Importance of Team Building

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					Importance of Team Building
Good teamwork in any organization is of vital organization. It can make
things happen better than anything else in an organization although
talented people are required in any organization but its proper team
spirit with which many organizations succeed. There have been instances
where companies might be filled with multi - talented individuals but the
problem which lies is the ineffective utilization of the resources and
lack of harmony in the team. Many theories represent how empowered teams
work better and portray excellent results. Empowering people is nothing
but the attitude and behavior of the employers towards their employees
rather than the system and the tools which are used in the organization.
The McGregor's X and Y theory represents what kind of model is essential
for the success of any organization and which model in the organization
will have a greater impact in building effective teams. He has explained
his theory with two basics splits of Theory X and theory Y. Theory X
states that the use of authoritarian leadership, a repressive style of
management, tight control leads to a situation where there is no
development and it produces limited and a depressed culture where the
performance of the staff declines and there prevails lots of frustration.
Theory X prescribes what method of management style should not be
followed and on the other hand he has prescribed theory Y where he states
what kind of management should be incorporated in the organization. He
states that a flourishing organization can be established if a liberating
approach is followed. Exercising control, continuous improvement can be
gained by enabling, empowering and giving responsibility.
McGregor's theory is an excellent strategy which can be used for the
benefit of any organization. It enables us to understand that good team
work can be accomplished by respecting your employees, encouraging them
to flourish, building a kind of enthusiasm towards the work, caring for
the employees or showing a matter of concern towards them, not exploiting
them or dictating terms to them. The innate thought behind the theory
which can be drawn is the love and spirituality which enables mutual
respect, compassion, and the humanity to work. People working in a team
are a very powerful force than the skills, processes, procedures and
systems which are followed. Because no business function with the
individual efforts of one person it is always group of people who with
their coordination are able to initiate activities and the processes.
Good teams are developed only when the team members decide that they
would work for themselves. It's always the passion level and the
eagerness to achieve success that brings surprising results; same is the
case with a good team development.
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