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					Emergency Temporary Accommodation
                                                                                                                   FACT SHEET
                                                                                                                                October 2006

                                         The Department of Housing provides                  A request for assistance from DoCS
                                         Emergency Temporary Accommodation for               A letter from the Service for the Treatment
                                         up to three months to people who are                and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma
                                         experiencing a short-term housing crisis.           Survivors (STARTTS)
                                                                                             A request for temporary housing
                                         To be eligible for Emergency Temporary              assistance from the Seventh Day
                                         Accommodation you must be:                          Adventist Church during a State
                                           Ineligible for public housing, and
                                                                                             Copy of insurance claims.
                                           In urgent need of short-term temporary
                                           accommodation, and
                                           Unable to resolve your need yourself, and
                                                                                           How is my application for
                                                                                           Emergency Temporary
                                           Unable to live with family or friends, and

                                                                                           Accommodation assessed?
                                           Ineligible for other forms of assistance
                                           from other agencies because of your
                                           income, or because you only have
                                           temporary residency status.                     We will assess your need for Emergency
                                                                                           Temporary Accommodation based on the

                                         What do I need to do?
                                                                                           information in your application and any other
                                                                                           supporting documentation that you give us.

                                         You will need to complete an application for      When assessing the urgency of your need
                                         Emergency Temporary Accommodation. You            for short-term emergency temporary
                                         can ask someone to pick up the form for           accommodation, we look at whether you are:
                                         you, or help you to fill it in, if needed.          Unable to live in your home because it is
                                                                                             uninhabitable due to a natural disaster
                                         You will also need to provide documents that        such as fire, flood, earthquake, or storm
It is illegal for an officer of the
Department to ask for money or           support your application for Emergency              Unable to live in your home because of
favours or other benefits of any kind
                                         Temporary Accommodation. Depending on               domestic violence which places you, or
in exchange for helping you with your
housing needs.                           your reasons for requesting Emergency               your child, at risk of harm
It is also illegal for you or anyone     Temporary Accommodation, you may need               Homeless and have custody of children
else to offer money or favours or        to provide us with some of the following
other benefits of any kind to an
                                                                                             An asylum seeker with a bridging visa or
officer of the Department in             types of documentation:                             temporary protection visa with no income,
exchange for helping you.
                                           Passport, birth certificate, driver’s licence     or little income, who is facing a housing
If you have any information regarding                                                        crisis
                                           Centrelink statements, pay slips
this, please contact the Department
                                                                                             A sponsored migrant whose sponsorship
of Housing’s Business Assurance            Bank books or statements
Unit on 1800 806 206. The                                                                    agreement has broken down due to a
Department may refuse the provision        Letters or reports from welfare agencies,         sudden change in circumstances.
of further housing services to anyone      community organisations and services
who has engaged or sought to
                                           including refuges and migrant services
engage in corrupt or illegal conduct .
                                           A current Apprehended Violence Order

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Emergency Temporary Accommodation
                                                                                   FACT SHEET

          We also consider whether you are able to        To be considered for Temporary Emergency
          resolve your own housing need by looking at     Accommodation you must:
          the following:                                    Be homeless, or
            Any assets or savings you can use               Have children who are at risk, or
            Your housing requirements such as the           Be escaping a domestic violence situation.
            number of bedrooms your household size
            requires                                      When assessing your request for Emergency
            Whether your housing need can be met by       Temporary Accommodation we will consider
            other forms of assistance such as             whether:
            Rentstart or Temporary Accommodation
                                                            Your urgent housing need can be met
            Any factors that may limit your access to       through Rentstart or Temporary
            private rental accommodation.                   Accommodation
                                                            You have the ability to resolve your own

          Am I eligible for assistance if
                                                            housing need

          I'm an asylum seeker or a
                                                            You are able to live with family or friends.

