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									Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic in developing countries.
Children in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and
Australia are getting fatter and fatter each generation. Why is this
happening? It's simple. The culture in these countries are promoting a
sedentary life style that discourages the young from exercising.
The cultures in these western, developed countries places more emphasis
on sitting in front of the computer and watching television more than
exercising. Children are coming home from school and spending their spare
time playing video games or watching television shows when they should be
out playing sports. Their parents don't mind because they are being kept
busy. But they should mind. Childhood obesity can lead to a string of
illnesses both at present and in the child's adult life.
Childhood obesity dramatically increases the chances of a child getting
diabetes. This is not a risk worth taking. Diabetes, although a
manageable condition, is serious none the less. Obesity in the early
stages of life also propagate to adulthood. Meaning chances are high that
an obese child will become an obese adult. This can open the door to
cardiovascular diseases which will ultimately lead to a heart attack. To
put it bluntly, childhood obesity can take decades off the life span of
the individual.
How can it be prevented? First off eating habits must be examined.
Children often do not differentiate between healthy and nutritious food
and junk. They really only care about what the food tastes like. The onus
is on the parents to provide healthy food for them. In addition to this
regular exercise needs to be encouraged along with team sports and a
change in general life style to keep the weight off.
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