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									How to Customize Toy Haulers
Thousands of folks travel across Alberta using toy haulers to carry their
motorcycles, ATVs and other portable toys. Toy haulers are an easy way to
make travelling comfortable and practical - no matter how far you have to
go or how long you will be there.
There are a few ways to customize your toy haulers so that they meet your
specific requirements, including the following:
One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your toy haulers stand out
is to paint them with a custom design of your choosing, such as racing
stripes or any other image. The paint goes on the outside of the toy
hauler and can be custom-designed by you or you can use a design that has
already been created.
Customized Floor Plans
When you purchase a toy hauler, the hauler will generally come complete
with a living area and a storage area. The storage area can be customized
to suit your storage needs, including shelving units and truck space. The
living area, however, comes with exciting opportunities to design a
custom living space.
Designing the inside of your custom trailer can be done from the ground-
up, using your input every step of the way. You decide where to place the
kitchen and sleeping areas, as well as where to place the recreational
areas. Plus, you can also decide on color and finish of the upholstery
and countertops!
There are many sizes that you can choose from when it comes to selecting
your toy hauler. These sizes generally cannot be changed once they are
created. Therefore, know what size you want prior to making your toy
hauler purchase. For example, you may choose to have a wide body design,
which allows for slightly more living space and storage space than a
standard size. Before making your purchase, also make sure that you are
comfortable hauling a toy trailer of its size.
Finding the perfect toy hauler can be a challenge- especially if you are
very particular about your needs and requirements. However, it is always
possible to customize your toy haulers to suit your specific needs.
Define what you need before you begin with the customization in order to
save time, money and to get the best toy hauler possible.
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