It Is All About Getting Feedback by primusboy


									It Is All About Getting Feedback
I guess there is a rather large amount of amateur writers out there.
Maybe even some of them is reading this very article. When I am talking
about writing, I am thinking in the sense of fiction - like novels or
short-stories. This is real writing - anybody can learn how to write for
a newspaper. Fiction on the other hand is hard.
Personally I love to write, but as I said above - it's so hard. I have
written a fair share of short-stories, and some of them I recon to be
quite alright. But I really don't know what level I am at, all because of
one thing: I have never published them!
With publishing I here mean posting my short-stories on forums etc. I
have never ever done that, and that is anything but smart.
If you as a writer want to improve your skills, you got to get feedback
from other writers!
Your writing works are worthless unless you constantly seek to improve
them. Picture the following scenario: You have written a short-story, and
you think it is good. But you know that there will always be room for
improvements...we have all been to school at some part of our lives. This
is what the teachers does. They give feedback to students so that they
can improve their skills.
Ok - your seeking to improve your work, and finally decide to publish
your short-story on a web-page or forum. To improve your text is to
revise it - a tough process. You want to get feedback from other writers
on whether you are on the right path or not. Have you met your goals and
is the text suitable? Getting an objective opinion/feedback on your draft
will give you valuable information. Period. Maybe you have even been so
smart that you have written a checklist of things you especially want
feedback on.
I will guarantee you that there is nothing as inspiring to get
constructive criticism on your writing. But remember - not everyone is
going to treat you nice. Be sure that you can handle unkind treatment
from time to time - but this should never stop you from publishing.
Feedback is subjective and feedback will mostly be encouraging, even if
your short-story is not that good.
Publishing on your blog will never be as effective as publishing on a
webpage or forum dedicated to this subject. Remember; there are millions
of blogs out there.
By Kent A. Eide - the owner of

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