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									Make a Splash with a Mermaid Fairytale Wedding
For a variation on the typical beach themed wedding combine it with a fairytale wedding theme to create a mermaid fairytale wedding. Such a
celebration can be an unforgettably beautiful wedding experience that you and your guests will talk about for many years. The mermaid fairytale
wedding lends itself wonderfully to an elegant wedding celebration of love and romance.

Start with Your Wedding Dress

Yes, building your mermaid fairytale wedding theme begins with your wedding dress. Most wedding dresses whose designs are inspired by mermaid
fairytales are elegant sheaths that flair somewhere around the knees into a gorgeous train. By choosing such a wedding dress you begin to lay the
foundation for a tasteful salute to the mermaid theme in your wedding.

Look at Your Feet

You, after all, have to play the role of the mermaid. So, at least for the reception you want something that will add beauty and a touch of the sea to
your feet. The best way I know to do that is with a pair of barefoot sandals that will adorn your feet with puka shells, pearls, or any number of other
crystals. As a matter of fact, you can get entire ensembles that will lend to your overall look as a beauty from the sea with everything from hand
wraps, to necklaces, to hair jewelry and beyond.

Consider the Overall Decor

Unless you have a huge budget you are probably not going to be able to pull off a mermaid themed wedding in a high school gymnasium (why would
you want to?). Instead, look for a location that you can quickly and easily adapt to your theme. Of course, a beach wedding is a natural but if that's
not an option an indoor wedding that maintains the theme is achievable.

Begin with fish tanks. Hold your wedding reception in a restaurant with large fish tanks, or rent part of a local aquatic park. Or simply rent several fish
tanks (fish included) to be set up in a hotel ballroom or tasteful church multipurpose room and let as much of your lighting be filtered by the water as
possible. Done well a mermaid fairytale wedding is just as incredible as your dreams.

Have Fun with the Music

Be creative with the music you choose to set the tone for your mermaid fairytale wedding. There are multitudes of ways you can go. Is this a royal
mermaid fantasy? Then you will probably want more regal, courtly sounding music. Are you thinking more along the lines of a beach love story
between a man and the mermaid who rescues him (or the other way round)? Then perhaps music more suited to a Hollywood beach romance
blockbuster would be better.

Of course, you could always pay homage to the classic Disney movie, "The Little Mermaid" by using the song, "Under the Sea" to kick off the dance. If
you dare, make your entrance in your mermaid fairytale wedding to the song that Ariel sings when she first gets her voice back after Ursula is defeated
to symbolically represent all that you have overcome to get to your fairytale wedding day.

Whatever you choose, the point is that you choose your music deliberately to fit your specific vision of the theme. Just about the only thing that won't
work is using the old standard wedding songs the way they've always been used - not because they're bad, but because without a lot of alteration they
won't present the mermaid fantasy image that you are trying to portray.

Finally, Consider the Details

Use sandcastles as a centerpiece on your head table and sandcastle votive table decor to provide ambiance. Likewise, a hand blown glass mermaid
couple cake top on your seascape themed wedding cake. Furthermore, choose a beach wedding favor such as sea shell gel candles or a crab wine
bottle holder on your reception tables to compliment the decor and to send your guests home with something that will remind them of your mermaid
fairytale wedding for many years to come.

About the Author
Jeanette Shinn is a wedding professional with over a dozen years experience making dreams come alive. Discover more great fairytale wedding
ideas and beach wedding ideas at her website

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