          sponsored migrant?
                                                          What happens if I'm approved
                                                          for Emergency Temporary
          If you are an asylum seeker with a bridging
          visa you are a temporary resident until you
          have been granted a Protection visa. As a
          temporary resident, you can apply for           Your name will be listed on the Housing
          Rentstart and Emergency Temporary               Register for Emergency Temporary
          Accommodation.                                  Accommodation and you will receive a letter
                                                          telling you that your application has been
          If you are a sponsored migrant with a
          temporary entry visa you are not eligible for
          Emergency Temporary Accommodation or            When it's your turn for Emergency Temporary
          Rentstart even if you receive Special           Accommodation, you will be made one
          Benefits from Centrelink.                       reasonable offer of short-term public housing.
                                                          If you accept the offer, you will need to sign a
          However, if you are a sponsored migrant
                                                          three-month fixed term tenancy agreement
          with temporary residence status whose
                                                          with the Department of Housing.
          sponsorship agreement has broken down,
          you can apply for Emergency Temporary           If you reject this offer your name will be
          Accommodation and Rentstart.                    removed from the Housing Register and you
                                                          will not receive any further offers of housing.

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Emergency Temporary Accommodation
                                                                                     FACT SHEET

          The Department considers a reasonable              Do I need to do anything if I
          offer to be one which matches:
                                                             want to live in a high demand
            The number of bedrooms your household
            size requires
            Your chosen area (not suburb)                    If you want to live in a high demand zone
            Any special location or dwelling                 you will need to complete a Locational
            requirements demonstrated in your                Needs Assessment form. We will consider
            application such as needing to live near
                                                             your need to live in a high demand zone
            public transport, or disability modifications.
                                                             based on the information contained on the

          How much rent will I pay?
                                                             form and any supporting documentation you
                                                             give us.

          Market rents are charged for public housing        To be eligible for housing in a high demand
          properties. If you can't afford this, you can      zone you, or a member of your household,
          apply for a rental subsidy.                        must have:
                                                               An ongoing medical condition, or
          If you're eligible for a rental subsidy you'll       A disability, and
          only have to pay 25% of your household's
                                                               A need to access services in the
          gross weekly income in rent.                         requested area at least once a week on
                                                               an ongoing basis.

          What happens if I don't have
          anywhere else to live at the                       What happens if my request
          end of the three-month                             for a high demand zone isn't
          tenancy agreement?                                 approved?
          Before your tenancy is due to end we will          You will need to choose a different zone if
          review your circumstances. If your                 your request for a high demand zone is not
          circumstances haven't changed, and                 approved. If you don't tell the Department
          Emergency Temporary Accommodation is               what other zones you would prefer, we will
          still the most suitable housing option, we will    select a different zone for you that matches
          renew your tenancy agreement for another           your urgent housing needs.
          three months.
                                                             If you haven't demonstrated a locational
          The maximum amount of time you can live in         need, and refuse to accept a different zone,
          Emergency Temporary Accommodation is six           the Department will withdraw approval for
          months. When the lease expires you must            Emergency Temporary Accommodation. This
          move out of the property.                          means that you won't receive any more
                                                             offers of temporary housing.

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Emergency Temporary Accommodation
                                                                                  FACT SHEET

          Can I apply for Public                          Any questions
          Housing?                                        If you have any questions about the
                                                          information in this Fact Sheet or any other
          Emergency Temporary Accommodation is
                                                          housing matter, please contact your local
          only available to people who are not eligible
          for Public Housing.

          However, if you are living in Emergency         Interpreter Services
                                                          If you have difficulty understanding
          Temporary Accommodation you can apply

                                                          English, contact the Translating and
          for Public Housing if your circumstances

                                                          Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450.
          have changed. To be eligible for Public

                                                          The Translating and Interpreting Service
          Housing you will need to meet the Public

                                                          will telephone the Department of Housing
          Housing eligibility criteria.

                                                          for you at no cost.
          What can I do if I don’t agree                  Arabic
          with the Department’s
          decision?                                       Chinese

          If you disagree with our decision, you should
          first discuss your concerns with a Client       Russian
          Service Officer. The next step if you still

          believe we made the wrong decision is to
          ask for a formal review of the decision. For
          information on how reviews work, ask the
          Client Service Officer for a copy of the fact   Vietnamese
          sheet Reviewing Decisions, or go to our web
          site www.housing.nsw.gov.au to read the
          Appeals and Review of Decisions Policy.

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