two or three aircraft.)


The cause of the disturbance now was Tarisa, who had against her better knowledge pulled
the provocative trigger. She always hated the team of emotionless and somehow unnatural
high-handed Soviet team who received exclusive treatment.


A pair of two female test pilots, in particular, was the most spiteful existence to her. Though
their allegiance is different all Eishi are comrades, united by the wish of recapturing their
motherlands, but instead of accepting the hand of friendship that Tarisa had extended to her,
the senior female Eishi had looked at her with plain dislike, brushed off the presented hand
and coldly warned to never approach them again.


So when young Eishi who was watching this scene saw Tarisa‟s hand being shook off, a faint
smile floated on his expressionless face.


Being grouped in elements together with the Soviet Senjutsuki with the pretext of having a
friendly memorial photo shoot was a duty that was more than enough to boil her guts. Had it
not been a command from a superior officer she respected, it would‟ve been a humiliation to
be refused with no exception.


But Tarisa utilized the positive way of thinking she had, and succeed in finding her own
"amusement" in the annoying duty she had been given.


And, at last, as it was time for the photo shoot to begin and the chasers of both groups had just
distanced themselves, leaving her alone with only the C-130 that was there to shoot the
pictures, and the Su-37 piloted by *those* Eishi - Tarisa decided that she'd go forth with the


And as for the "amusement" itself, it was about exposing the offensive radar from the rear of
the Su-37 and locking on to it. But, right at that moment, the smirk she was wearing was
cramped by nervousness.
A super-heavy-duty transport plane An-225 „Mriya‟* that was reaching its final destination, a Yukon
military base through the regular flight route connecting the south and west parts of the American
Continent, entered its landing sequence lowering the speed and altitude.

Its cockpit, located in the over 80 metres long gigantic beak, and its rear passengers compartment
which was made to accommodate 50 people was boarded by only two American Army‟s Eishi* –
Second Lieutenant Yuuya Bridges and the engineer in his full-time service, Sergeant Vincent Lowell.

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