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									Honda Chopper
Have you seen the Honda VTX 1300 cruiser style motorcycle? Well look out,
because here comes the new style of Honda chopper with chopper kits
available for this hot new motorcycle model from the famous Honda brand,
well known for their reliable, fast and comfortable machines.
The Honda chopper concept has been around for a long time now so perhaps
you are wondering why this may even be a worthy news item? Well, that is
because things have changed with the new style VTX range of motorcycles
from Honda. They are completely different from the old style machines
that Honda became well known for. The Honda VTX is modern, light, easy to
handle and very comfortable on a long ride. And now there is a huge range
of custom motorcycle accessories available so that you can convert that
standard Honda motorcycle into a Honda chopper with some extra chrome, a
nice set of loud exhaust pipes and of course, the raked triple trees and
fork tube extensions on the front end for that classic Honda chopper
The old school Honda chopper style of the 1970's has been dramatically
updated for the new millennium with the Honda VTX 1300 chopper kits and
custom parts available today. This fast and light motorcycle will
outperform many competitors and still maintain an economical stance when
it is time to fill up at the nearest gas station.
Honda chopper 21st century style can be obtained by fitting a chopper kit
with raked triple trees and extended fork tubes. These chopper kits
contain all the necessary parts you need to make the chopper conversion
and include a choice of 9, 14, or 18 degrees of rake over stock and all
the required components such as extended fork tubes, chrome steel trees,
steel braided brake line and extended speedometer cable. The 9° raked
with 4" over stock fork tubes adds 6" to the overall length of your Honda
motorcycle, the 14° rake with 8" over stock fork tubes adds 10" to the
overall length of your motorcycle and the really radical 18° rake with
10" over stock fork tubes adds 14" to the overall length of your standard
Honda motorcycle for that extreme Honda chopper look.
Your Honda chopper will still ride safe all the way up to the top speed
of the motorcycle and the cool thing about doing a chopper conversion to
a factory standard bike is that you still get to use all the standard
parts for maintenance and repair. There is a lot to be said for one off
custom creations but using this method has got to be a lot more practical
for the serious chopper enthusiast as you will be able to spend more time
actually riding your Honda chopper and much less time in the repair shop!
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