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									Home-based Part Time Work for Teachers

                         Due to insufficient salary, it is no wonder that part time work for teachers is
                         readily sought after. This does not only involve those under the teaching
                         profession, but with other disciplines as well. On the down side however, being
                         a teacher is a full time job. And it obviously extends even outside the four
                         corners of your classroom.

With that said how can instructors then have an alternative job? Is there really a part time work for
teachers? If yes, what are they and where can mentors find it?

Such dilemma of finding other work, especially for full time educators is now made easy. Thanks to
technology, there are already home-based part time works for everybody. Here are some lists that
teachers can look and might consider for that added financial stability.

1. Home-based education. Education is now not only confined in a classroom. Now, it reached as far as
other countries and continents. These types of real jobs need teachers who would undertake a specific
subject for certain types of students. Usually these are students who study at home. There are a handful
of trusted Web sites directed to online teaching like TutorVista and TeacherJobs. If accepted a lesson
will be given and you need to record your conference via webcam for a period of several hours.

2. Home-based virtual assistant. With the advent of technology, work at home specifically part-time
ones for teachers is now a problem no more. There are companies in foreign countries that need
assistants. They are mainly tagged as secretarial jobs, but not physically residing in an office. The work
consists primarily of writing jobs, setting up appointments and researching things on the Internet.

3. Home-based encoder or transcribers. This is another suggested part-time job for teachers. What is
positive about this is its easiness. Encoder and data transcribers are two of the positions widely available
in the Internet domain. As an encoder, you will be given sets of texts that you need to input into a
website or system. As a transcriber on the other hand, an audio recording from different professions will
be sent to you and you need to relay it into words. These are easy jobs in the first place and you would
need not much training to begin with.

The posts above are just the tip of the iceberg of the many home-based jobs that any teacher can apply.
Just be careful to find businesses or sites that are legitimate in nature. There are many online job sites
that have the confidence to provide employment for job seekers out there. Part time work for teachers
are available in a variety of places, just be smart enough to know where to look for one.

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