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									Joint Contracting Command

Field Ordering Officer (FOO)
      Training Program

Joint Contracting Command

    •Standards Of Conduct
    • What Is A Field Ordering Officer (FOO)
    • FOO Cycle
    • What Can/Can Not Be Bought
    • Property Book Items
    • Ordering Procedures
    • Clearing Process
    • Termination

  Joint Contracting Command


• Federal Acquisition Regulation (Far) Part 13
• Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation
  Supplement (DFARS) Part 213
• Army Federal Acquisition Regulation
  Supplement (AFARS) Part 5113
• JCC-I/A Acquisition Instruction, 6 Jan 06
• MNF-I FRAGO-292 Annex E

 Joint Contracting Command


• COMMANDER (0-5 and above)
  nominates a soldier to be an Ordering

• Soldiers (E-6 and above) can be
  nominated by the Unit Commander

  Joint Contracting Command

            Standards Of Conduct

• DoDD 5500.7-R, Joint Ethics Regulation
• Spending American Taxpayers’ Money
• Shall not solicit or accept, directly or
  indirectly, any gratuity, gift, favor,
  entertainment, loan, or anything of
  monetary value from a vendor.

   Joint Contracting Command

   What Is A Field Ordering Officer (FOO)
• DOD personnel authorized to expend OPFUNDS for
MISSION ESSENTIAL operating expenses valued at $2,500 or
less under a Contracting Officer’s supervision.

• Allows deployed units to purchase mission critical
requirements that cannot be obtained by the unit through
military supply systems or higher headquarters.

   Finance and Accounting Officer, Disbursing Officer, Paying Agent,
   Property Book Officer, Acquisition Staff Officer, or Contracting
   Officer’s Representative*

   *an exception may be made at the discretion of the Contracting Office

Joint Contracting Command

               Authority of An
               Ordering Officer
       Authority may not be delegated

       • Ordering Officers and Pay Agents are
       a TEAM!!!

       • Ordering Officer and Pay Agent must
       both be present at time of purchase!!

 Joint Contracting Command

        More Things To Remember!
• Recurring Requirements cannot be purchased with

• Expenses >$2,500 are not allowed. Only a warranted
Contracting Officer can exceed this limit.

• FOO and Pay Agent (PA) must BOTH be present at time
of purchase . DO NOT SPLIT FOO/PA TEAMS UP!!!

OPFUNDS are for mission essential needs, no luxuries!

    Joint Contracting Command

                                FOO Cycle
• FOO/Pay Agent (PA) receive training @ Regional Contracting Center (RCC)
• Local command requests FOO appointment
• Local command submits OPFUND request to TFPHX J-8
• TF-J8 inputs DA 3953 for initial allotment of funds
• FOO goes to Contracting and receives Appointment Packet with SF44
• PA/FOO draw funds from Finance- FOO/PA must Sign Signature Cards-DD 577
• FOO makes copies of SF44 for use in each purchase of authorized items
• FOO makes purchase and PA pays vendor based on the SF44
• FOO/PA clear Contracting
• PA/FOO clear Finance
• Local command submits OPFUND request in advance of next draw
   to TFPHX J-8
• TF-J8 inputs DA 3953 for second allotment of funds
• PA/FOO draw funds at Finance
• FOO/PA spend money on authorized items
•NOTE: You Must Request an Appointment with Contracting

     Joint Contracting Command

                Things A FOO Can Buy!
• Consumable, expendable supplies       • Class 3 items-fuel, oil, brake fluid
• Basic office supplies                 • Class 4-lumber, plywood, 2x4’s
• Non-standard supplies                 • Class 9-oil filters, spark plugs,
• General equipment repair              tires
• Office machine repair                 • Minor vehicle repair
• IT equipment repair                   • Minor roadside repair
• IT ACCESSORIES- flash drives,         • Batteries
  external hard drives, usb hubs,       • Basic cleaning supplies
  cables, keyboard, mouse, battery      • Safe, backpack to secure FOO $$
  packs, cartridges, toner              • Weather-proofing supplies
• Film processing critical to mission   • Training aid material
• Firewood (if no contract available)   • Temporary Service < 30 days
• Sundry/sanitation items               • Rental of cars, trucks, boats,
• Sanitation services not on contract   cranes
• Live animals for training aids and       (prior approval of BN
  cargo/personnel transportation        Commander)

     Joint Contracting Command

   Things FOO Should NEVER Purchase Using OPFunds
• Items available from military (ANA depot, etc) supply systems or from a
contract/BPA. Recurring requirements, leases/rentals over 30 days, copy/
printing costs, ANY IT hardware –printers, internal computer parts and any
item that can be plugged into the net

• FOOD, tea, coke; anything other than Bottled Water
• CARPET, CURTAINS/RODS, DRAPES, similar furnishings
• Permanent Construction, Large DOD supplies or equipment
• Digital cameras, Cell phones, Radios, COM equipment, Celebration items-
flowers, coins, patches, flags. MWR items-TV/DVD, radio, weight and sports

• Newspapers/magazine subscriptions, Luxury and Religious items. Taxes,
bribes, Consulting fee’s. Payroll, overtime, extra duty. Personal, labor
services with a foreign government employee

• Burial costs, Intel/surveillance, Guns/ammunition/explosives

   Joint Contracting Command


• Correction of an Improper Procurement or Unauthorized

• Ordering Officer’s Memorandum

• Commander’s Memorandum (O-7 or Above)

• Improper purchases can not be ratified:
   – You can be held personally financially liable

• Painful Process: Ordering Officers need to avoid

    Joint Contracting Command

         Letters of Justification (LOJ)

• Items normally considered Unauthorized MAY BE allowable
  with a Letter of Justification signed by BN Commander,
  0-5 and above.

