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									Mobistar in a nutshell
2010            • January           M2M partnership with Touring Assistance for automatic assistance in the event of theft,
                                    accident and breakdown

2009            • Novembre
                • October
                                    VOXmobile becomes Orange
                                    Mobistar acquires the Belgian B2B and carrier activities from KPN
                • September         Mobistar launches Mobile TV, HD mobile television on iPhone 3G and 3GS
                                    Mobistar launches Internet Everywhere Ticket, the first rechargeable SIM card for mobile
                                    internet on a PC without a subscription.
                • May               Mobistar becomes ‘International M2M Center’ for Machine-To-Machine applications
                                    Mobistar first operator to integrate social networks in its youth offer.
                • March             Mobistar first to launch pre-paid bundles for calling and surfing abroad at lower tariffs.
                • February          Extended partnership between Mobistar and Telenet

                • July              Extension of mobile data offer portfolio
2008            • June              Launch of One Office Full Pack

                • November          Launch of Internet Everywhere
2007            • May               Acquisition of VOXmobile.
                • January           Brand refresh

2006            • February          Mobistar and Telenet conclude a partnership agreament

                • July              Mobistar launches Orange World, the multimedia experience, in Belgium.
2005            • February          Mobistar introduces the EDGE technology on its network.

2002            • December          For the first time in its short history Mobistar makes a net profit, with a positive operating-
                                    cashflow and a considerable drop in debts.

                • March             Mobistar buys the 3G licence from the Belgian government.
2001            • 1 January         Mobistar becomes part of the Orange group.

                • September         Entry on the Belgian stock exchange.
1998            • January           Launch of the Mobistar Center distribution channel.

                • November          Launch of Tempo, the first prepaid card in Europe.
1996            • 27 August         Commercial launch of the network.

Mobistar Executive Committee

       Benoit Scheen                 Paul Baeck                    Stephane Beauduin            Werner De Laet                 Olivier Ysewijn
       Chief Execuive Officer         Chief Commercial Officer       Chief Marketing Officer       Chief Financial Officer         Chief Stategy Officer

       Anne Cambier                                                                              Hendrik Fostier
       Chief Procurement and        Paul-Marie Dessart             Pascal Koster                 Chief Business
       Process Officer               Secretary General              Chief Technology Officer       Transformation Officer

 Mobistar NV/SA | Avenue du Bourgetlaan 3 | Brussel 1140 Bruxelles | TEL. +32 2 745 71 11 | FAX +32 2 745 70 00 | | BTW-TVA BE 0456.810.810
 Shareholders’ structure (as of December 9th, 2008)

 ASB        52.91 %                                                                        Free Float         47.09 %
 Key figures (FY 09)
 Mobistar group’s consolidated key figures                                                                2008                 2009             Variation
 Total active             Mobistar S.A., Orange S.A. and MVNO
 (mobile telephony)                                                                                3,818,291            3,867,268                +0.24%
 Consolidated turnover (million €)                                                                   1 532.7               1,567.2               +2.25%
 Total service revenues (million €)                                                                  1 443.7              1 444.8                +0.08%
 EBITDA(2) (million €)                                                                                 591.6                 567.0                -4.16%
 Consolidated net profit (million €)                                                                    280.1                 260.3                -7.07%
 Net profit per ordinary share (1) (€)                                                                   4.67                  4.34                -7.07%
 Net investment (million €)                                                                            159.9                 146.1               +8.63%
 Organic cash-flow(3)                                                                                   297.1                 298.4               +0.44%
 (1) The number of active customers excludes ’Machine-to-Machine‘ cards
 (2) Earning Before Interest. Taxation, Depreciation and Amortization
 (3) Organic cash-flow = Net cash flow from operations less acquisitions of tangible and intangible assets, plus proceeds from disposals of
 tangible and intangible assets.

 Mobistar on the Belgian telecom market
              value share: ~ 47,5 %                            Play
                                                                                 value share: ~ 35,5 %                           value share: ~ 16,9 %
              mother company:                               Work                 mother company:                                 mother company:

              Belgacom Mobile                                                    France Telecom                                  KPN Group Belgium

  ARPU blended: 31.50 € (Q4 2009)

Our people
1.450     team members                 22 different nationalities                     9 % with foreign passport           37.5 average age

Mobistar’s vision
Mobistar will be celebrated by its customers as the trusted leader in personal(ized) communication and services.

Mobistar’s mission statement
Mobistar will enable mobility experiences for individuals, communities and companies through relevant innovation.

Corporate social responsibility
                             Mobistar wants to be a responsible player in the Belgian society. Its mission is to facilitate
                             communication and access to information for all. That’s why Mobistar chose to support
                             people with autism. The association “Participate!” has been created at the end of 2006. Its
objective is to improve the quality of life of persons with autism and their families by developing tools (website, brochures,
DVD) providing empowering information. This association counts 11 partners: 8 university reference centers, 2 parents’
associations and Mobistar. Since 2007, information is available on the website

More information?
Visit our corporate web portal

   Mobistar NV/SA | Avenue du Bourgetlaan 3 | Brussel 1140 Bruxelles | TEL. +32 2 745 71 11 | FAX +32 2 745 70 00 | | BTW-TVA BE 0456.810.810

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