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									How Room Organization Can Change Your Life
Is your room a disaster area? Does it look like a tornado just rolled through? This article will help you get ideas on the basics of organizing your room,
personalizing your space and making your space work for you. Specifics may vary from person to person; however, the following information includes
helpful and important guidelines from which everyone can benefit.

Your room is the center of your life. If you're like most teens, you organize your social life, hang out with friends, play music on your iPod, surf the
Web, have quiet time and still find time to study... All within the confines of those four walls. But organizing your bedroom sometimes falls by the

The fact that your room serves many purposes makes it all the more important that you pay attention to how it's structured and organized. The ideal
layout should reflect your personality and feature a smart layout that will help you juggle every part of your life.

The first step to room organization is to designate different areas for various tasks. Think of areas you will need, such as space to entertain and relax,
study, store personal items and get dressed. Once this has been decided, it will be easier for you to organize your school supplies, CDs, DVDs,
clothes, accessories and everything else you need.

Take the time to add personal touches to your room, after all, this is your room and it should say something about who you are!

Room Organization: Fun and Function - Creating Your Living Space.

Entertainment Area
Having a fun living area in your room is a great way to relax; this is where your entertainment system (including TV, DVD player, stereo, etc.) should
go. If you don't have enough room for a beanbag chair, make sure you can see your TV from the bed (this will make it much easier to relax!).

When setting up your gadgets, keep in mind the different restrictions that you might have - not just space and outlets, but time management as well!
That TV or video game system may not be such a great idea during finals! And, don't forget about chargers for cell phones, MP3 players and any
other electronics you have. You'll need to keep those ready to go.

Remember, if you have a lot of gadgets, make it a point to stay safe! A surge-protected power strip is perfect for your computer (and all of its various
parts, including printer and speakers), but be careful not to blow a fuse by plugging every electronic you own into the same outlet. The idea is to out
spread all of your gadgets. In other words, keep your stereo and TV plugged into a different outlet than your computer.

Study Area
A designated study area is a must in every room. A desk is a great place to do school work or even surf the Internet. It's a good idea to position your
desk (where you'll study and store all your school supplies) away from your bed, the place you go to relax. This might also help reduce the temptation
to take that unplanned study break.

When deciding where to set up your desk, make sure that you have access to an electrical outlet. You'll also need plenty of room for power cords and
connections to operate your computer and other equipment.

If you have a computer, whether it is a PC or laptop, you'll need to make room for it on your desk. If you have a laptop, ask your parents for a raised
docking station this will give you room to store notepads, pens, calculators and anything else you need to tackle your homework. PCs are bulkier, but
won't take up all of your desk space if you properly arrange your items. Put your printer and base unit on the floor, or even on a sturdy bookcase. This
will clear plenty of space, and you'll still have easy access!

Don't forget about organizing your bedroom for all your school supplies. If you're like most students, you most likely have a large collection of
supplies, such as highlighters, paper or binder clips, pens, pencils, paper, a stapler and a three-hole punch. If you can't fit all your supplies in your
desk drawers, look for colorful and fun, small baskets, penholders and other desktop storage to help keep these small items in place and reduce

See our organized to learn article for more helpful tips on organizing your bedroom.

Shelves and Storage Solutions
Shelves, colorful crates, stackable bins, caddies, totes, hat boxes and pull-out organizers are just a few of the many items you can use to store and
transport stuff. Use storing solutions, rather than wasting valuable desktop space or piling your stuff on tables or the floor. Stash away:

- Framed pictures, drawings and mementos
- Books and textbooks
- Notebooks, notepads and loose-leaf paper
- School supplies
- Small storage containers
- CDs and DVDs
- Toiletries

The great part about using storage products is you can place them exactly where you need them, and mix and match items to create a storage system
that works for you.

About the Author
Sharon Mann is President of the I Hate Filing Club, a group of nearly 100,000 office professionals who hate filing but love finding new ways to become
more organized. For information about how you can use Pendaflex products for room organization, visit our website.


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