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									Training for Muscle Tone Instead of Muscle Mass
The key to muscle mass is a high enough volume of lifts to induce a bit
of damage to the muscles. After the muscle is damaged it is important to
rest that muscle enough for a full recovery. Ideally when that muscle is
recovered, it will be slightly bigger. Over time this builds a larger
muscle. The key to muscle tone is to do less volume of sets, but work out
more frequently.
How Many Sets Do You Need to Do For Muscle Tone?
Remember, your goal for muscle tone is to avoid damaging the muscles. If
you get sore the following day, back off a bit the next time that you
work those same muscles. I like to do 3-4 sets of anywhere between 3-10
reps for muscle tone. I chose 2 exercises per body part.
How Many Reps in Each Set?
Very few people understand how effective low reps are for muscle tone.
Low reps create harder contractions and over time, your muscle will
display better tone. Feel free to include medium to high reps, but make
sure you don't neglect heavier low rep training as well. Gaining strength
at a low body fat level is a great way to look ripped!
Make Sure and Work the Muscles Often When Going for Tone!
This is an overlooked tip that will quickly accelerate your ability to
increase tone in a worked muscle. Muscle tone is basically the partial
contraction of a muscle in a relaxed state, so your muscles are
contacting a bit on their own even when you are completely relaxed. The
way to increase this is to contract you muscles hard (workout) on a
frequent basis. want to avoid muscle damage, otherwise you
will over-train the muscle if you work it soon. Another problem with
working a damaged muscle it that it won't contract as hard, so the
workout will have less toning benefits.
Do NOT Train to Failure or Use Forced Reps When Going for Muscle Tone
If you do a set to failure you are essentially "training your muscle to
fail". This induces a large amount of damage, which is great for muscle
mass but bad for muscle tone. Training for tone is similar to training
for strength. Elite power-lifters rarely train to failure for the reason
stated above. The problem is that your muscle will not contract as hard
the following set. You want hard contractions when going for tone, so
don't train to failure and don't even think of doing forced reps.
Here is Common Mass Building Split Routine
The "3 day split" is a common routine for muscle mass because it works
well. A 3 day split simply means that all the muscles in your body are
worked in 3 different workouts. So what a lot of people do is work chest,
shoulders, and triceps on one day...back and biceps on another day...and
legs and abs on the third day. The great thing here is that since you are
working only a few body parts in each workout, you can focus on blitzing
each muscle group. You can really do a high volume of lifts for each
muscle group which is the key to mass.
The 2 Day Split Muscle Tone Workout Routine
Since you want to work each muscle group more often when going for tone,
you should try to split you workout over two days instead of three. The
great thing here is that you don't need much recovery time when you don't
damage the muscles.
Note: So you should have a good idea on how to setup a great workout
routine. Remember, if you are going for tone, keep the volume of lifting
low and work each muscle frequently. Since your time in the weight room
should be brief, spend the extra time hitting cardio hard to burn off all
that excess body fat to reveal your toned muscles.
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