• It is the FOO’s responsibility to have all Letters of
Justification (LOJ) PRIOR to clearing.

• Letters of Justification must address the following:
    • Justification of Need
    • Supply chain availability and future resolution of shortage
    • Why the item is mission essential

    Joint Contracting Command

 Things A FOO CANNOT Buy Without a LOJ

•DoD Supply System Items        • Utility, Personal Services
•Furniture                      (ANA haircuts/shaves, etc)
•Clothing/Personal Comfort      • Durable, non-expendable
•Room items-blankets,           Items or equipment
 mattresses, linens             • Class II-clothing, individual
•Medical or Dental              equipment
 Treatment                      • Class Vll-major end items,
                                generators, etc.
                                • Large Appliances
                                • Phone Cards

Joint Contracting Command

                            Basic Rules!
•FIRST Determine If Item Is Available From Military
Supply Channels

• If The Item Is Non-Expendable (Durable) Requiring
A Hand-receipt To Ensure Accountability, A Letter Of
Justification Must Be Approved By The Contracting
Office PRIOR To Purchase

•The FOO Holds All Hand Receipt Responsibility

    Joint Contracting Command

                                Basic Rules!

• Cash and Carry
   • Cannot Pick Up or Have Delivered Later

• No Partial Payments-payment In Full Only!
    Exception: Short Term Leases/Rentals <30 Days
    (Pay Vendor At End Of Lease/Rental Period)

    Ex. Generators, Vehicles, Other Transportation Needs

   Joint Contracting Command

                               Basic Rules!

• $2500 Limit Is For The Price Of The Total Requirement

   • Do Not Split Into Multiple Requirements To Stay
   Under Ceiling
   • Examples Of Split Requirements -- $2499 Purchases
   For Same Item From Same Vendor On Separate Days


   Joint Contracting Command

                               Basic Rules!
•Bottom Line Up Front: Integrity First

•Avoid Any Appearance Of Impropriety

             “Doing Anything Which Might Adversely Affect
             Public Confidence In The Integrity Of The
             Government Acquisition System”

• Do Not Accept Items Or Play Favorites With Vendors
From Whom You Purchase

 Joint Contracting Command

           The SF- 44 – General Rules

• Fill out your SF-44 at time of purchase

• Three signatures are required at time of purchase
   • The FOO, the Pay Agent, and the Vendor

• Both FOO and Pay Agent must be present at time
  of purchase – NO EXCEPTIONS!!

• Always treat SF-44s as cash

 Joint Contracting Command

                   The SF-44 – “PIN #”
                   W91B4M-06-M-_ _ _ _ / _ _

     FOO/PA Personal                           PIN Extension
         PIN #

Personal pin number is assigned specifically to the
  FOO at time of appointment
• New Pin Extension for each SF-44
• Start with AA ... AZ then BA … BZ etc.
• After you clear, your next pin extension starts
  where you left off, DO NOT START OVER!!

    Joint Contracting Command

               The SF-44 – Signatures

•   FOO
•   VENDOR – Must sign both the SF-44 and the receipt
•   RECEIVED BY – Cannot be signed by the FOO or
    Pay Agent
     • Must be signed by an American solider
     • Best signed by an American solider who
       receives material
     • Does not have to be signed at time of purchase

Joint Contracting Command

 Joint Contracting Command

      Recommended FOO Practices
• FOO is responsible for determining fair and
reasonable price
• Develop and use market or product knowledge
• Get quotes from vendors
• Rotate vendors-share the wealth, stimulate

 Call your host Regional Contracting Center
(RCC) for assistance.

Joint Contracting Command

          Required FOO Practices:
      “Never Convert US/Afghan/Iraqi Currency”

    • Negotiate Price In Currency You Are Using

    •DO NOT Convert On The Fly

    • Use Only Whole Dollar Amounts On SF44

    • DO NOT Accept Change

Joint Contracting Command

            Required FOO Practices
             “Files FOO Must Keep”
FOOs Must Maintain:

      • Appointment Letter
      • DA 3953-Purchase Request & Commitment
      • Signed Copy of SF 44’s
      • Copy of all Receipts
      • Copy of all Clearance/Termination Memos
      • Item Description Log
      • FOO must maintain all records on file for 3 years
      after termination

Joint Contracting Command

    Recommended FOO Practices
                  Prior To Clearing Contracting
• Make two (2) copies of SF 44s
• Make two (2) copies of receipts
• Staple receipts to SF 44
• Maintain Item Description Log

• Distribution of documents at clearing
    •Original : Finance Office
    • Copy 1: Contracting Office
    • Copy 2: FOO
    • Copy 3: J8

     Joint Contracting Command

                        Clearing Process
• Request appointment with Contracting Office
• Present tracking sheet, SF 44’s & invoices to Contracting for
• Receive your Clearance Letter
• Clear Finance (turn in all monies not expended)
• Submit new DA 3953 unless terminating
• Pick up new DA 3953 with New SF44
• Draw funds from Finance
• Spend your money on authorized items

Note: Use the new SF44 you get with each new funding allotment because the
Purpose and Accounting Data is unique for each funding allotment received.


Joint Contracting Command

    Reason for Termination of FOO Appointment

    • Failure to Clear within 30 Days

    • Making Unauthorized Purchases

    • At Request of Commander

    • At the End of Appointment Period or Tour

Joint Contracting Command

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