The American Medical Billing Association

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					The American Medical Billing Association
Medical billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims
to insurance companies so that payments are made for the services
rendered by a health care provider. The American Medical Billing
Association or AMBA has the unique ambition to provide industry and
regulatory education, networking opportunities for all its members so
that they can share information and ideas among themselves, besides
helping to market the member's abilities and professional services as a
AMBA has its focus on actual participation by its members. Thus
Professional medical billers from across the country can interact with
each other and share information with each other irrespective of their
location. AMBA has formed its National Medical Billing Advisory Board.
This advisory board will guide and support AMBA leadership with advice.
The National Advisory Board (NAB) will be working with National AMBA for
the betterment of the entire association and the Medical Billing
profession by actively participating in their nationally sponsored
meetings, conferences, events, publications, educational programs and
other activities.
AMBA's objectives and goals include,
Provide medical billing resource to members

Uphold high standards within industry

Create opportunities

Providing information /knowledge

Ongoing research/continuing education

Develop new ideas/technology

Providing leadership in the industry

Recognition for accomplishments

Offering fellowship

Make members to work together

Networking among peers

Offering fun

AMBA also awards the CMRS (Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist)
exam and certification which is a voluntary, national credential for the
medical billing profession. These credentials are voluntary because
according to the federal government it is not necessary for the medical
biller to be certified to practice medical billing.
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