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Mantras - How Mantra Chanting Can Improve Your Life


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									Mantras - How Mantra Chanting Can Improve Your Life!
Mantras can be very helpful. If you find a mantra that you feel you can
connect with, then you may benefit from repeating it over and over again.
Saying mantras not only helps connect you with divinity, but it helps
establish a connection with your own subconscious as well.
So what are mantras? Mantras are mystic words of power that help
establish a connection with an individual and divinity. Verbal repetition
of mantras helps to raise a person's vibration. Chanting a mantra will
help you stay centered and focused on whatever goal(s) you're trying to
For instance, the mantra "Thiru Neela KanTam" is said to help clear out
negative energy and karma. Concentrating on the throat chakra while
chanting it will help clear out any bad karma that may be stuck inside of
you or surrounding you. The throat chakra, after all, deals with karma
and well being.
One of my own personal mantras often helps me to stay focused whenever
I'm feeling down or upset. "Eratae a nu ola dominine". To make a long
story short, this is my personal mantra that means (to me anyway)
something like "The world is but a dream." Sometimes we all need
reminders that suffering isn't infinite, but love is. Our suffering in
this world will not last forever.
Another good mantra that many people are familiar with is "Shreem".
Saying "Shreem" over and over again is said to help with prosperity and
good fortune. I can attest to this; everytime I chant the mantra
"Shreem", I see an increase in my prosperity.
It's possible to create our own personal mantras. I did myself, after
all. Personal mantras have special meaning to an individual. But how can
you discover your own personal mantra? Chaos magicians, for instance,
sometimes create and use verbal sigils. I've written about symbolic
sigils in the past, but not verbal ones.
To create a verbal sigil, or a mantra, you must write down what it is
that you need help with. For instance, if you would like to find true
love, write down "It is my will to find true love". Make sure you write
only a positive statement, and use no negative words. Light some candles
and meditate while rewriting that statement over and over again. After a
few minutes, cut out all repeating letters and then make an anagram of
sorts with the remaining letters.
Now make an anagram of sorts with these letters:
And there's your verbal sigil / mantra!
Continue meditating for a few minutes. Chant this mantra over and over
again while visualizing yourself being happy with your one true love,
whoever he/she may be. It may not help you instantly, but it will in time
if you do everything right. Just follow your heart. Try to be as focused
on your goal as possible while chanting your mantra.
The reason why you should make an anagram of your statement into a mantra
that sounds like nonsense, is because it's *not supposed* to make sense,
not to your conscious mind anyway. Mantras connect with unconscious
minds. Your conscious mind should only be staying focused on and
visualizing the outcome. By saying a mantra that only your subconscious
can understand, you will bridge the gap between both parts of your mind
together, thus taking you to a higher place.
So in summary, chanting mantras is a wonderful way to stay focused,
positive, and happy. Get in touch with your higher self by learning about
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