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The Best Exercises For Muscle Building


									The Best Exercises For Muscle Building
It seems like many people these days go to the gym just to attain that
perfect body. But then again, many of them do not know what to do
especially those who are just beginning to plan to do exercises for
muscle building.
The two kinds of exercises that you can use are isolation exercises and
compound exercises. Compound exercises focus on several muscles. Examples
of these exercises are dips, bench press and squats. While isolation
exercises focus on lesser muscles. Pec deck, dumbbell flyes and leg
extentions are examples of this exercise.
Between compound and isolation exercises, compound exercises are more
effective in building muscle because they include the use of many muscle
groups, creating a heavier training load.
For example, when you do squat, you are working on your hamstrings, lower
back, abdominals, quadriceps, hips and abductors. It also lets heavy
weights to be lifted. When you do leg extension, which is an isolation
exercise, you only focus on quadriceps. Judge against the two, compound
exercises are better exercises for muscle building.
Bench press is the best exercise for the chest muscle. Chin-up or pull-up
is good for the upper back. Although this is difficult, it is very
effective. Deadlift is best for the lower back while bar dips with weight
is recommended for triceps, as well as close-dip bench presses. For
biceps, standing barbell curl is effective. Squats are best for building
leg muscles. For abs, rope pull-downs with heavy weights is advised for
firm abdominal muscles.
Although trying these exercises helps, it is still best to go into a
muscle building program for you to be able to attain that muscles you aim
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