How to Make a Solar Oven - Making a Homemade Solar Oven

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					How to Make a Solar Oven - Making a Homemade Solar Oven
Solar power has a wide array of uses, like using it in to power cars,
small boats, and homes. You can also use solar power to cook food through
the use of a homemade solar oven. You do not have to be a professional to
take advantage of the sun's energy since it is simple to do with the
right guide, and you can do this at home. All you need are a few simple
materials and a little ingenuity, and you will then know on how to make a
solar oven.
How do Solar Ovens Work?
Because the sun is a great producer of heat for our planet, what you have
to do is to harness it to build simple devices. These devices will
amplify the sun's heat exactly where you want it, and this is the
principle behind making a solar oven. The solar oven or cooker will then
cook a variety of foods at a temperature of around 200 degrees Fahrenheit
depending on your location. It is far less expensive and perfect for
outdoor meals.
What are the materials in building a solar cooker or oven?
The materials you need are:
1. pizza box
2. plastic wrap
3. black construction paper
4. aluminum foil
5. tape or glue.
A knife to cut a hole in the box is also needed, and a stick to prop open
the door on your solar cooker/oven.
Here are the steps :
Cutting the Lid
First thing when building your solar oven or cooker is to cut a hole into
the lid of your pizza box. So that the lid can flap open, cut around
three edges, leaving about 1 inch of space on each edge. Do not
completely remove the lid. If you make a mistake, just tape it on with a
heavy duty tape.
Building the Solar Reflector
Fold the flap out so that it can stand up on its own. Use the stick to
secure it on a desirable position. Completely cover the inside of the lid
with aluminum foil, and use the tape or glue. This foil will reflect the
sun's rays to the pizza box.
Making the Window
Get your plastic wrap and create a window over the hole on the pizza box.
Open the box and flip it over so you will be able to look through the
hole. Put the plastic wrap over the hole and tape it.
Heating things up
Take the aluminum foil and line the inside of the box with it. Cover the
aluminum with the black construction paper. This will absorb the heat
that is produced in your pizza box. The heat absorbent construction paper
and the heat reflective aluminum foil will create an oven atmosphere in
your solar oven.
Now that you have made your solar oven or cooker, it's time to use it.
Bring it to a sunny spot and open the lid. Also adjust the opening so
that sunlight is reflected off the lid and into the plastic window. You
now know on how to make a solar oven or cooker.
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