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									Tips How to Build Muscle Quickly - And Get Bigger, Stronger and More
Respect in the Gym
By now... you are so sick and tired of being skinny and stick figured...
sick and tired of being called "Skinny" and your first name.
And I empathize with you... because I used to be just... like... you!
Yep... for most of my adult life, I was never over 150 pounds. Until I
read a book that opened my eyes and told me that pretty much everything I
did up to that point was DEAD WRONG!
Let me explain...
You see, skinny guys have to go about with a whole 'nother set of
rules... Some guys are just blessed and can easily pack on muscle mass
without make much of an effort...
Case in point... Arnold Schwarzenegger body type is an Mesomorph... he
just can pack them on and get really, really huge.
But when you are an Ectomorph or a hard gainer... you can't just start
pumping weights like there is no tomorrow! But I want you to understand
this... there are competitive bodybuilders with the same exact body type
as yours!
So it CAN be done... someone with an ectomorphic body type can get bigger
and stronger.
This is what you are going to do...
1) Learn to eat more -- much, much MORE! More good quality protein...
more good fats to support your cellular system... more complex carbs to
fuel your body.
And pay attention here... your muscles don't get bigger when you
workout... they get bigger when you eat and rest... which brings up the
next tip.
2) Be sure to rest more! That means don't workout more than 3 days a
week. Your muscles need time to repair and recover.
Don't do this important step... and you will never get bigger and always
wonder why. THIS IS WHY!
3) Good quality workouts. Short, intense workouts will pump your muscles
and break it down. Heavy weights will force your muscles to get bigger.
Forget the high intensity and high rep workouts... they don't do a thing
for you here...
There ya go! Three tips how to build muscle quickly... This is a good
foundation to start your bodybuilding efforts.
For more tips... from a world class competitive bodybuilder who also
happens to be... an ectomorph! You won't believe it when you see his
before and after pictures... if he can do it... so can you...
To find out exactly how to build muscle quickly be sure to come over to
my website.
And don't forget to grab the freebees while you are there!

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