Cellular Phone Radiation Shielding

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					Cellular Phone Radiation Shielding
Exposure to radiation from cell phones is a growing concern, not only in
the United States, but around the world.
"The voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from hand-held mobile
phones... [is] the largest human biological experiment ever." - Professor
Leif Salford, Head of Research at Lund University, Sweden
As more and more studies point towards a link between cell phone
radiation and headaches, certain types of cancer and even lowered sperm
count, consumers are searching for ways to protect themselves from this
potential threat.
Is Cell Phone Radiation Really Harmful?

The problem is that no definitive studies are available, one way or the
other. With some scientists still arguing that cell phone radiation isn’t
dangerous at all, how is a consumer to know who to trust? Recently,
several companies have created cell phone radiation blockers to ease the
concerns of some cell phone users. Those who choose to do so can simply
use this accessory to block up to 99% of cell phone radiation.
All cell phones and cell phone towers emit Radio Frequency (RF) energy, a
type of electromagnetic energy. This RF energy differs from the type of
electromagnetic energy found in gamma rays and x-rays and has been
thought of until recently to be completely harmless. X-rays are a type of
ionizing radiation, meaning that they damage human cells by stripping
electrons away from their normal locations.
Since RF energy is non-ionizing, scientists believed that it would not
have this same effect on human cells. However, tests on animals show that
the heat created by cell phone radiation can indeed damage cells by
overheating them. The extent of the damage is impossible to know or
understand until further testing is done, but this type of testing on
humans is a moral and ethical no-no.
How Cell Phone Radiation Shields Work?

As their name suggests, these cell phone accessories simply block cell
phone radiation, preventing it from entering the ear or head. They are
usually made of ceramic or other conductive materials and are readily
available in stores or online for most cell phone models.
Some critics still believe that these devices are not enough. After all,
cell phone radiation is all around us, especially in high population
density areas and locations near cell phone towers. What else can be done
to protect yourself from the harmful effects of cell phone radiation?
Since studies have shown that the overheating effect of cell phone
radiation on the brain can occur in just minutes, limit your calls to
those that are absolutely necessary. Use a land line for longer telephone
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