JL Audio W7 Review by primusboy


									JL Audio W7 Review
The JL Audio W7 is the biggest baddest subwoofer on the market today. JL
Audio, being one of the top manufacturers of car audio systems, pushed
their limits came out with the W7. The JL Audio W7 is priced anywhere
between $300 and $500 depending on what size subwoofer you get. I
purchased the 13" JL Audio w7 by itself from eBay for about $450.
The W7 has power handling capabilities of 1500 watts. Some say this isn't
much, but this is true wattage rating. Unlike other companies JL Audio
gives true numbers meaning the actual input and output rating. When I got
the thing I was blown away by the shear weight of it. Its gotta be about
50-100 pounds. Since I got the JL Audio subwoofer, I thought I'd go all
out and get the JL Audio amplifier also. I purchases the JL Audio 1000/1
Monoblock amplifier from them. This gives 1000 watts RMS, which is all
you need for this monster.
After hooking everything up, I was blown away...literally. This sub is
the loudest single subwoofer I have ever came across. The JL Audio W7
simply shook my brain, along with everything else in my car. I would not
recommend this sub to anyone who doesn't want to be heard miles away. The
W7 puts out the lowest, deepest, heart stopping bass imaginable.
For serious Car audio enthusiast the JL Audio w7 is a perfect addition to
your ride. It will blow out any competition on the streets and may even
blow out your ears, along with anything else that's loose in your car.
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