Zip HydroTap Filtered boiling and chilled water Delivery rate

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					                              Zip HydroTap

                          Filtered boiling and chilled water

Delivery rate                       Features
Up to 24 cups at a time
                                    Filtered boiling water instantly for tea,
                                    coffee, cooking
Recovery rate
Up to approximately 110 cups of     Filtered chilled drinking water from the
boiling water*                      same tap
Up to approximately 140 glasses     Safety lock provides in-built protection
of chilled water*
                                    Everything but the tap is hidden under
*Dependant upon incoming water      the work top or sink
temperature and ambient air
                                    No more time wasted waiting for water
                                    to boil
                                    No more energy wasted boiling kettles
                                    No more bottled water to buy or store
                                    Can be installed on virtually any work
                                    top with the Tap Font (optional extra)
                                    Oversize levers available
Zip HydroTap                                                                      Filtered boiling and chilled water

                                                         Delivery                  Recovery               Energy rating             Dimensions
                                                   cups-glasses at a time      cups-glasses/hour         (kW @ 230V AC)            W x D x H (mm)
                                                     boiling     chilled        boiling     chilled

Boiling and chilled, filtered

Zip HydroTap - DOMH2                                   16        18               80        110                1.8                440 x 495 x 337

• Under-sink instant filtered boiling water       Tap head                                             Venting
  with chilled filtered water from the same tap   Chrome plated electronic tap with levers and         The cupboard containing the boiling and
                                                  LED indicators                                       chilling unit must be amply ventilated:
• Filtered boiling water instantly through an
                                                                                                       cupboard doors must be offset from cupboard
  electronic lever                                Boiling and chilling unit
                                                                                                       by 4 mm all round for ventilation, using 4 mm
                                                  White corrosion resistant powder coated zinc
• Can be installed on a work top or a sink                                                             buffers provided and the door vent used.
                                                  seal with front filter access door
• All components other than the tap in a single
                                                  Safety features
  case with easy access to the water filter                                                            Electrical
                                                  Safety lock on tap
                                                                                                       To be wired to a double pole fused spur,
• Fully encapsulated filters so that filter
                                                  Under-sink safe tray with leak detector              minimum break rating of 13 amps
  changing is quick, easy and hygienic
                                                  Approvals                                            Installation must comply with current IEE
• Fan-cooled condenser type chilling system
                                                  WRAS Approved and CE Endorsed                        regulations
• Capable of isolating the water supply
                                                  Installation                                         Precautions
  automatically should an internal leak occur.
                                                                                                       In some hard water areas where mineral scale
  Integral pressure lock isolation system to      Location
                                                                                                       accumulation can become a problem,
  protect against pressure surges
                                                  The tap should be positioned either on a             consideration should be given to the
• Integral sealed safe tray                       suitable sink or on a Zip Tap Font                   maintenance required
• Moisture sensor to detect water leakage         The boiling and chilling unit should be located
                                                  as closely as possible to directly beneath the tap
• Safety lock
                                                  The boiling and chilling unit must be installed
• Visual indication of ready-to-use status and
                                                  with clearances of 50 mm left and right
  filter replacement status
                                                  The water supply must be potable (drinkable)
2.1 kW @ 230V AC (24 cup model)
1.8 kW @ 230V AC (18 cup model)                   If static pressure exceeds 7 bar, a pressure
                                                  reducing valve must be fitted
Boiling system
Open outlet, vented system                        An isolating valve should be installed between
                                                  the water supply and the under-bench unit
Chilling system
Fan-cooled condenser type
Filtration system
Triple-action cartridge - sub micron
12 months

         Dimensions                               Installation                                                  Minimum clearances (mm)