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					  Officers and Directors
       2010 OFFICERS
President ~ Sean Sander

Vice President ~ Celeste Chiodo

Secretary ~ Larry Hazen

Treasurer ~ Brian Palmer

     2010 DIRECTORS
                                        The Sarasota
Membership ~ Don Baugh
                                       Breakfast Club
Programs ~ Chris Chiodo

Leads & Referrals ~ Steve Sonkin

New Member Orientation ~ Frank                       Fax:                       This Directory
Metheny                                       866.214.8589                   is only available to
                                              E-mail address:
     PAST PRESIDENTS                                                                 of a
                             Sarasota Breakfast Club
2008 – 2009 ~ Russell Robbins
2007 – 2008 ~ Drew Lowther

2006 – 2007 ~ Frank Metheny                   May 2010 Edition
                         Business Type                              Contact and Number                       Business Name                                          E-Mail / Phone
Accounting                                                       Brian Palmer       941-922-4744       Brian Palmer, CPA         

Air Conditioning Sales, Installation, Repairs and Maintenance   Bruce Petz          941-812-3669       Westwind Air              

Architectural Draft and Design                                  Sholm Jarboe       941-4342-7600       Mast Drafting & Design    

Auto / Truck Sales                                              Frank Metheny        941-374-3131      Metheny Motorsport        

Cards ~ Send Out Cards                                           Debbie Roser       (941) 400.8293     Send Out Cards            

Cellular / Wireless Communications                              Brent Toone        (941) 926.4600      N Mobile                  

Chiropractic Services                                           Glenn A. Hadlock, D.C. (941)925.1517   Chiropractor              

Computer Software                                                Larry Hazen        941-504-9050       Hazen Enterprises         

Confidence Builder                                               Dorothy Lynn       (941) 487.8566     Confidence Building/Speaking

Construction                                                     Steve Stark        941-320-1020       Stark Construction        

Drapes, Blinds and Shutters                                      Mike Ahlers        (941) 379.0356     Interior Drapes Shutters Blinds

Electrician                                                      David Lutz         941-493-0387       Lutz Electric Services, Inc

Financial Planner                                               Drew Lowther        941-922-4400       Wells Fargo Advisors      

Granite, Marble Tile Store                                       Roy MacPhail       (941) 684.0264     Granite Marble Countertops

Hair Stylist                                                     Sissy Smith        (941) 923.9900     Hair Stylist Hilites Coloring etc

Hurricane, Security and Windows                                   Steve Sonkin     941-232-0276        Rollsecure Shutters       

Jewelers                                                         Don Baugh          941-373-6311       Vanessa Fine Jewelry      

Lawn/Landscape Maintenance                                       Chris Chiodo       941-921-0965       Grass Connection          

Leather Repair & Color Restoration                               Jack Smith         941-331-8954       ColorGlo                  

Licensed Mental Health Counselor                                Roland Levy          941-926-3146      Roland Levy, LMHC                   941-926-3146 ~ Fax 941- 926-3946

Living Assistance Services                                       Chris Howe         941-364-5919       Visiting Angels           

Master Plumber                                                  Robert Raisor       (941) 483.4833     A + Plumbing and Septic Inc.

On-Site Auto Body Repair                                        Sean Sander          941-391-2672      Colors on Parade          

Outsourced Technology & Managed Services for business           Sean Quinn           941-706-4377      DATUM Corporation         

Parent Teen Driver Seminars                                     Steve Dziadik       (941) 926.9650     How's My Driving          

Photography / Portraits                                         Celeste Chiodo       941-400-7506      Celestial Studios         

Pool Service                                                    Doug Miller          941-256-6327      Doug Miller Pool Service  

Real Estate                                                      Brian Bain         941-228-8405       Exit Realty Signature Properties

Residential Mortgage Lending                                    Russell Robbins      941-412-2210      Suntrust Bank             

Resort                                                          Robert Ispasu        941-349-4131      Captiva Beach Resort      

Solar Pool Heating, Solar Water Heating, Solar Electric         Scott Egglefield     941-809-7300      Mirasol FAFCO Solar       

Weight Loss Coach                                               Bonnie Schiavone    941-400-2490       Take Shape for Life       

Wheel straightening                                              Alex Hall          (941) 893.7760     The Wheel Wiz