Utah Utah Utah is a state in the Western United

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Utah is a state in the Western United States. About 80% of the state's
population live in the area of Salt Lake City, whereas much of the rest
of the state is thinly populated.
About 60% of Utah's population today are members of the Church of Jesus
Christ of the Latter-day Saints ("LDS" or "Mormons"), in large part
because Mormon pioneers were the first Europeans to reach the area in
large numbers. The very first group of Mormon pioneers to settle in Utah,
were led Brigham Young, and reached Salt Lake Valley (today the site of
Salt Lake City),on July 24th, 1847.
The capital and largest city in Utah is Salt Lake City. Other towns and
cities in Utah include Clearfield, Logan, Ogden, Orem, Provo and St.
The state has much to offer the visitor. As you might expect, when you
remember that the 2002 Winter Olympics was held in Salt Lake City, there
are excellent facilities for winter sports and skiing in Utah. Other
tourist attractions in Utah include This Is The Place Heritage Park, the
Clark Planetarium and the Utah Museum of Natural History. Additonally,
Utah is well-known for its many sites of natural beauty.
- Important education institutions in Utah include Brigham Young
University (in Provo) and the University of Utah (in Salt Lake City).
- Professional sports teams in Utah include Real Salt Lake (Major League
Soccer), the Salt Lake Bees (Pacific Coast League baseball), and the Utah
Jazz (National Basketball Association), all of which are based in Salt
Lake City.
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