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					Oldies Music Lyrics
Virtually anyone can name an "oldies" tune at the drop of a hat. You
don't have to be a passionate music lover, you don't have to know every
word to every B side single. Many oldies have insinuated themselves
inside the brains of people around the world.
What makes an Oldie?
Generally, the start of music we love today began in the 1940's. Anything
from the decades from the 40's, 50's, 60's and perhaps (now that we're
well into the 21st century) even into the 70's can be considered an
"oldie." And what's the saying? Oldie but Goodie. Meaning, these songs
are not just old and boring... they are classics in their own right.
Oldies music lyrics can be sung by different artists, can be set amid a
backdrop of different instruments, but the lyrics remain unchanged, and
the tune is recognizable to those who love them.
Some examples of oldies music include Elvis Presley tunes. And remember
the Louis Armstrong classic from the 40's, What a Wonderful World?
Timeless. Ageless. We hear it today and we recognize it instantaneously.
We sing along and feel the comfort of the words.
Oldies Music Lyrics: A different sense, a different style
Oldies music seems to have a different style than music of today. The
music of the mid 20th century seemed more meaningful, beautiful in a
sense, toward humanity and what it means to be in love with life. Though
certainly there is music today that fills that bill, overwhelmingly there
is more serenity to the oldies tunes. Different eras bring about
different styles in music and today's rapidly changing technology has
brought about an advancement in music such as techno pop, rap, and dance
mix. This music couldn't have existed in the mid 20th century because the
instruments used to reach these new musical heights had not yet been
Some might even argue that if a 45 record does not exist for a music
single, it is not a true oldie. Surely, as time marches on that
definition will change as the number of actual 45's in existence will
dwindle. But certainly the idea of an "oldie" remains.
And conversely, some might argue (more than likely the older generation)
that oldies don't sound nearly as good if not played on a record player.
Something about the scratch of the needle on the vinyl record perhaps
that transports the person back to a simpler time. The crisp, clear
melodies heard from a CD player more than likely sounding a bit hollow
and empty to their ears.
Oldies Music Lyrics: Singers who have etched lyrics in our minds
Some other Oldies singers include: Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole singing
"Unforgettable," Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly singing "True Love," nearly
anything Frank Sinatra sings, of course. Art Garfunkel with "I only have
eyes for you." And the beauty of these is, just the mere mention of them
on paper can bring back the lyrics and tunes inside your head.
If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save every day
Till eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you
Jim Croce could not have said it any better, about a loved one, or about
oldies music lyrics.
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