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					                                                             PILLARS (STANDARDS) of Service Project EXPERIENCE
Service Learning Experience
          (CIP) Community Impact Projects                    Duration and Intensity
                                                             SLE has sufficient duration and intensity to address
          Service Project Framework                          community needs and meet specified outcomes.

                                                             Link to curriculum
 Service Project Growth Cycle                                SLE is intentionally used as an instructional strategy to
                                                             meet learning goals.
     1.    Investigation/Awareness
     2.    Plan/Preparation                                  Meaningful service
     3.    Action/Implementation                             SLE actively engages participants in meaningful and
     4.    Reflection/Evaluation                             personally relevant service activities.

     5.    Demonstration/Celebration
                                                             Youth voice
                                                             SLE provides youth with a strong voice in planning,
     Final 7 Weeks                  SLE Course Grade         implementing, and evaluating service learning experiences
 M/F: Service Project             Service Project 30%        with guidance from adults.
 Develop/Implement                Presenta tion 15%
                                                             SLE partnerships are collaborative and mutually beneficial,
 T/TH: Service Si tes             *Priceless Experiences*
                                                             and addr ess community needs.

     Project Calendar (Broad Framework)
 Oct 13, 20, 25-29
                                                             SLE promotes understanding of diversity and mutual
 Service Project Fra mework, SLE Service                     respect among all participants.
 Week, Transi tion into CIPs
 Nov 1- Nov 22                                               Reflection
 Need s assessment, plan/prepara tion, project               SLE incorporates multiple challenging reflection activities
 development, communi ty partnerships                        that are ongoing and t hat prompt deep thinking and
 Nov 19- Dec 10                                              analysis about oneself and ones relationship to society.
 Project Action/Implementa tion Period
                                                             Progress Monitoring
 Dec 13- Dec 15
                                                             SLE engages participants in an ongoing process to assess
 CIP Service Project Presenta tions
                                                             the quality of implementation and progress toward meeting
 Dec 16/17                                                   specified goals, and uses results for improvement and
 SLE Celebra tions, Reflections, Evaluations                 sustainability.

*Personal Journal (Throughout whole process)
*Service Project Portfolio                                      CIP Service Project Team Member/s:
*Group Roles, Teaming and Communication
*Community Partnership
*Goal setting and follow-through
*Positive in-class and out-of-class project time
   -Out-of-class project hours work towar ds service hours
*SLE Formal Feedback Meetings (2)
*Reflection and Celebration

CIP Service Project VISION Statement:
O   Pre-Reflection on Community needs/issue           What is the community need?
O   Community Needs Assessment                           -How did you/group come to this conclusion
O   Connection with Community Agencies                   -Why these needs?
        o Phone/email contacts                           -What support systems in community already?
O   Project Purpose-connection to needs                 -What are the feelings in the community?
O   Explain Project connection to 8 Pillars
O   Project Needs (Scale of Project)                  Why is group undertaking this project?
O   Logistics                                            -Vision for project? Mission/vision statement?
                                                          -What results expected?
O   Investigation Process Paperwork                      -How will you/group know if objectives met?
O   SLE Feedback Meeting?                                -How can this be sustainable (lasting)?

O   Decide on service project (Plan towards action)    Have you contacted community partners?
O   Goal setting (short and long-ter m)                 Do those you are serving know their role?
O   Calendar timeline                                   How best do you use in/out-of-class hours?
O   Group roles/teaming                                **Project timeline-
O   Who, when, why, where, how                          -Set dates, event and/or recurring relationship?
O   Publicity                                            Location, peoples involved, paperwork?
O   SLE Feedback Meeting?

O   Final prep follow through                          What last minute logistics need to be met?
O   Post project plan                                  How can you best document service project?
O   Pictures/video of I mplementation                  What back-up plans are in place?
O   SLE Feedback Meeting?

O   Revisiting investigation questions
        o Evaluate each question/answer post experience                  If you could do it again…
O   Self evaluation/reflection                                            -Change/Keep the same
O   Group evaluation/reflection                                            -Strengths/Weaknesses
O   Community partner and those served reflection opportunity             -How were you affected?
O   Evaluate Process                                                       -What was learned?
O   Evaluate Product                                                       -How were others affected?
O   Sustainable?
O   SLE Feedback Meeting?

O   Project   Presentation                               How can you/group best share your project?
        o      Process Steps                             Can you help us understand your project?
        o      Action Experience                         Creative and visual ways to celebrate service?
        o      Reflection
        o      Challenges from here
O   Project   Celebration
        o      Video/pictures from project process
        o      Invite Special Guests

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