The Music Producer by primusboy


									The Music Producer
Music production in itself is an art and is usually unknown to the
listening public. The majority of people who listen to music do have
their favorite artists and bands, but few dig deep enough to see who is
responsible for the song and the overall sound of the record.
Have you ever listened to a record and got drawn into the emotions of the
record, so much so that you could actually feel what the artist is
feeling at the time they recorded it. It is more often then not the
producer who pulls that emotion out of the artists or bands they work
with, and makes sure that is the emotion that ends up on tape at the end
of the day.
The music producer is usually overlooked and is, at times, nothing more
then a by line in the song credits. It is the music producer that makes
the record sound as it should. The producer also takes a lot of risk
because it is his decision in the end that could make the song a hit or
make the song a flop.
A lot different then a movie producer, the music producer is more like a
director. Although there may be some other elements to the job,
including, administration, management and sound engineering. The most
coveted producers are those that bring to the session a great deal of
creativity and insight.
There are many ways a producer can work their way into the field, and
many different levels a producer can attain. Anyone that has a love for
music can use their talents to produce records. A producer with no
musical ability could be a great people person able to coax an artist or
band into giving a great performance. A timid songwriter might be able to
spot a potential star and have the uncanny ability, flexibility and
humility to collaborate on the next hit song. And some rather stay in the
shadows but are never done without leaving the album or record with that
golden touch.
When you get to the more experienced producers they lead every aspect of
the album creation. They write most of the music and lyrics, they play
some of the instruments, and even mix the record giving it that signature
sound. Then there is the producers whose name and ties with a new act
could ultimately be enough to catapult them into the charts.
Whatever your style, whatever your genre, the music producer should take
center stage because it is the music producer who will make or break a
song. So the next time you are listening to your favorite songs have a
glance at the credits, you would be surprised at how many of the same
people are involved in creating many of your favorite hits.
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