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					The Latest In Skin Care Treatment - Microdermabrasion And Other Techniques
With people all worried about their appearances, the skin care treatment industry has become a worldwide moneymaker, earning billions of dollars
each year from people across all demographics.

One of the treatments that is growing really popular is Microdermabrasion, a procedure that removes the topmost layer of the skin, getting rid of the
dead skin cells on the surface and bringing back its healthy glow. It also leaves a smoother surface and even stimulates the growth of new calls as
well as the production of collagen and elastin, which both plays a role in the development of wrinkles.

For some, a total of six peelings are needed to achieve the best results. Others can get away with less depending on the condition of the skin. Often
the procedure is done every one to two weeks. It makes use of aluminum crystals that create a micro-dermabrasion effect that helps peel the skin.

Although the skin is the most common area treated by the procedure, it is also done on the neck, chest, arms, hands or any area that are damaged by
the sun. It is also used for skins with irregular pigmentation such as sun spots and melasma; those with irregular and rough skin; and even those with
some wrinkles and stretch marks.

Effects of the procedure is said to better than those seen in glycolic acid peels. Another advantage is the longer healing and recovery time compared
to other procedures. There is also a shorter treatment time as well very minimal discomfort. It is also said to be very safe for all skin types as well as all

Although it is less expensive, it can be expensive on the long run as it requires multiple treatments. So, before having yourself treated, make sure that
you have already determined the total cost.

This procedure is similar to some chemical peeling treatment except that it does not burn the skin. There is also less irritation reported as well as
allergic reactions to the procedure. One can even apply make-up on the skin that is newly treated.

One of the many benefits of Microdermabrasion is that it has less treatment time. This means that you don't have to spend so much time in the
surgical room. Another pros is the fact that it has less recovery time compared to other techniques that basically do the same treatment.

It is also relatively painless that dermatologists and doctors do not even use anesthesia anymore. Because of this, it is also relatively cheaper
compared to other laser skin treatments available. Microdermabrasion can treat a lot of skin conditions such as age spots, acne, pigmentation marks,
sun-damaged skin, fine wrinkles and even dull congested skin.

The kind of treatment as well as the duration will depend upon the skin type and the condition. Treatment results will of course vary depending on the
condition of the skin before the treatment and of course the severity of the problem. But as mentioned before, with microdermabrasion, there will be
shorter recovery time. Patients can already resume their work even hours after treatment.

Before the treatment

There are really no strict requirements before undergoing the procedure. But for safety purposes, patients are advised to not put any retinoid or retinal.
There should also be no AHA usage for three days before and after the treatment.

Caring for the treated area

The first thing that should be done is to clean the area and keep it well moisturized. The doctor will also tell you the products that you can put on your
skin. Another thing that you should do is to protect it from the sun at all times. Do this by using a sun block with moisturizer, at least SPF 15, to keep
the skin moist and supple.

Other treatments includes:

Photorejuvenation - This is another skin treatment in the country. Through the use of laser or broadband light, mild acne scarring can be improved by
causing a new layer of collagen to form on the skin. Often, this procedure will require five to six treatments that are performed every three to four
Scar Revision - This is a surgical procedure conducted to remove acne scars, especially the ice pick and box cars, which are pretty deep. An excision
is made during the procedure through a punch. This hole is then closed with sutures that are often about seven days later. Another technique used in
this procedure is the subcision, which uses a sharp instrument to undercut the scar being treated.

Laser Treatments - Other forms of skin treatments are the Laser resurfacing (CO2 laser, Erbium Yag laser);
Pulsed dye laser and Laser skin resurfacing.

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