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									Is There Such Thing As Beauty Sleep?
People have often wondered if the phrase "beauty sleep" is real or not.
While many people claim it is there are just as many who say the amount
of sleep you get does not matter. The truth is, sleep does play a large
factor into how well you age and how refreshed you look each day. We have
all seen those people who have clearly not slept enough. No matter how
much make-up they use, they still look ragged. This simply goes to show
how important sleep is to us physically. It can help to revitalize
ourselves and keep us feeling and looking young. Knowing how much sleep
we need to get is the key to looking good.
How Much Sleep Is Too Much Sleep
Is there such a thing as too much sleep. The experts say yes. When we get
too much beauty sleep it is far from pretty. The body gets stuck in the
depressed state and just stays tired. This can have a very negative
impact on how we look. By constantly being in this over rested state the
body's metabolism slows down. This can cause sudden weight gain, facial
blemishes, and even changes in personality. For a healthy adult with no
serious medical issues, the recommended amount of sleep one should get
maximum per night is eight hours. More than that can have negative
effects. For those who are sick, you may need more while fighting it off.
Getting Enough Sleep
While getting too much sleep can be bad, so can not getting enough. Not
getting enough beauty sleep can lead to many health issues, both
physically and mentally. You truly want to make sure that you take the
time you need each night and rest properly. A minimum of six hours is
preferred. Some consequences of not enough sleep are crow's feet, bags
under the eyes, wrinkles, and hair loss. There is no excuse for not
taking time out to rest properly. If you want to look good, take care of
yourself by sleeping right. You will thank yourself for getting the rest
your body is longing for, mentally and physically.
The Importance Of Sleep
Sleep not only is meant for resting, it also restores us on so many
levels. Beauty rest is more than a figurative statement. It is a
fundamental truth. In order to look and feel beautiful, you must get
enough sleep each night. Sleep is the state or body enters to restore
itself. Each day we put our bodies through the ringer. That means that we
also must get the proper rest in order to fix any damage we may have
done. Without sleep we would age prematurely and not feel or look good at
all. Making sure we all get 6-8 hours of proper rest when healthy and
more if ill or over tired, will help the body establish a equilibrium
that will keep the body working efficiently. The more efficient the body
works and rests, the better we look.
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