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					Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Equine Involvement Therapy For Children and
Equine Involvement Therapy combined with counselling and hypnotherapy;
create an ideal combination of therapies to help children and adolescents
through their fears, problems and issues, including those related to
authority, communication and difficulties in adequately connecting with
other people. The definition of involvement means 'to connect with'.
The horses provide a perfect environment for adolescents and children, to
learn how to fully connect with themselves, the horses and subsequently
in their relationships with people. Working with the horses encourages
self-acceptance; promotes a strong sense of pride in the tasks that are
being completed and nurtures a feeling of real achievement, fulfilment
and satisfaction, sometimes for the first time ever.
Spending time in the company of horses, working with them and a qualified
counsellor, can offer release from some deeply rooted emotions; anger,
aggression, low self-esteem and anxiety particularly, can be replaced by
feelings of self-assurance, self-worth and self-respect. Animals are far
easier to relate to than people, as they are non-judgemental accepting
and forgiving. Building up a two way, trusting relationship with a horse
requires, focus, discipline and self-control; learning these skills can
be hard, but the results are unbelievably rewarding.
Each positive step along the way is highlighted by the horses' response,
so the incentive to persevere is constantly maintained. The end result of
a course of therapy, which could include Hypnotherapy as well as the
Counselling and Equine Involvement Therapy, will provide clients with all
the tools and strength they need to form good relationships, maintain
feelings of self-respect and self-esteem; accept authority and to sustain
discipline and focus.
Joanna Corfield Diphyp, Dipcouns, Cert SM.
The combination of horses, counselling and hypntherapy create a powerful
and unique answer to depression, stress, anxiety and related problems,
often achieving truly remarkable results.
Hopethruhorses, Equine Involvement Therapies, Oxfordshire.