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					Pop in My Country Music
The complaint heard all over Nashville from the insiders to just the
country music fans of old is that there is too much pop music influencing
many country artists making the songs what many are calling country pop
making that a sub-genre of its own.
The artist at the head of the country pop movement is undoubtedly Taylor
Swift, not saying she is the first one to do it but she is the first one
to really have success at it. Not only has she had success with top-40
radio but she recently did a taping with MTV's TRL which is a rarity and
almost unheard of in country music.
Many people look at country pop as a terrible thing that it should be
denounced or looked at as cheapening the rich culture of country music
but if you look at the sales charts it is in my opinion helping country
artists as a whole as it is exposing many young fans and fans that may
never have given country music a chance now to give a listen to an artist
like Taylor Swift, Chuck Wicks, or Rascal Flatts then move on to other
artists such as Alan Jackson or Jason Aldean who are more traditional
If you attend a Taylor Swift show, if you can get tickets that is, there
are thousands upon thousands of screaming young girls who are not only
buying her albums but they are buying all kinds of merchandise and Taylor
is famous for staying hours after a show to make sure anyone who wants
something signed will get it, and best of all she takes her time with
each person making them feel special which really makes her special. No w
if she can get over the hump of a sophomore slump and her possibly
outgrowing her fan base then she will be around for years to come.
If you look at the sales charts when all of the music industry is down
country music is staying strong and evolving to take over part of
mainstream is something country has tried for a long time and they are
officially accomplishing it now, so maybe some pop in my country music
isn't as bad as I think or many people think.
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